Bonus: Robby's Gonna Drink
02:06 — Robby argues about consuming yet another alcoholic beverage in this bonus scene from "Robby."
Bonus: Kathy's Paranoia
01:50 — Kathy takes drugs and hallucinates in this web exclusive from "Kathy."
Intervention Season 16
"Intervention" profiles people who have hit rock bottom in their addiction as they are confronted by friends and family seeking to intervene.
Intervention Season 17
Intervention brings attention to the enormous social, economic, and environmental cost of addiction, profiling people whose dependency on drugs, alcoh (more…)
Bonus: Ryan at Edgewood
Ryan, a recovering drug addict, responds to treatment in this web exclusive from "Ryan."
Bonus: Sarah at Orchard Recovery
Sarah, a recovering drug addict, responds to treatment in this web exclusive from "Sarah."
Bonus: Sarah's Dad Visits
Sarah's father visits to express his concern about her in this bonus scene from "Sarah."
Extra: Jessica
02:19 — Jessica's friend and aunt reads their letters during Jessica's intervention.
Extended Intervention: Dennis
01:04 — Dennis' brother reads his letter during Dennis' intervention. He talks about their childhood and how he looks up to Dennis. He hopes that Dennis will (more…)
Extended Intervention: Sarah P.
02:19 — Sarah's family talks with interventionist Candy during Sarah's intervention.
Extended Intervention: Sandi
02:06 — Sandi's sister reads her letter during Sandi's intervention.
02:44 — Andrew's mother Shawn reads her letter during Andrew's intervention.
Extended Intervention: Al
02:16 — Al's stepfather reads his letter during Al's intervention.
Extended Intervention: Kelly
02:03 — Kelly's friend Nicole reads her letter during Kelly's intervention.
Extended Intervention: Ryan
02:12 — Ryan's sister Francesca and his fiance Shannon try to convince Ryan to go to treatment.
Bulimic Andrew Lashes Out
01:50 — In this scene from the episode Andrew, check out how Andrew's bulimia affects his mood and interaction with his family members.
Extended Intervention: Susie
02:15 — Susie's son reads his letter during Susie's intervention.
Andrew's Bulimia: Binging & Purging
01:40 — In this scene from the episode Andrew, Andrew's family discusses his eating disorder and how it affects them.
Sarah Talks About Her Son
02:20 — Sarah talks about the joys of motherhood; her family talks about Sarah's risky behavior.
Extended Intervention: Eric
01:41 — Eric's mother reads her letter during Eric's intervention.
Follow-up: Diana
02:57 — Diana expresses her progress in dealing with her adoption, her reliance on men, and the grief over her father's death.
Katie Is Addicted to Heroin
02:45 — Katie and her family talk about her promising future as an Irish dancer and how it was ruined by her addiction to drugs in this collection of scenes f (more…)
Extended Intervention: Dana
02:17 — Dana's sister-in-law reads her letter during Dana's intervention
Tiffany's Heroin Addiction
02:01 — In this scene from the episode Tiffany, Tiffany describes her addiction to heroin and how it's affected her plans to work in the church.
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