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2006, TV Show

Jericho Season 1 episodes

Why We Fight Season 1, Episode 22

In the first-season finale, Jericho battles New Bern in a lopsided confrontation, and Johnston struggles to lead his outnumbered citizens to victory. Col. Robert Hoffman: Titus Welliver. Valente: Daniel Benzali. E.J. Green: David Huddleston. read more

Coalition of the Willing Season 1, Episode 21

New Bern begins its mortar bombardment of Jericho, and Gray is faced with a difficult decision: stand and fight or surrender and save lives. Phil Constantino: Timothy Omundson. Bill: Richard Speight Jr. Jimmy: Bob Stephenson. read more

One If by Land Season 1, Episode 20

Tensions rise between New Bern and Jericho when several people are shot and injured at the salt mine, Hawkins tries to spring Jake and Eric from the New Bern jail. Phil Constantino: Timothy Omundson. Russell: David Meunier. read more

Casus Belli Season 1, Episode 19

Eric doesn't return from New Bern with the other men, and Jake realizes the deal Jericho made with the neighboring town is in jeopardy. Russell: David Meunier. Teddy Williams: Dustin Seavey. Phil Constantino: Timothy Omundson. read more

A. K. A. Season 1, Episode 18

Hawkins' past catches up with him as Jake grills him about his identity, and Hawkins reveals the bomb plot; Emily's attempt at teaching fails miserably; and Mary warns Mimi about Sean Henthorn. read more

One Man's Terrorist Season 1, Episode 17

Gray and Roger face off over the refugee problem, which quickly escalates into violence; Hawkins travels to Nebraska to deliver the package to people who think they'll be meeting with Sarah. Roger: Christopher Wiehl. Jessica: April Parker. Rev. Young: Ned Schmidtke. read more

Winter's End Season 1, Episode 16

The wind-turbine blade arrives; April goes into premature labor and needs emergency surgery; Hawkins finds his past is catching up with him; Gray's position as mayor is sorely tested as people from New Bern drive a hard bargain for salt and food. read more

Semper Fidelis Season 1, Episode 15

Marines claiming to be on the forefront of reconstruction efforts arrive in Jericho and tell the citizens of nuclear attacks on Iran and North Korea; and Hawkins begins to suspect Sarah. read more

Heart of Winter Season 1, Episode 14

As winter grips Jericho, evidence of hundreds of refugees traveling south is found; Hawkins and Sarah make an alarming discovery; Jake, Stanley and Mimi run afoul of marauders. Sarah: Siena Goines. Roger: Christopher Weihl. read more

Black Jack Season 1, Episode 13

Jake, Johnston, Dale and Heather travel to a trading post for equipment to fix the local windmill; Hawkins brings Sarah back to his home as they both try to figure out who is watching him. Sarah Mason: Siena Goines. Teddy: Dustin Seavey. Russell: David Meunier. Mike: Michael Rubenstone. Harry Carmichael: Dan Sachoff. read more

The Day Before Season 1, Episode 12

A flashback through the 36 hours before the bombs exploded sheds light on the actions of Jake and Hawkins, and reveals Hawkins' compliance in the events. Roger Hammond: Christopher Wiehl. Freddie Ruiz: Mark Adair-Rios. read more

Vox Populi Season 1, Episode 11

Gray leads an angry lynch mob in search of Gracie's murderer and leverages the town's anger into votes, but Mitchell's claim that Jonah (James Remar) is the killer doesn't ring true for Johnston. read more

Red Flag Season 1, Episode 10

Russian jets cruise over Jericho, dropping containers of food from China. This sparks a debate over whether it is poisoned or not, which the townsfolk prove impatient to find out. Elsewhere, trouble breaks out involving Jonah (James Remar). read more

Crossroads Season 1, Episode 9

The Ravenwood mercenaries head to Jericho intent on pillaging everything they can get, and Gray's plan to defend the town also means cutting it off from the outside. Meanwhile, Eric tells April he's leaving her for Mary. Kenchy Dhuwalia: Assif Mandvi. read more

Rogue River Season 1, Episode 8

Jake and Eric make a run to Rogue River for medical supplies as their father's condition worsens, and their trip reveals some unpleasant facts from the outside; Jimmy and Gray have suspicions about Hawkins and question him. read more

Long Live the Mayor Season 1, Episode 7

Gray Anderson returns to town, but the news he brings from the outside world is not good as law and order begins to break down in and out of Jericho. Meanwhile, Jake tries to strike a deal with Prowse, but old animosities prevent an agreement. read more

9:02 Season 1, Episode 6

Missiles of unknown origin arc through the skies over Jericho; and an electromagnetic pulse disables all electrical equipment, including automobiles. Meanwhile, the feud that led Jake to leave town is rekindled. read more

Federal Response Season 1, Episode 5

The electricity comes back on and the telephones deliver a prerecorded message from the government; an accident fells Emily and sets the library on fire as other fires menace the community. read more

Walls of Jericho Season 1, Episode 4

A dying man who may have radiation burns is found, and he has a mysterious warning; Dale discovers a train loaded with food outside town; Hawkins knows more than he is letting on; and Jake and a group of townsfolk look for other survivors. read more

Four Horsemen Season 1, Episode 3

The rain stops and people emerge from hiding as rumors of a tank battalion traveling west spread through the community. Some of the townsfolk decide to leave Jericho, and a cryptic snippet of a broadcast causes worry. Later, Jake makes a discovery that may reveal clues as to what happened. read more

Fallout Season 1, Episode 2

An ill wind blows into Jericho, carrying the threat of radioactive fallout in the rain. The citizens attempt to take cover in their basements and the town bomb shelter, but the shelter is woefully small and decrepit, so drastic measures are taken. read more

Pilot: The First 17 Hours Season 1, Episode 1

The citizens of a small Kansas town are left wondering what to do when a mushroom cloud appears on the horizon, and they find themselves cut off from the outside world with no inkling of what has happened. read more

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Premiered: September 20, 2006, on CBS
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Premise: The citizens of a small Kansas town panic when a nuclear mushroom cloud appears on the horizon, leaving them isolated from the outside world.



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