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In the Kitchen With Stefano Faita Season 2 episodes

Apr 26, 2013: Stefano's Backyard BBQ Party
Apr 25, 2013: Mains Your Kids Will Eat
Apr 24, 2013: Easy Preserves
Apr 23, 2013: Stefano's Brunch Buffet
Apr 22, 2013: From Spain With Love
Apr 03, 2013: Seafood for Supper
Apr 02, 2013: Classic French Dinner for Four
Apr 01, 2013: Crazy for Quinoa
Mar 28, 2013: A Taste of Tuscany
Mar 27, 2013: Out-of-This-World Veggie Sides
Mar 26, 2013: Stefano's Sausage House
Mar 25, 2013: Breakfast for Dinner
Mar 21, 2013: Stefano's BBQ Chicken Dinner
Mar 20, 2013: What To Do With...A Tub of Ricotta Cheese
Mar 19, 2013: Hot Breakfast Solutions
Mar 18, 2013: Meatless Monday Mains
Jan 25, 2013: What to Do With...Leftover Pasta
Jan 24, 2013: Leg Of Lamb Dinner
Jan 23, 2013: What to Do With...Blueberries
Jan 22, 2013: Steak Frites Dinner
Jan 21, 2013: Make Your Own Snacks
Jan 18, 2013: Classic Pot Roast Dinner
Jan 17, 2013: What to Do With...Chicken Breasts
Jan 16, 2013: Cannelloni Dinner
Jan 15, 2013: Stefano's Clam Bake
Jan 14, 2013: Classic Pineapple Recipes
Jan 11, 2013: Italian Sunday Dinner
Jan 10, 2013: Baked Fish & Chip Dinner
Jan 09, 2013: What to Do With...Yogurt
Jan 08, 2013: Stefano's Southern BBQ
Jan 07, 2013: Stefano's Ultimate Pad Thai Dinner
Jan 04, 2013: What's for Dessert?
Jan 03, 2013: What to Do With...A Side of Salmon
Jan 02, 2013: Chicken Parmigiana Dinner
Dec 28, 2012: Fancy Lobster Dinner Made Easy
Dec 27, 2012: Stefano's Classic Appetizers
Dec 21, 2012: Stefano's Roast Turkey With Fixin's
Dec 19, 2012: Festive Side Dishes
Dec 17, 2012: Stefano's Food Gifts
Dec 14, 2012: Stefano's Party Platters
Dec 13, 2012: Fancy Pork Chop Dinner
Dec 12, 2012: Potluck Desserts
Dec 11, 2012: What to Do With...Apples
Dec 10, 2012: Quick, Light Dinners
Dec 07, 2012: Slow Cooker Rib Dinner
Dec 06, 2012: What to Do With...Olive Oil
Dec 05, 2012: Gluten-Free Italian Recipes
Dec 04, 2012: Tex-Mex Chili Dinner
Dec 03, 2012: Stefano's Street Food
Nov 30, 2012: Prime Rib Feast
Nov 29, 2012: All About Mozzarella
Nov 28, 2012: Falafel Night
Nov 27, 2012: What to Do With...Beer
Nov 26, 2012: A Taste of Naples
Nov 09, 2012: Big Weekend Breakfast
Nov 08, 2012: All About Onions
Nov 07, 2012: Stefano's Sandwich Shop
Nov 06, 2012: Stefano's Restaurant-Style Dishes
Nov 05, 2012: Chicken Cacciatore Dinner
Nov 02, 2012: Stefano's Rack of Lamb Dinner
Oct 31, 2012: Stefano's Cassoulet Dinner
Oct 30, 2012: Stefano's Italian Cookies
Oct 29, 2012: Stefano's Big Salads
Oct 26, 2012: Stefano's Chinese Take-Out
Oct 25, 2012: Big & Beautiful Desserts
Oct 24, 2012: Poker Night
Oct 23, 2012: Stefano's Great Big Casseroles
Oct 22, 2012: What to Do With...Salt
Oct 19, 2012: What to Do With Coconut
Oct 18, 2012: Tourtiere Dinner
Oct 17, 2012: Stefano's Herb Garden
Oct 16, 2012: Stefano's Fried Chicken & Biscuits
Oct 15, 2012: Stefano's Pantry Desserts
Oct 12, 2012: Stefano's Big Dinner Party
Oct 10, 2012: Chicken Fajita Night
Oct 09, 2012: Classic Italian Desserts
Oct 08, 2012: Stefano's Express Dinners
Oct 04, 2012: A Taste of Sicily
Oct 02, 2012: Eat Your Greens
Oct 01, 2012: What to Do With...Pizza Dough
Sep 28, 2012: Stefano's Classic French Dinner
Sep 27, 2012: Stefano's Lemon Desserts
Sep 26, 2012: Rice Main Dishes
Sep 25, 2012: Classic Italian Pastas
Sep 24, 2012: Jerk Chicken Dinner
Sep 21, 2012: Pancake Breakfast
Sep 20, 2012: Easy 'Freezy' Treats
Sep 19, 2012: Not-So-Everyday-Vegetables
Sep 18, 2012: Surf and Turf Taco Fiesta
Sep 17, 2012: 5 Ingredient Pastas

