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2011, TV Show

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Season 2 episodes

Little Stinkers Season 2, Episode 111

Jake and Hook's crew work together to lure a stinky skunk bug away from Never Land. read more

F-F-Frozen Never Land! Season 2, Episode 110

A blizzard hits Never Land and Skully catches the flu. read more

Jake's Royal Rescue Season 2, Episode 109

Captain Hook captures Queen Coralie, the mermaid ruler of Neptune City, and Jakes tries to rescue her. read more

Bone's Lucky Doubloon Season 2, Episode 108

Bones goes on a magical treasure hunt. read more

Misty's Magical Mix-Up! Season 2, Episode 107

Jake and the crew help the Pirate Princess and Misty the Wonderful Witch put aside their differences and become friends again. read more

Jake's Never Land Rescue Season 2, Episode 106

Jake tries to prevent Never Land from disappearing. To do so, he must save the Forever Tree that is the source of magic throughout all of Never Land. Guiding Jake on his mission is Tinker Bell. read more

Sandy and the Clams Season 2, Episode 105

Jake tries to rescue Sandy and his trio of singing clams after Hook scoops them up to use as decorations for a picnic he is planning for Red Jessica. read more

Follow the Bouncing Bumble! Season 2, Episode 104

Captain Hook and his crew dress up as Bouncy Bumbles to steal Queen Bumble's golden treasure. read more

Little Red Riding Hook! Season 2, Episode 103

Captain Hook tries to steal a basket of treasure that Izzy is delivering to the pirate pup Patch. read more

Jake and the Beanstalk Season 2, Episode 102

Jake discovers a giant beanstalk that leads to a mysterious floating island. read more

Seahorse Saddle-Up! Season 2, Episode 101

Izzy races her seahorse. read more

Jake's Special Delivery! Season 2, Episode 100

Jake and his crew find a package and try to deliver it to its rightful owner before Hook can steal it. read more

Song of the Desert Season 2, Episode 99

Hook tries to steal Captain Flynn's treasure. read more

Sand Pirate Cubby! Season 2, Episode 98

Cubby auditions to become a Sand Pirate. read more

The Golden Smee! Season 2, Episode 97

Jake and his pals dig up a golden statue that looks exactly like Mr. Smee. read more

Hook's Playful Plant! Season 2, Episode 96

Hook accidentally spills some cologne that Red Jessica gave him and it withers a plant. read more

Treasurefalls! Season 2, Episode 95

Cubby finds a map to Never Land's mythical Treasurefalls. read more

Pirate Pals! Season 2, Episode 94

Red Jessica's art collection is stolen. read more

Pirate Genie-In-A Bottle! Season 2, Episode 93

A pirate genie is released from a bottle and tries to get his powers restored. read more

Cubby the Brave! Season 2, Episode 92

Jake tries to help Cubby overcome fear by presenting him with some boots of bravery to wear. read more

Jake and Sneaky LeBeak Season 2, Episode 91

A sneaky pirate takes things that belong to Hook. read more

Pirate Swap! Season 2, Episode 90

Bones and Cubby trade places in honor of Pirate Swap Day. read more

The Mystery Pirate! Season 2, Episode 89

A masked pirate swipes Jake's sword and Captain Hook's hook. read more

Cap'n Croak Season 2, Episode 88

The crew believe that Bones' magic trick turned Hook into a frog. read more

Ahoy, Captain Smee! Season 2, Episode 87

When Smee saves the Jolly Roger, he stuns Hook by deciding to remain captain for a while. read more

Captain Who? Season 2, Episode 86

Captain Hook loses his memory after smelling some forget-me flowers. read more

Tiki Tree Luau Season 2, Episode 85

Jake and his crew are invited to the Tiki Tree Luau to celebrate the first day of spring. read more

The Lighthouse Diamond Season 2, Episode 84

Jake helps Captain Hook return a large diamond to a lighthouse so it can light the way for Red Jessica to find the island in the dark. read more

Jake's Birthday Bash! Season 2, Episode 83

Jake is surprised with a birthday treasure hunt. read more

The Never Land Pirates Ball Season 2, Episode 82

Red Jessica invites Hook to the Never Land Pirates Ball. read more

Hooked! Season 2, Episode 81

Jake helps Captain Hook and Red Jessica locate a treasure. read more

Jake's Cool New Matey Season 2, Episode 80

Jake helps some penguins find Never Land's legendary paradise where it remains winter all year. read more

