Iron Man

  • 2010
  • TV Show
  • TV-14

An anime series following the mechanized comic-book hero.

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Armored Adventures: Masquerade Season 1, Episode 11 Oct 7, 2011 Paid

When Obadiah Stane starts acting strangely, Iron Man investigates. It turns out that Madame Masque, a shape shifting villain, was posing as Obadiah and she has a new target: Iron Man. Now, Tony must clear Iron Man's name after the police come looking for him.

Armored Adventures: Iron Man Vs. The Crimson Dynamo Season 1, Episode 6 Sep 2, 2011 Paid

Two years ago, astronaut Ivan Vanko was lost in space. Two minutes ago, he crashed down into the middle of New York City. Vanko is alive, thanks to the massive environmental suit he was wearing dubbed 'the CRIMSON DYNAMO,' designed to survive the harshest conditions imaginable. But after years in space, all Vanko wants is revenge on the people who left him behind PROJECT PEGASUS. The only thing standing in Dynamo's way? Iron Man.

Extremis: Part 4 of 6 Season 1, Episode 4 Aug 19, 2011 Paid

The end for Iron Man? After a brutal fight with Extremis, Iron Man's armor is destroyed, a city is in ruins, and Tony Stark lies at death's door. Only one option remains for Stark, but will it mean losing his humanity?

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