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2011, TV Show

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Season 1 episodes

Peter Pan Returns! Season 1, Episode 49

Peter Pan returns to Pirate Island to find his lost shadow. read more

Hook on Ice! Season 1, Episode 48

Hook invites Jake and the gang on a winter treasure hunt. read more

It's a Winter Never Land! Season 1, Episode 47

Peter Pan leaves the crew presents to celebrate Winter Treasure Day. read more

Pirate Rock! Season 1, Episode 46

Jake forms a pirate rock band and invites Captain Hook to become a member. read more

The Pirate Pup! Season 1, Episode 45

Jake's new puppy runs off with one of Captain Hook's boots. read more

Trick or Treasure Season 1, Episode 44

Captain Hook disguises himself to trick Jake into giving him Halloween treats. read more

Night of the Golden Pirate Pumpkin Season 1, Episode 43

Jake and his friends search for the legendary Golden Pumpkin that is supposed to fly over Never Land when the moon is high. read more

Skybird Island Is Falling Season 1, Episode 42

Skybird Island begins to fall after Hook steals the leaves from a magic tree. read more

Captain Hook's Parrot Season 1, Episode 41

Jake's parrot is captured by Captain Hook. read more

Jake's Home Run! Season 1, Episode 40

Jake and his crew play baseball with Captain Hook. read more

The Sword and the Stone Season 1, Episode 39

Jake stumbles upon a mysterious stone door that only his sword can open. read more

The Rainbow Wand Season 1, Episode 38

Jake and his pals try to return a rainbow-making wand to the Pirate Princess. read more

The Pirate Princess Season 1, Episode 37

A sea witch casts a spell on the Pirate Princess (voice of Tori Spelling), and the crew tries to rescue her. read more

Treasure Show and Tell Season 1, Episode 36

Smee gets Jake, Izzy and Cubby to plan a treasure hunt for Captain Hook. read more

Birds of a Feather Season 1, Episode 35

Jake and his crew help Skully's bird friend search for treasure. read more

Treasure Chest Switcheroo Season 1, Episode 34

Hook steals Jake's treasure chest. read more

Save the Coral Cove Season 1, Episode 33

Jake and his crew save an underwater habitat when Captain Hook's treasure hunting threatens to destroy it. read more

Huddle Up Season 1, Episode 32

Jake, Izzy and Cubby play pirate football and inspire Hook to be a team player. read more

The Golden Egg Season 1, Episode 31

Captain Hook steals a golden egg from Jake. read more

Jake's Jungle Groove Season 1, Episode 30

Jake learns how to dance by moving to the beat of Peter Pan's old bongos. read more

The Elephant Surprise! Season 1, Episode 29

Jake and his crew receive a large wooden elephant as a gift, but Captain Hook and Smee are hidden inside it. read more

Rock the Croc Season 1, Episode 28

Jake and his crew try to retrieve a map in a bottle that landed in the mouth of a crocodile. read more

The Golden Twilight Treasure Season 1, Episode 27

Jake rescues a firefly from Captain Hook. read more

The Emerald Coconut Season 1, Episode 26

Captain Hook steals a legendary emerald coconut and takes Izzy and Jake captive. read more

Hook Seals a Deal! Season 1, Episode 25

Jake and Captain Hook team up to find a thief who's stealing treasure from them. read more

Jake's Starfish Search Season 1, Episode 24

Captain Hook steals Marina's pet starfish. read more

The Never Bloom! Season 1, Episode 23

The pirates discover a rare flower that only blooms once every 100 years. read more

The Key to Skull Rock Season 1, Episode 22

Jake, Izzy and Cubby protect Skull Rock from Hook after he steals a key to a locked treasure at the top of the rock. read more

It's a Pirate Picnic! Season 1, Episode 21

The pirates try to stop Captain Hook from digging up their favorite picnic spot to find buried treasure. read more

The Seahorse Roundup Season 1, Episode 20

Jake and his mates try to rescue Never Land's seahorses after Hook entraps all of them. read more

Surfin' Turf Season 1, Episode 19

The pirates attempt to retrieve a stolen surfboard from Captain Hook. read more

Cubby's Goldfish Season 1, Episode 18

Captain Hook steals Cubby's pet goldfish. read more

Cubby's Sunken Treasure Season 1, Episode 17

Cubby discovers a clue to a legendary sunken treasure. read more

The Race to Never Peak! Season 1, Episode 16

Hook swipes Jake's soccer ball. read more

Free Wheeling Fun Season 1, Episode 15

Captain Hook steals the gang's bicycle built for three. read more

The Never Land Games Season 1, Episode 14

Jake, Izzy and Cubby challenge Hook on an obstacle course to win the Never Land Games trophy. read more

Izzy's Pirate Puzzle Season 1, Episode 13

Captain Hook swipes Izzy's puzzle box because he believes it's a treasure chest. read more

No Returns! Season 1, Episode 12

Captain Hook steals Izzy's boomerang but soon regrets it. read more

Happy Hookday! Season 1, Episode 11

Jake, Izzy and Cubby throw a birthday party for their parrot Skully. read more

Bucky Makes a Splash Season 1, Episode 10

Hook attempts to steal Jake's pirate ship but then starts to think it's haunted. read more

The Sky's the Limit Season 1, Episode 9

Captain Hook tries to swipe a kite from the pirate kids. read more

Basketballs Aweigh! Season 1, Episode 8

Hook challenges Jake and his crew to a basketball game. read more

Yo Ho, Food to Go! Season 1, Episode 7

The pirate kids try to retrieve healthy snacks before Captain Hook eats them all. read more

Never Say Never! Season 1, Episode 6

Hook sends Never Bird to swipe Izzy's twister hoop. read more

Off the Hook Season 1, Episode 5

Captain Hook steals Jake's skateboard. read more

Escape From Belch Mountain Season 1, Episode 4

The kids try to reclaim Jake's guitar from Captain Hook. read more

Hats Off to Hook! Season 1, Episode 3

Jake tries to return Captain Hook's hat to him after it washes up on shore. read more

The Old Shell Game Season 1, Episode 2

Izzy finds a beautiful seashell on the beach, but Hook tries to steal it. read more

Hide the Hideout Season 1, Episode 1

Kid pirates try to protect their secret hideout from Captain Hook in the first episode of the interactive preschool series. read more

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Premise: Interactive preschool series featuring a crew of kid pirates who work to outwit the infamous Captain Hook and his sidekick Mr. Smee.



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