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Latest Episode: Ironside (1967): Tom Dayton Is Loose Among Us

Apr 09, 1970 Season 3 Episode 26 watch on Hulu Plus (Subscription)

Detective Sergeant Brown resents the parole of a psychopathic killer.

Return of the Hero

Apr 04, 1968 Season 1 Episode 28

Despite having testified for the prosecution, Ironside believes in the innocence of a condemned Vietnam vet.
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Barbara Who

Feb 29, 1968 Season 1 Episode 23

A nurses aide with amnesia is afraid to learn her true identity.
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Something For Nothing

Feb 22, 1968 Season 1 Episode 22

In debt to a loan shark, a gambler is let off only if he aids in a bank robbery.
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All In A Day's Work

Feb 15, 1968 Season 1 Episode 21

During an armed robbery, Officer Eve Whitfield kills a 17-year-old boy in the line of duty.
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The Challenge

Feb 08, 1968 Season 1 Episode 20

A chance remark is the clue needed to solve a murder.
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To Kill A Cop

Jan 25, 1968 Season 1 Episode 18

Hunches are played against heavy odds in the capture of a cop-killer.
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Force Of Arms

Jan 04, 1968 Season 1 Episode 16

A self-appointed patriot forms a vigilante group to "aid'' police.
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The Fourteenth Runner

Dec 28, 1967 Season 1 Episode 15

A Russian track star disappears in the U.S.
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Light At The End Of The Journey

Nov 09, 1967 Season 1 Episode 9

A blind girl is used as bait to trap a killer.
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Brothers In Arms

Nov 02, 1967 Season 1 Episode 8

A murder during Fleet Week sends Ironside on a hunt for Marines.
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Minor Infraction

Oct 26, 1967 Season 1 Episode 7

A teenage boy is kidnapped but things don't seem to add up for Ironside.
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An Inside Job

Oct 19, 1967 Season 1 Episode 6

Two killers force Ironside to plot their escape from the Police Department.
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The Taker

Oct 12, 1967 Season 1 Episode 5

After his death, a policeman is thought to have been on the take.
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Eat, Drink And Be Buried

Oct 05, 1967 Season 1 Episode 4

A husband fears the murder attempts on his wife, a malicious columnist.
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Dead Man's Tale

Sep 28, 1967 Season 1 Episode 3

A gangland murder is hidden from the press to flush out syndicate kingpins.
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