Stefano's Backyard BBQ Party Season 2, Episode 90

Gouda-stuffed turkey burgers; corn relish; potato salad; prosecco-cranberry ice pops. read more

Mains Your Kids Will Eat Season 2, Episode 89

Macaroni and cheese with broccoli; calzone; chicken fingers with honey-garlic sauce. read more

Easy Preserves Season 2, Episode 88

Dill pickles; sweet oven-dried tomatoes; triple-berry jam. read more

Stefano's Brunch Buffet Season 2, Episode 87

Broccoli-and-cheese quiche; peameal-bacon roast; cinnamon-swirl scones. read more

From Spain With Love Season 2, Episode 86

Shrimp with grilled-tomato toast; chicken with almonds and saffron; churros with chocolate-orange sauce. read more

Seafood for Supper Season 2, Episode 85

Seafood ragù; tuna-and-white-bean pasta salad; pan-fried trout with anchovy butter. read more

Classic French Dinner for Four Season 2, Episode 84

Coq au vin; apple tarte tatin; homemade crème fraîche. read more

Crazy for Quinoa Season 2, Episode 83

Quinoa salad with tahini dressing; quinoa-chickpea-and-sweet-potato curry; gluten-free carrot cake with whipped coconut topping. read more

A Taste of Tuscany Season 2, Episode 82

Tuscan vegetable soup; rosemary-and-garlic pork roast; white beans with sage and tomatoes. read more

Out-of-This-World Veggie Sides Season 2, Episode 81

Broccoli-Caesar salad; roasted carrots and Brussels sprouts in miso honey; potato-and-zucchini pancakes; dill-yogurt dip; cauliflower couscous. read more

Stefano's Sausage House Season 2, Episode 80

Sausage jambalaya; grilled bratwurst with warm cabbage-and-apple slaw; toad in the hole. read more

Breakfast for Dinner Season 2, Episode 79

Huevos rancheros; Mexican rice and beans; avocado cream; pickled red onions; sweet-apple nachos with dulce de leche. read more

Stefano's BBQ Chicken Dinner Season 2, Episode 78

Roasted barbecue chicken; dipping sauce; cheesy baked sweet potatoes; creamy cabbage coleslaw. read more

What To Do With...A Tub of Ricotta Cheese Season 2, Episode 77

Ricotta gnudi in tomato sauce; asparagus-lemon-and-ricotta flatbread; chocolate-almond semifreddo. read more

Hot Breakfast Solutions Season 2, Episode 76

Creamy oatmeal with banana-nut topping; Western sandwich; oven-puffed pancake. read more

