Jersey Shore

A breakout hit following four guys and four girls who live, work and party together while staying in a rented beach house. The first season was set in Seaside Heights, N.J., but subsequent seasons were filmed in Miami and Florence, Italy.

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Sun Nov 26 4:00am
A New Family(Season 1, Episode 1) MTV-E

In the series premiere, four guys and four girls descend on Seaside Heights, N.J., to live together in a rented beach house for the summer. It doesn't take long for a potential romance to heat up between Sammi and Mike (aka "The Situation"), but later he r (more…)

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Sun Nov 26 5:00am
The Tanned Triangle(Season 1, Episode 2) MTV-E

Snooki feels like an outcast and tells the others she's leaving the shore house. Later, a love triangle emerges when Sammi and Ronnie get flirtatious in the club.

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Sun Nov 26 6:00am
Good Riddance(Season 1, Episode 3) MTV-E

Mike gets jealous when things heat up between Sammi and Ronnie. Meanwhile, Jenni's boyfriend visits, but she has trouble coming clean about kissing Pauly; and Angelina gets fired after refusing to show up for work.

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Sun Nov 26 7:00am
Fade to Black(Season 1, Episode 4) MTV-E

Mike and Pauly try juggling several groups of girls after a busy night out at the clubs. Later, mayhem breaks out when Nicole (aka Snooki) gets assaulted at a bar.

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Sun Nov 26 8:00am
Just Another Day at the Shore(Season 1, Episode 5) MTV-E

The roommates grow closer following Snooki's violent encounter at the bar, and, finally, she feels like she belongs. Meanwhile, Sammi meets Ronnie's parents for the first time; and Pauly D finally shows off his DJ skills when he spins at Karma.

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Sun Nov 26 9:00am
Boardwalk Blowups(Season 1, Episode 6) MTV-E

Vinny deals with the consequences of going home with the boss's girl. Later some girls try to start trouble with Snooki, and Ronnie gets involved in a boardwalk brawl. Also: Mike's sister visits the shore house.

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Sun Nov 26 10:00am
What Happens in AC(Season 1, Episode 7) MTV-E

The crew takes Atlantic City by storm, but the fun ends when Mike starts messing with Snooki and JWoWW. Later, one roommate opens up about her struggles with an eating disorder.

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Sun Nov 26 11:00am
One Shot(Season 1, Episode 8) MTV-E

Pauly gets a stalker and another roommate lands in jail for fighting.

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Sun Nov 26 12:10pm
That's How the Shore Goes(Season 1, Episode 9) MTV-E

The roommates say good-bye to the Jersey Shore as Season 1 comes to a close.

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Sun Nov 26 1:20pm
Goin' South(Season 2, Episode 1) MTV-E

The cast heads to Miami in the Season 2 opener, and the drama quickly heats up when former flames Ronnie and Sammie have a huge fight, prompting Ronnie to have a wild night out at the club. Also: Angelina is back, but no one is happy to see her.

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Sun Nov 26 2:30pm
The Hangover(Season 2, Episode 2) MTV-E

Sammi is suspicious of what really went down with Ronnie at the club, but the roommates are keeping their mouths shut. Later, Angelina loses her only ally in the house when she interferes with Pauly's game.

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Sun Nov 26 3:40pm
Creepin'(Season 2, Episode 3) MTV-E

Angelina swallows her pride and tries to make peace with the girls; Ronnie continues to hook up with other girls behind Sammi's back; Mike, Vinny and Pauly bring some ladies back to the hot tub.

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Sun Nov 26 4:50pm
Breaking Up(Season 2, Episode 4) MTV-E

The ladies feel guilty about keeping Sammi in the dark about Ronnie's bad behavior, so they decide to write an "anonymous" letter to her, revealing the entire truth.

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Sun Nov 26 6:00pm
The Letter(Season 2, Episode 5) MTV-E

Sammi finds the "anonymous" letter from the girls and once again decides she's done with Ronnie. Meanwhile, Mike, Vinny and Pauly try to juggle four girls in one night.

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Sun Nov 26 7:00pm
Not So Shore(Season 2, Episode 6) MTV-E

The anonymous letter leads to friction among the ladies, culminating in a full-blown fight. Also: Snooki spends another night in bed with Vinny.

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Sun Nov 26 8:00pm
Sleeping With the Enemy(Season 2, Episode 7) MTV-E

The roommates deal with the fallout from the girls' fight; Angelina starts dating a guy she met at the club; J-Woww and Snooki don homemade hazmat suits to clean up the "smush" room.

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Sun Nov 26 9:00pm
All in the Family(Season 2, Episode 8) MTV-E

Word gets out that Vinny and Angelina hooked up, and Mike threatens to let Angelina's new beau in on the secret. Meanwhile, Vinny's family comes to visit, and later, Pauly and Vinny fall for the same girl.

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Sun Nov 26 10:00pm
Dirty Pad(Season 2, Episode 9) MTV-E

The roommates learn Angelina hooked up with Jose right after Vinny. Later, Angelina moves in on a guy Snooki liked. And an inebriated Snooki interrupts J-Woww and her boyfriend's private time, and then ends up in Vinny's bed again.

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Sun Nov 26 11:00pm
Gone, Baby, Gone(Season 2, Episode 10) MTV-E

Tensions heat up between Angelina and the rest of the roommates, and she lets everyone know how she really feels about them. Meanwhile, Mike reunites with his Canadian flame.

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Mon Nov 27 12:00am
Girls Like That(Season 2, Episode 11) MTV-E

Snooki's best friend from home visits, but Mike threatens to ruin their fun with his obnoxious antics. Meanwhile, Snooki tries to make amends with Sam, and Vinny finally spends time with the girl of his dreams.

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Mon Nov 27 1:00am
Deja Vu All Over Again(Season 2, Episode 12) MTV-E

Mike gets on everyone's last nerve after his obnoxious antics get them all kicked out of the club. Even Pauly is frustrated after Mike proves twice that he's a failure as a wingman.

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Mon Nov 27 2:00am
Back Into the Fold(Season 2, Episode 13) MTV-E

Season 2 wraps up with a huge fight between Pauly D. and J-Woww.

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Mon Nov 27 3:00am
Back to the Shore(Season 3, Episode 1) MTV-E

The roommates return to Seaside Heights in the season opener, and Snooki's friend Deena fills the spot left open by twice ousted Angelina. Later, the girls' feud from Miami spills over into the first night.

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Mon Nov 27 4:00am
It's Gonna Be an Interesting Summer(Season 3, Episode 2) MTV-E

Ronnie and Sammi continue to isolate themselves until Ronnie gets fed up and decides to fraternize with the others, leaving Sammi feeling out of the loop.

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  • Premiered: December 3, 2009
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Premise: A breakout hit following four guys and four girls who live, work and party together while staying in a rented beach house. The first season was set in Seaside Heights, N.J., but subsequent seasons were filmed in Miami and Florence, Italy. (more)

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