Cubby's Mixed Up Map! Season 2, Episode 79

Captain Hook tries to swap Cubby's map for a fake one. read more

Hooked Together! Season 2, Episode 78

Jake and Hook get chained together. read more

Hook's Hookity-Hook! Season 2, Episode 77

Captain Hook experiences problems with his all-purpose hook. read more

Cubby's Pet Problem Season 2, Episode 76

Cubby tries to return a baby sea serpent to its mother. read more

A Bad Case of the Barnacles! Season 2, Episode 75

Bucky gets covered with barnacles. read more

The Mystery of Mysterious Island! Season 2, Episode 74

An island mysteriously disappears and then reappears in a different place. read more

Sail Away Treasure Season 2, Episode 73

Jake finds a treasure map on the sail of a shipwrecked boat. read more

Captain Flynn's New Matey Season 2, Episode 72

Captain Flynn asks Cubby to join his crew for the day to help read a treasure map. read more

Cookin' With Hook Season 2, Episode 71

Jake and Captain Hook each search for the same three ingredients to make a perfect Thanksgiving dinner. read more

Season of the Sea Witch Season 2, Episode 70

The Sea Witch tries to turn the Pirate Princess into gold. read more

Tricks, Treats and Treasure! Season 2, Episode 69

Jake and his crew invite Captain Hook to "trick and treasure" with them. read more

Jake Saves Bucky Season 2, Episode 68

Peter Pan returns to Never Land to help Jake win back his ship after losing it in a race with Captain Hook. read more

Pirate Putt-Putt Season 2, Episode 67

Jake invites Captain Hook to play golf. read more

Izzy's Trident Treasure Season 2, Episode 66

Izzy helps uncover an ancient mermaid treasure. read more

Pirate Campout Season 2, Episode 65

Captain Hook camps with Jake and his friends. read more

Hook and the Itty-Bitty Kitty Season 2, Episode 64

Jake helps Captain Hook look after Red Jessica's pet kitten. read more

The Queen of Never Land Season 2, Episode 63

Hook tries to trick the Pirate Princess and Princess Winger into giving him their treasure. read more

Big Bug Valley! Season 2, Episode 62

Cubby tries to overcome his fear of bugs. read more

Treasure of the Tides Season 2, Episode 61

Izzy is made an honorary mermaid. read more

The Mermaid's Song Season 2, Episode 60

Jake and his crew help Marina and her sister prepare for the Treasure of the Tides ceremony. read more

Captain Hook's Lagoon Season 2, Episode 59

Captain Hook tries to create his own lagoon by draining the water out of Jake's favorite swimming hole. read more

A Whale of a Tale Season 2, Episode 58

A whale swallows Captain Hook's treasure chest. read more

A Feather in Hook's Hat Season 2, Episode 57

Captain Hook tries to pluck a feather from a bird for his hat. read more

Undersea Bucky! Season 2, Episode 56

Bucky turns into a submarine. read more

Mama Hook Knows Best! Season 2, Episode 55

Captain Hook's mother visits and learns he's been stealing treasure from Jake and his crew. read more

The Great Pirate Pyramid Season 2, Episode 54

Jake and his friends help Captain Flynn search for the legendary Pirate Pyramid. read more

Pirates of the Desert Season 2, Episode 53

Captain Flynn becomes shipwrecked on Never Land Desert. read more

Captain Hook Is Missing! Season 2, Episode 52

Captain Hook goes missing. read more

Race-Around Rock! Season 2, Episode 51

Jake and his crew race Captain Hook to Race-Around Rock. read more

Mr. Smee's Pet Season 2, Episode 50

Mr. Smee's pet chameleon Blinky goes missing. read more

Captain Hook's Hooks Season 2, Episode 49

An octopus snatches Captain Hook's collection of hooks. read more

The Never Night Star Season 2, Episode 9

Cubby conquers his fear of the dark so he can lead the crew to the Lost City of Gold. read more

Peter's Musical Pipes Season 2, Episode 7

Sharky and Bones join Jake's crew for a musical adventure to find Peter Pan's secret treasure. read more

The Never Rainbow Season 2, Episode 5

Jake and the crew help the Pirate Princess repair her broken rainbow wand. read more

Bucky's Anchor Aweigh! Season 2, Episode 3

Hook steals Bucky's golden anchor, which puts Bucky in danger of going over Never Falls. read more

Pixie Dust Away! Season 2, Episode 1

Izzy spills all of her pixie dust so the gang travels to a hidden fountain to get more. read more

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Premise: Interactive preschool series featuring a crew of kid pirates who work to outwit the infamous Captain Hook and his sidekick Mr. Smee.



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