Meatless Monday Mains Season 2, Episode 75

Mixed-mushroom-pot pie; pasta primavera; creamy tomato soup; cheddar-and-onion grilled cheese. read more

What to Do With...Leftover Pasta Season 2, Episode 74

Ham-leek-and-swiss frittata; spinach-and-ricotta lasagna; fried-spaghetti sandwich. read more

Leg Of Lamb Dinner Season 2, Episode 73

Roast leg of lamb with mint sauce; boulangère potatoes; spring-vegetable salad. read more

What to Do With...Blueberries Season 2, Episode 72

Blueberry-and-peach salsa with Brie; pork tenderloin with blueberry sauce; blueberry trifle. read more

Steak Frites Dinner Season 2, Episode 71

Steak with peppercorn sauce; thick-cut fries; tarragon aioli; frisée salad with bacon dressing. read more

Make Your Own Snacks Season 2, Episode 70

Soft pretzels; chocolate-caramel-shortbread bars; crispy chips with dill-pickle dip. read more

Classic Pot Roast Dinner Season 2, Episode 69

Old-fashioned pot roast; mashed potatoes with sour cream and chives; rum-raisin-baked apples. read more

What to Do With...Chicken Breasts Season 2, Episode 68

Chicken Veracruz; brie-stuffed chicken with cranberry sauce; Vietnamese chicken soup. read more

Cannelloni Dinner Season 2, Episode 67

Butternut-squash cannelloni in sage-cream sauce; peas with prosciutto; grilled figs with amaretto. read more

Stefano's Clam Bake Season 2, Episode 66

Stove-top clambake; seafood sauce; whoopie pies. read more

Classic Pineapple Recipes Season 2, Episode 65

Sweet-and-sour pineapple pork; pineapple upside-down cake; classic piña colada. read more

Italian Sunday Dinner Season 2, Episode 64

Beef braciole; cavatelli pasta; roasted broccoli and cauliflower. read more

Baked Fish & Chip Dinner Season 2, Episode 63

Pecan-crusted baked fish; vegetable fries; tartar sauce with basil; blueberry frozen yogurt. read more

What to Do With...Yogurt Season 2, Episode 62

Breakfast yogurt parfaits; lemon-yogurt-chicken kebabs; chocolate-yogurt cake. read more

Stefano's Southern BBQ Season 2, Episode 61

Gouda-stuffed turkey burgers; corn relish; potato salad; prosecco-cranberry ice pops. read more

Stefano's Ultimate Pad Thai Dinner Season 2, Episode 60

Pad Thai; green-mango salad; lemongrass soda. read more

What's for Dessert? Season 2, Episode 59

Sweet fried-banana rolls; cinnamon-rice pudding; kitchen-sink skillet cookie. read more

What to Do With...A Side of Salmon Season 2, Episode 58

Spinach-and-feta-stuffed salmon; citrus-cured salmon; salmon burgers. read more

Chicken Parmigiana Dinner Season 2, Episode 57

Spaghetti with tomato sauce and pancetta; grilled vegetables; chicken-parmigiana muffuletta. read more

Fancy Lobster Dinner Made Easy Season 2, Episode 56

Oysters Rockefeller; lobster risotto; martini strawberries. read more

Stefano's Classic Appetizers Season 2, Episode 55

Spinach-and-artichoke dip; pigs in a blanket; crab cakes with roasted-red-pepper mayonnaise. read more

Stefano's Roast Turkey With Fixin's Season 2, Episode 54

Roast turkey with thyme and rosemary; sausage-and-Parmesan stuffing; turkey gravy. read more

Festive Side Dishes Season 2, Episode 53

Potato-and-vegetable gratin; rosemary fougasse; orange-and-Brussels-sprout salad. read more

Stefano's Food Gifts Season 2, Episode 52

Italian fruit cake; marinated goat cheese; homemade orange liqueur; mulled-wine spice mix. read more

