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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Episode: "Paddy's Pub: The Worst Bar in Philadelphia"

Season 4, Episode 8
Episode Synopsis: The gang kidnaps a newspaper critic after he calls Paddy's "the worst bar in Philadelphia."
Original Air Date: Oct 16, 2008

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Season 4, Episode 8
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Aired: 10/16/2008
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It's Always Sunny Episode Recap: Paddy's Pub: The Worst Bar in Philadelphia Season 4, Episode 8

The gang was back in form this week after last Thursday's episode which was as good as its subject matter, poop. This episode focused on just one storyline and did not feature the character of Frank.

As Dennis was mounting the bar's new sleek widescreen television, Mac notices a review in the paper about Paddy's. Mac's happy the review comments on the feeling that you could be stabbed any moment, an atmosphere he's trying to cultivate. The review goes on to call the staff (i.e. Sweet Dee) surly, the 3 owners "classless bores," and Paddy's Pub as a whole "The worst bar in Philadelphia."


On a Tuesday

Philadelphia, Pa

The surly waitress and two of the classless bores, Charlie and Dennis, pay a visit to their reviewer, Lyle Corman. What could have been another traditional guest appearance became another solid role for "that guy" Fisher Stevens, of Short Circuit and Lost fame. Quick! What Sunny cast member has also appeared on Lost? Answer: Rob McElhenney. Okay. Back to it. Charlie brandishes a hammer in Corman's office while law obsessed Dee and Dennis threaten him with numerous lawsuits.

Defeated, the angry mob leaves. Later, Charlie rushes into Paddy's, declaring "I did something." Charlie had been angry about his encounter with the critic. He started drinking and the next thing he remembers is kidnapping him. But, come on, it's understandable. The guy really gets his goat. Charlie tapes his kidnap victim to a chair in the office and demands he write a new review.

While Charlie plays Kathy Bates, Dennis and Dee stand in the critic's apartment and debate how to pull off the perfect crime without leaving evidence behind. While Dennis packs a suitcase, a man walks in to the apartment and informs them Lyle lives across the hall.

In Paddy's bathroom, Conrad just can't turn the critic off and is savaging the room's cleanliness. This is something Charlie can't stand for. "Charlie Work," is something he takes very seriously. Attempting to prove his point he takes a large bite of a urinal cake. Charlie also brought out what I'm going to refer to as his "Mr. Man" voice. Did you notice this too? Was it another reference to Misery? When Conrad needs to pee, Mac and Charlie decide to, um, give him a hand rather than cut his tape.

Shaken from their experience, the three come out of the bathroom and find Dennis and Dee who declare "We did something." They go out to the car, open the trunk and reveal they've kidnapped him. Conrad's neighbor asked too many questions and Dennis and Dee realized their perfect crime was blown. They close the trunk to talk about what to do next. But by closing they trunk they've determined what they need to do next. Charlie put the keys in the trunk before it was closed. Now it's getting hot and the neighbor has a diabetic cat. Charlie attempts to break in the trunk, Mac goes to get the cat, and Dennis and Dee take guard duty and hang out with Conrad.

While Dee continues to be surly to Lyle, Dennis takes a look at the new review and finds it to be "heavy on the kidnapping aspect." Mac comes into the bar, cat in tow, in search of a hypodermic needle. Soon after, Charlie comes in with the neighbor, who he's freed from the trunk.

But now what?

It's decided the only way to get the neighbor to keep his mouth shut, and return the cat Mac took in error, is to trade him the bar's new widescreen (by the way, with Blu-ray) set-up. And what to do with the original kidnap victim? In true Charlie fashion, he pushes for giving them amnesia by hitting them on the head, turning back their clocks and making it appear like the previous day. The others want to let him go and just need Conrad's word and, assumedly, legally binding signature that he will not turn them in. Charlie just can't stand the guy and hits him over the head with a bottle anyway. The gang has now choice but to embrace the amnesia option. Well, I'm sure that will work.

It didn't work. In what could be considered a playful jab at Seinfeld, the critic's second review notes how jail would be too easy for the group from Paddy's. He's decided to not press charges and instead let them live in they hell that they've created.

Riled up all over again and the absence of a single name of theirs, the gang decides to go and speak with him one more time. But, civilized this timeā€¦.. and brandishing a hammer.

A big step up from last weeks, yes? A less erratic storyline, some great jokes, and nice performances made this one of season four's better episodes.

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The gang was back in form this week after last Thursday's episode which was as good as its subject matter, poop. This episode focused on just one storyline and did not feature the character of Frank.

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