Tue May 26 8:00am
Jake and Sneaky LeBeak; Cubby the Brave! DISNEY

A sneaky pirate takes things that belong to Hook; Jake tries to help Cubby overcome fear by presenting him with some boots of bravery to wear.

Wed May 27 8:00am
Peter's Musical Pipes; The Never Night Star DISNEY

Sharky and Bones join Jake's crew to find Peter Pan's secret treasure; Cubby conquers his fear of the dark so he can lead the crew to the Lost City of Gold.

Thu May 28 8:00am
Pirate Pogo; The Sneaky Snook-off DISNEY

Jake and his crew search for the lost treasure of Captain Ramone, the greatest pirate pogo rocker in history; Hook and Beatrice Le Beak try to prove they are the sneakiest people in Never Land.

Fri May 29 8:00am
ShiverJack; Treasure Tunnel Trouble DISNEY

Evil pirate ShiverJack arrives in Never Land and plans to turn the island into his icy domain; Captain Hook tries to swipe treasure from Bones' bug-friends, the Buddybops.

Fri May 29 9:30am
Pirates of the Desert; The Great Pirate Pyramid DISNEY

Captain Flynn becomes shipwrecked on Never Land Desert; Jake and his friends help Captain Flynn search for the legendary Pirate Pyramid.

Sat May 30 6:30am
Ahoy, Captain Smee!; Cap'n Croak DISNEY

When Smee saves the Jolly Roger, he stuns Hook by deciding to remain captain for a while; and the crew believe that Bones' magic trick turned Hook into a frog.

Sun May 31 6:30am
Follow the Bouncing Bumble!; Sandy and the Clams DISNEY

Captain Hook and his crew dress up as Bouncy Bumbles to steal Queen Bumble's golden treasure; Jake tries to rescue Sandy and his trio of singing clams after Hook scoops them up to use as decorations for a picnic he is planning for Red Jessica.

Mon Jun 1 8:00am
Play It Again Cubby!; Trading Treasures DISNEY

Jake and his crew recruit some old friends to help them finish writing the lyrics to a secretive song; Jake and his pals try to swap their trinkets to get the Golden Glam-Shell for Queen Coralie.

Tue Jun 2 8:00am
Tiki Tree Luau; Captain Who? DISNEY

Jake and his crew are invited to the Tiki Tree Luau to celebrate the first day of spring; Captain Hook loses his memory after smelling some forget-me flowers.

Wed Jun 3 8:00am
Hook Seals a Deal!; The Emerald Coconut DISNEY

Jake and Captain Hook team up to find a thief who's stealing treasure from them; Captain Hook steals a legendary emerald coconut and takes Izzy and Jake captive.

Thu Jun 4 8:00am
Invisible Jake; Who's a Pretty Bird? DISNEY

Jake and his crew find a magical ring that makes the wearer invisible; Skully receives a mirror as a gift and becomes overly enamored by his own reflection.

Fri Jun 5 8:00am
Hooked!; The Never Land Pirates Ball DISNEY

Jake helps Captain Hook and Red Jessica locate a treasure; Red Jessica invites Hook to the Never Land Pirates Ball.

Fri Jun 5 9:30am
Captain Gizmo; Jake's Pirate Swap Meet DISNEY

Jake and his crew build a mechanical matey; Jake accidentally trades Cubby's very first map to Captain Hook.

Sat Jun 6 6:30am
Look Out...Never-Sharks!; The Monkey Pirate King DISNEY

Finn, the Merboy, takes Jake on an underwater excursion to race through sunken shipwrecks; the Monkey Pirate King Zongo and his crew take over Jake's hideout.

Sun Jun 7 6:30am
Jake the Wolf; Witch Hook DISNEY

Jake turns into a wolf under a full moon when he disobeys a warning written on a gem; Captain Hook is turned into a witch when he angers the old Sea Witch's magic mirror.