Stefano's Party Platters Season 2, Episode 51

Hot Italian dip with veggies; sea-salt-and-rosemary flatbread; Greek meatballs. read more

Fancy Pork Chop Dinner Season 2, Episode 50

Pork chops with pear sauce; roasted squash with pecorino and pumpkin seeds; pear-and-ginger fool. read more

Potluck Desserts Season 2, Episode 49

Strawberry cheesecake; maple-sugar tarts; triple-chocolate-brownie explosion. read more

What to Do With...Apples Season 2, Episode 48

Apple-cider-glazed salmon; apple-and-celery-root slaw; apple-pecan crisp; spiced apple cider. read more

Quick, Light Dinners Season 2, Episode 47

Roast-beef quesadillas; Asian-chicken-salad cups; carrot-and-dill soup. read more

Slow Cooker Rib Dinner Season 2, Episode 46

Slow-cooked red-wine short ribs; parsnip puree; fig-and-walnut salad with arugula. read more

What to Do With...Olive Oil Season 2, Episode 45

Olive-oil-poached halibut; potato-and-garlic dip; olive-oil cake with plum compote. read more

Gluten-Free Italian Recipes Season 2, Episode 44

Tomato farinata with olives and Parmesan cheese; zucchini spaghetti with spinach pesto; amaretti cookies. read more

Tex-Mex Chili Dinner Season 2, Episode 43

Chili; four-cheese garlic bread; peach cobbler. read more

Stefano's Street Food Season 2, Episode 42

Shrimp po'boy sandwich; Thai chicken satay with spicy peanut sauce; chocolate-hazelnut crepes. read more

Prime Rib Feast Season 2, Episode 41

Prime-rib roast with red-wine jus; Yorkshire pudding; maple-mustard-glazed vegetables. read more

All About Mozzarella Season 2, Episode 40

Mozzarella-stuffed zucchini blossoms; smoked-mozzarella pizza; Caprese pasta salad. read more

Falafel Night Season 2, Episode 39

Falafel sandwiches; tabbouleh; veggie salad with mint-and-lemon dressing; tahini sauce. read more

What to Do With...Beer Season 2, Episode 38

Irish-stout beef stew; oven-roasted chicken; beer-battered onion rings. read more

A Taste of Naples Season 2, Episode 37

Margherita pizza; Neapolitan-style mussels; pasta puttanesca. read more

Big Weekend Breakfast Season 2, Episode 36

Banana-pecan bread pudding; baked eggs with cheddar; Cajun home fries; bourbon-glazed ham. read more

All About Onions Season 2, Episode 35

French onion soup; leek-and-shallot tart; green-onion buttermilk dressing. read more

Stefano's Sandwich Shop Season 2, Episode 34

Cheesy tuna melt; open-face prosciutto-and-fig sandwich; buffalo-chicken hoagie with blue cheese. read more

Stefano's Restaurant-Style Dishes Season 2, Episode 33

Deconstructed beef Wellington; crème brûlée. read more

Chicken Cacciatore Dinner Season 2, Episode 32

Chicken cacciatore; mixed-mushroom polenta; citrus carpaccio. read more

Stefano's Rack of Lamb Dinner Season 2, Episode 31

Rack of lamb with pomegranate sauce; crispy smashed potatoes with paprika; mint-and-feta salad with asparagus. read more

Stefano's Cassoulet Dinner Season 2, Episode 30

Cassoulet; frisée-and-fennel salad with apples. read more

Stefano's Italian Cookies Season 2, Episode 29

Anise-wine cookies; biscotti with pistachios and cherries; Stefano's Baci. read more

Stefano's Big Salads Season 2, Episode 28

Grilled-tuna Niçoise salad; chicken taco salad; bacon-and-egg Caesar salad. read more

Stefano's Chinese Take-Out Season 2, Episode 23

General Tao's chicken; garlicky stir-fried baby bok choy; iced green tea with lychee. read more

