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2011, TV Show

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Season 3 episodes

Jake's Mega-Mecha Sword Season 3, Episode 32

Jake discovers the legendary Mega-Mecha Sword, but Hook tries to steal it. read more

Sleeping Mermaid Season 3, Episode 31

Jake and his crew try to convince Captain Hook to help his old enemy, Queen Coralie, who is under a magical sleeping spell. read more

The Sneaky Snook-off Season 3, Episode 30

Hook and Beatrice Le Beak try to prove they are the sneakiest people in Never Land. read more

Pirate Pogo Season 3, Episode 29

Jake and his crew search for the lost treasure of Captain Ramone, the greatest pirate pogo rocker in history. read more

A Royal Misunderstanding Season 3, Episode 28

Jake tries to settle a dispute between Queen Coralie and King Crab. read more

Hook the Genie! Season 3, Episode 27

Captain Hook is turned into a genie after stealing a magic lamp. read more

Izzy and the Sea-Unicorn Season 3, Episode 26

Jake and his crew try to rescue a magical sea unicorn, after she is captured by Hook. read more

Nanny Nell Season 3, Episode 25

Mr. Smee feels he is no longer needed when Hook's childhood nanny arrives to help get the Jolly Roger in ship-shape condition. read more

Princess Power! Season 3, Episode 24

The Pirate Princess and Princess Winger help Izzy become an honorary princess for a day. read more

Hook's Treasure Nap Season 3, Episode 23

Hook tries to remember where he buried Capt. Cuddly Bear's toy ship. read more

Cubby's Tall Tale Season 3, Episode 22

Cubby tells Captain Flynn a tall tale about buried treasure. read more

Bucky's Treasure Hunt Season 3, Episode 21

Bucky tunnels underground to help Jake recover a powerful ship's lantern. read more

Captain Hook's New Hobby Season 3, Episode 20

Mama Hook suggests that her son find a hobby, so everyone pitches to help him find the perfect pastime. read more

Where's Mama Hook Season 3, Episode 19

Mama Hook goes missing in Never Land. read more

The Mermaid Queen's Voice Season 3, Episode 18

Jake tries to find a cure when the Mermaid Queen loses her voice just before a concert. read more

The Singing Stones Season 3, Episode 17

Jake and his crew help a family of stone statue heads return home in time to perform a ceremonial dance. read more

Trading Treasures Season 3, Episode 16

Jake and his pals try to swap their trinkets to get the Golden Glam-Shell for Queen Coralie. read more

Play It Again Cubby! Season 3, Episode 15

Jake and his crew recruit some old friends to help them finish writing the lyrics to a secretive song. read more

The Lost and Found Treasure Season 3, Episode 14

Jake and his mates travel to the Valley of the Lost to find Cubby's missing map. read more

The Never Land Coconut Cook-Off Season 3, Episode 13

Captain Hook uses a witch's recipe to create a giant coconut soufflé beast. read more

Smee-erella! Season 3, Episode 12

Smee is transformed into a dashing buccaneer by Pip the Pirate Genie and attends Red Jessica's Pirate Convention where he befriends a pirate girl who is assisting with the festivities. read more

Pirate Sitting Pirates Season 3, Episode 11

Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Captain Hook and Tick Tock Croc turn into babies when they accidentally fall into a magical pool of youth. read more

Trouble on the High Sneeze Season 3, Episode 10

Pip the Pirate Genie's constant sneezing affects his ability to do magic. read more

The Never Sands of Time Season 3, Episode 9

Night and day gets mixed up when Captain Hook messes with the legendary Never Sands of Time. read more

Cubby's Crabby Crusade Season 3, Episode 8

Crabs kidnap Cubby to help stop Captain Hook from stealing their most precious treasure, the Golden Claw. read more

Pirate Genie Tales Season 3, Episode 7

Pip the Pirate Genie shares tall tales about his travels around the Never World. read more

Jake's Pirate Swap Meet Season 3, Episode 6

Jake accidentally trades Cubby's very first map to Captain Hook. read more

Captain Gizmo Season 3, Episode 5

Jake and his crew build a mechanical matey. read more

Who's a Pretty Bird? Season 3, Episode 4

Skully receives a mirror as a gift and becomes overly enamored by his own reflection. read more

Invisible Jake Season 3, Episode 3

Jake and his crew find a magical ring that makes the wearer invisible. read more

Mystery of the Missing Treasure! Season 3, Episode 2

Jake and his crew's team treasure chest is stolen. read more

Treasure of the Pirate Mummy's Tomb Season 3, Episode 1

Jake and his crew encounter a pirate mummy. read more

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Premise: Interactive preschool series featuring a crew of kid pirates who work to outwit the infamous Captain Hook and his sidekick Mr. Smee.



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