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1991, TV Show

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Latest Episode: A Cross Dresser Wants My Gal

Oct 04, 2004 Season 0 Episode 1296 watch on

Ken is a cross dresser and now goes by the name Kerin

Mistresses on a Manhunt!

Oct 17, 2007 Season 0 Episode 1229

Lizzy suspects that her man, Clarence, is messing around with her friend, Sheila.
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Brutal Betrayals

Oct 07, 2004 Season 0 Episode 737

Sam found out that her boyfriend cheated on her so she's holding his prosthetic leg hostage until he can promise her he'll never do it again!
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I'm Marrying a Transsexual!

Oct 01, 2004 Season 0 Episode 733

Tonja refuses to accept her son, Sergio's gay lifestyle.
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Forbidden Affairs!

Jul 31, 2001 Season 0 Episode 148

Danielle and Veronica both have a child by Josh although he's actually married to Danielle.
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Dirty Double Crossers

Oct 05, 2004 Season 0 Episode 19

Misty wants the truth!
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Racists Moms!

Sep 25, 1992 Season 0 Episode 1

John made a huge mistake marrying Tisha. He recently found out that she's racist and he won't accept that!
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