Big & Beautiful Desserts Season 2, Episode 27

Strawberry tall cake; cappuccino Baked Alaska. read more

Poker Night Season 2, Episode 26

Nachos supreme; turkey-club panini; sweet-and-spicy candied peanuts. read more

Stefano's Great Big Casseroles Season 2, Episode 25

Polenta lasagna; salt-cod-and-potato bake; side salad. read more

What to Do With...Salt Season 2, Episode 24

Brined turkey breast with sage; salt-baked snapper; salted chocolate caramels. read more

What to Do With Coconut Season 2, Episode 22

Thai coconut-shrimp curry; toasted coconut cupcakes; coconut-mango smoothie. read more

Tourtiere Dinner Season 2, Episode 21

Tourtière; sweet tomato ketchup; vegetable medley. read more

Stefano's Herb Garden Season 2, Episode 20

Vegetarian salad rolls with mint; grilled hanger steak with parsley chimichurri; grapefruit-and-basil sorbet. read more

Stefano's Fried Chicken & Biscuits Season 2, Episode 19

Buttermilk fried chicken; buttermilk biscuits; collard greens and ham. read more

Stefano's Pantry Desserts Season 2, Episode 18

Fruity pastry tarts; peanut-butter fondue; s'more pie. read more

Stefano's Big Dinner Party Season 2, Episode 17

Pasta timballo; Broccolini with lemon and capers. read more

Chicken Fajita Night Season 2, Episode 16

Chicken fajitas; mango-lime salsa; refried beans with bacon; Mexican chocolate shake. read more

Classic Italian Desserts Season 2, Episode 15

Cinnamon-ricotta cannoli; tiramisu; strawberries with balsamic drizzle. read more

Stefano's Express Dinners Season 2, Episode 14

Penne alla vodka; Italian grilled cheese; shrimp-and-corn chowder. read more

A Taste of Sicily Season 2, Episode 13

Caponata; spaghettini with anchovies and bread crumbs; veal Marsala; brioche-gelato bites. read more

Eat Your Greens Season 2, Episode 12

Grilled escarole with olives and pine nuts; greens-and-sausage soup; kale chips. read more

What to Do With...Pizza Dough Season 2, Episode 11

Bacon-and-egg pizza; maple-glazed doughnuts; curry-lamb pockets. read more

Stefano's Classic French Dinner Season 2, Episode 10

Beef bourguignon; Duchesse potatoes; cherry clafouti. read more

Stefano's Lemon Desserts Season 2, Episode 9

Lemony pound cake; French lemon tart; lemon-mascarpone mousse. read more

Rice Main Dishes Season 2, Episode 8

Oven-baked pork fried rice; skillet chicken biryani; brown rice, salmon-and-asparagus salad. read more

Classic Italian Pastas Season 2, Episode 7

Garlic-and-olive-oil spaghetti; lasagna; pasta with basil pesto. read more

Jerk Chicken Dinner Season 2, Episode 6

Jerk chicken; island rice and peas; mango-cabbage slaw; pineapple-rum punch. read more

Pancake Breakfast Season 2, Episode 5

Ricotta pancakes; maple sausage patties; orange-butter sauce. read more

Easy 'Freezy' Treats Season 2, Episode 4

Watermelon snow cones; frozen peanut-butter balls; jelly-roll ice-cream bombe. read more

Not-So-Everyday-Vegetables Season 2, Episode 3

Beet-and-goat-cheese napoleons; beet greens with bacon; jicama-apple slaw. read more

Surf and Turf Taco Fiesta Season 2, Episode 2

Sweet-and-spicy steak tacos; grilled-shrimp tacos; tomatillo salsa; classic margaritas. read more

5 Ingredient Pastas Season 2, Episode 1

Linguini with clams; red-pepper-and-almond-pesto penne; orecchiette with sausage and rapini. read more

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