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Armored Adventures: Don't Worry, Be Happy Season 1, Episode 22 Paid

After Tony lets Rhodey take the Iron Man suit out for a spin, it falls into the hands of Happy Hogan. Now, Tony must help Hogan take down a Maggia plot, all while not revealing his secret.

Armored Adventures: World On Fire Season 1, Episode 20 Paid

Upon retrieving the fourth Makluan Ring, Gene recalls memories of his mother and his birthright. The guardian of said Ring, Firebrand, traps Pepper and Rhodey inside an active volcano and Iron Man must get them out before it erupts.

Armored Adventures: Whiplash Season 1, Episode 5 Paid

Pepper Potts dreams of a life of excitement and adventure until her FBI agent father is targeted by MISTER FIX. With her father in the hospital, Pepper intends to find out who attacked him until she becomes a target herself. But Mister Fix doesn't just make high tech weapons he makes SUPER-weapons. And now Iron Man has to save Pepper from Fix's cybernetic hatchet man, WHIPLASH, all while trying to hide his identity from Mister Fix AND Pepper.