Debonair burglar Alexander Mundy is released from jail when he agrees to work for a U.S. agency in this genial adventure. In the second season, he occasionally enlisted the help of his light-fingered father (memorably played by Fred Astaire).


Guest Stars

Heinrich, Jack
Chuck, Chuck Brown, Chuck/Sydnor Cavendish, Princess, Stewardess
Arrascan, Monteggo, Pepe Rouchet
Hosseine, Keil, Valdone
Ambrose Billington, Catlett
Benjamin, Wiley
Angela, Nicole
Contell, Seymour
Bradshaw, Dover
Hewitt, Kingsford
Krebbs, Pierre
Kovacks, Veitch
Christina, Maria
Jaimie, Peggy
Von Wolfgang
Kurt, Nightman
Ricardo Montalban
Grobo, Nick Grobo
Claire Vickers, Lorrie James
Cameo, Moses
General Tashkov
France, Karoletz
Laura, Queen Consort
Dmitri, Hardtman
Bette Davis
Former Queen of Thieves
Berserk Security Chief
Rock McCauley
Duchess Christina
Dr. Schneider
Prince Phon Sing
Press Secretary
Tina Louise
Anna Martine
Painting owner
Paris Couturier