Iyanla: Fix My Life

2012, TV Show

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Iyanla: Fix My Life - 105 - clip - Zondra and Kayann Clear the Air
Former WNBA Star Chamique Holdsclaw on Her Mother: I Love Her
Why Iyanla Believes Secrets Are Killing the Pace Sisters
Iyanla: Fix My Life - 107 - webisode - Teachable Moment: Stop Using Anger to Hide Fear
First Look: Season 2 of Iyanla: Fix My Life
A 600-Pound Woman's First Step to a Healthy New Life
Iyanla to an Unfaithful Husband: Were You Ever Really a Husband?
The Breaking Point for One Mother of Jay's Children
Iyanla: Fix My Life - 104 - webisode - Exclusive: Jose's Wife Opens Up to Iyanla
Iyanla: Fix My Life - 106 - webisode - Exclusive: Fractured Family Breaks Down Walls
Iyanla: Fix My Life - 103 - webisode - Exclusive Webisode: Was Rich a Good Husband?
First Look: Fix My Full House
Syleena Johnson and Her Mother, Brenda Thompson, Sing a New Song Together
Syleena Johnson Confronts Her Mother, Brenda Thompson
Iyanla to Sasha: Don't Choose Your Son or Your Husband--Choose You - Online Exclusive

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