It Takes a Thief

1968, TV Show

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Mar 23, 1970 Season 3 Episode 24 watch on

Al Mundy matches wits with a mad scientist aboard a plane en route to a scientific meeting in Melbourne.

Beyond a Treasonable Doubt

Mar 16, 1970 Season 3 Episode 23

Al Mundy tries to prove he's been framed when accused of treason by an agent of the SIA.
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The Suzie Simone Caper

Mar 02, 1970 Season 3 Episode 21

Al Mundy's plan to steal a painting for the SIA pits him against his old nemesis, con woman Charlene Brown.
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Situation Red

Feb 09, 1970 Season 3 Episode 19

Al Mundy's lock-picking skills are needed when a sick man initiates a nuclear bomber attack.
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Touch of Magic

Jan 26, 1970 Season 3 Episode 17

Al Mundy attempts to bring a down-on-her-luck jewel thief back to usefulness.
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The King of Thieves

Nov 20, 1969 Season 3 Episode 9

Al Mundy turns to the king of Rome's petty crooks to rescue a kidnapped girl.
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Payoff in the Piazza

Nov 13, 1969 Season 3 Episode 8

Al Mundy's reputation with con woman Charlene Brown causes her to stymie his rescue assignment of a queen.
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The Three Virgins of Rome

Nov 06, 1969 Season 3 Episode 7

When Al Mundy is assigned to protect three priceless paintings, he finds that his father wants to steal them.
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The Great Casino Caper

Oct 16, 1969 Season 3 Episode 4

Al Mundy and his father set out to loot the vault of a casino in Venice and sell the lira to a counterfeiter.
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The Beautiful People

Oct 09, 1969 Season 3 Episode 3

Al Mundy is tricked into working for the secret police.
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Saturday Night in Venice

Sep 25, 1969 Season 3 Episode 1

Al Mundy is poisoned by a Red agent and has little time to trade a decoding device he has stolen for the antidote.
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