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Latest Episode: Jackass Vol. 3: Episode 6

Jan 06, 2002 Season 3 Episode 6 watch on (Paid)

the magnet suit, hot dog skateboarding, ice block skating, chemical spill, bmx polo, snow scooter, ice craze, hot dog slap shot, backwards bullride, steve-o scooter jump, prostitute boat race, shark ride, green nuisance in crosswalk, hot dog bmx, security guard, face your fears, hot dog gymnastics, playgirl Pontius, sculpture garden

Jackass Vol. 3: Episode 5

Dec 31, 2001 Season 3 Episode 5

bloody windshield, pogo-stick skateboarding, tube roll, boogie boarding, snow tubing, tube roll 2, car wash, pontius eats a bug, skunk car, steve-o kisses ehren, snow ladder, belt sander skates, ehren crack wake-up, dutch girl, naked skating, stupid idea rolling down a hill, Oklahoma, bloody carpet
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Jackass Vol. 3: Episode 4

Jan 01, 2000 Season 3 Episode 4

slide & slip, Johnny Backup, the body cast, pink speedo snowboarding, crapper sled, human piñata, trip bucket, carpet skating, johnny blocksville, the toupee, hunchback of notre dame, metro bunny, paintball draw, wooden stairs, bread suit 2, knoxville on bench, wee king, no rain, nutball, tandem snowboarding
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Jackass Vol. 3: Episode 3

Jan 01, 2000 Season 3 Episode 3

bounty hunter, Show Open, dutch bmx, body in bag, snow surfing, hockey check, full-pipe skating, shaq video shoot, ultimate fighting challenge, phil sabotage, spermathon, horse fart, phil paintball ambush, tube jumping, sleep-o
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Jackass Vol. 3: Episode 2

Dec 10, 2001 Season 3 Episode 2

krazy glue test, bran and hannah bucket cars, office chairs, poo switcheroo, garbage man, knoxville's senior photo, tandem biking, alaska sled craze, cop kitty, 90 year old man 2, bottle skating, jackass tattoo, cow suit, totem pole, the bat, preston cheerleader, dimitry the terrible, cricket helmet, 90 year old man 3, blue diamond drop in, the accidental poo, the double back
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Jackass Vol. 3: Episode 1

Jan 01, 2000 Season 3 Episode 1

beard of leeches, poo diaper, fat f--k 2, wee hand, 90 year old man 1, ice board, thrashin' joust, ice barrel jumping, stilt fall, Idiot Launch, duck hunting, extreme squared, ryan's nose, wolfie bikini, phil in elvis suit, the omelette, pontius escalator ride
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