It's Me or the Dog

2007, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Day Care Crisis

Aug 04, 2012 Season 6 Episode 10 watch on (Paid)

Victoria is called to help an Upper East Side doggie daycare owner who has been forced to ban her own two unmanageable dogs from her business.

A House Divided

Jul 24, 2012 Season 6 Episode 9

Victoria has her work cut out for her when she meets a family divided over their dogs. Mom adopted a dog without asking her husband, so he retaliated by bringing home a Pit Bull unannounced. Now the couple and the dogs are at each other's throats!
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Where's My Treat?

Jul 17, 2012 Season 6 Episode 8

Victoria tries to help Dyanne and Mario with their uncontrollable pups, but she learns that their relationship problems go much deeper than their dogs. With Mario threatening to move out every day, Victoria wonders if the relationship is even salvageable.
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Jersey Girls

Jul 14, 2012 Season 6 Episode 7

Victoria tries to tame two Jersey girl dogs by the names of Sammi and Snooki whose dangerous biting habits are putting the family's child at risk.
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Last Chance at Love

Jul 07, 2012 Season 6 Episode 6

Victoria tries to help engaged couple Mark and Denise who recently reunited after 30 years apart. The trouble is, Denise can't stand Mark's two dogs and refuses to marry him until he puts them down!
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This Dog Is Ready to Implode

Jun 30, 2012 Season 6 Episode 5

Victoria thinks she's seen it all when it comes to owners and their dogs, but when she meets the Sanders family, she's absolutely appalled - not by the dog's behavior but by the humans!
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He Needs to Go

Jun 23, 2012 Season 6 Episode 4

Victoria tries to save a young couple's marriage that has been pushed to the brink by their four rescue dogs.
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Saving Snooki

Jun 14, 2012 Season 6 Episode 3

Victoria meets a family whose complete lack of training and basic care for their dog is bordering on neglect.
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Family Trauma

Jun 09, 2012 Season 6 Episode 2

Victoria visits a family plagued by emotional and health issues that are creating a toxic environment for their kids and their dogs. Even worse, Victoria quickly realizes that Dad has a habit of losing his temper with the dogs which has escalated to abuse.
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Living in a Prison

Jun 02, 2012 Season 6 Episode 1

Victoria tries to help a family dog suffering from panic attacks so severe that he's crashed through a glass window seven times! But can she get his owners to stop pointing fingers to fix the problem?
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