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May 22, 1996 Season 1 Episode 21 watch on Amazon Prime (Subscription)

A Navy destroyer steams toward disaster in the waters off North Korea. While on a layover in Okinawa, Harm reunites with his former partner, Lt. Kate Pike, to explore the mysterious murder of Lt. Mason, a computer weapons specialist. On a helicopter flight to Mason's destroyer, Kate and Harm meet Mason's replacement, Lt. Commander Gino Campisano. Like Mason, Gino is one of only two experts in the use of Ares, a cutting-edge navigation and weapons system. To Kate's chagrin, her ex-lover, Commander Dennis Brockman, is also working on the case. As she later confides to Harm, their relationship ended badly when Kate rebuffed Brockman's marriage proposal. During war games in the Sea of Japan, the Ares software program suddenly takes over the destroyer's weapons system and shoots down an approaching Navy jet, whose pilots eject to safety. Minutes later, the crew discovers Ares is also overriding all communication and navigation controls. Harm narrowly manages to rescue Meg, whose helicopter must skim the water to avoid being shot out of the sky. Meg quickly determines that someone has programmed Ares to take over the destroyer, sail it toward a North Korean port, and destroy any U.S. jets attempting to stop it. Clearly, the North Koreans plan to seize the ship and its top-secret hardware. As the captain prepares to scuttle the boat rather than surrender, Harm and Meg realize Gino is a double agent who murdered Mason so he could come aboard and re-program Ares. When he's found out, Gino takes Brockman hostage, but Harm fatally shoots him and Brockman is released. Harm finds a computer disk in Gino's pocket, which allows Meg to get Ares back online and turn the ship around before the North Koreans can board it.


May 08, 1996 Season 1 Episode 20

A computer program hijacks a Navy destroyer.
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The Prisoner

May 01, 1996 Season 1 Episode 19

In a dark Chinese prison an attractive revolutionary, Captain Lishi has been assigned a new prisoner to interrogate.
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Apr 17, 1996 Season 1 Episode 18

An astronaut's death is investigated.
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Apr 10, 1996 Season 1 Episode 17

Colonel Matt Anderson has flashbacks about the day his best friend, PFC Russel "Digger" Cole, was killed in Vietnam.
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Black Ops

Apr 03, 1996 Season 1 Episode 16

Five Navy SEALS prepare to jump out of an airplane 35,000 feet above the Caribbean.
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High Ground

Mar 27, 1996 Season 1 Episode 15

Gunnery Sergeant Ray Crockett trains his best-of-the-best Quantico marines to hit 400, 800, and 1,000 meter targets.
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Mar 20, 1996 Season 1 Episode 14

A man dressed as a janitor breaks into the British Naval room at the Pentagon, accesses a document and faxes it to an undisclosed number.
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Mar 13, 1996 Season 1 Episode 13

Commander Jack Keeter flies his Navy Tomcat over the Caribbean en route to Guantanamo Bay.
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Defensive Action

Feb 03, 1996 Season 1 Episode 12

Harmon Rabb Jr. and Meg Austin are called to defend a legendary Navy pilot known as "The Cag" who has been accused of shooting down a Serbian aircraft during a cease fire.
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Jan 13, 1996 Season 1 Episode 11

Tyler Hanson a marine in training is found nearly dead on the beach during a training exercise.
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Jan 06, 1996 Season 1 Episode 10

Meg and Harm hunt for a missing child.
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Dec 09, 1995 Season 1 Episode 9

Private Shuler, a trainee in a platoon of marine woman recruits, has been found dead hanging from a repelling tower.
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Dec 02, 1995 Season 1 Episode 8

Harm leads a risky Iraqi rescue mission.
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War Cries

Nov 11, 1995 Season 1 Episode 7

An embassy shooting ignites violence in Peru.
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