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Tue May 26 9:00am
Undigable Hosts(Season 4, Episode 23) FXX

James Brown appears as a bad-haircut victim; a teen judge rules on problems. Also: TV huckster Loomis Simmons (David Alan Grier).

Tue May 26 9:30am
Thelma and Louise Jefferson(Season 4, Episode 24) FXX

Mario Van Peebles in a Western sketch with Wanda; Thelma and Louise...Jefferson (Marc Wilmore). David Alan Grier, James Carrey, Alexandra Wentworth.

Wed May 27 9:00am
Bunny Clive FXX

The Dysfunctional Family attends a funeral; Vera De Milo battles a sumo wrestler in a movie parody. Jamie Foxx, Kelly Coffield, A.J. Jamal, Alexandra Wentworth.

Wed May 27 9:30am
In Living Color's Feedback Line FXX

The Funky Finger guys get a break; customers complain to beautician LaShawn (T'Keyah "Crystal" Keymah); viewer complaints are addressed. James Carrey.

Thu May 28 2:00am
Ike Strikes Back(Season 5, Episode 1) FXX

Spoofs of "Seinfeld" and Ike Turner (David Alan Grier). Also: Wanda gives birth; a comic performs "healing" routines in a tense neighborhood. Anne-Marie Johnson.

Thu May 28 2:30am
The Dirty Dozens(Season 5, Episode 2) FXX

Tommy Davidson parodies Michael Jackson; Fire Marshal Bill points out hospital hazards. Also: a shouting competition; a game show where "talkin' trash can get you cash."

Thu May 28 9:00am
Ike Turner and Hooch(Season 5, Episode 3) FXX

Concert security guards don't recognize headliner Tupac Shakur; Norton tutors Ralph in hip-hop in "Honeymooners '93." Regulars include Tommy Davidson, Marc Wilmore, Anne-Marie Johnson.

Thu May 28 9:30am
The Irish Singer(Season 5, Episode 5) FXX

Wanda hires a PI to find her child's father; a fan harasses a basketball player; an Irish folk singer performs depressing songs at a rehab center.

Fri May 29 3:38am
Droop! There It Is(Season 5, Episode 6) FXX

Marsha Warfield encounters studio pages Ace and Main Man; Cheap Pete works a bar; "Rush Limbaugh" and "Al Sharpton" run a men's store. Also: Background Guy (James Carrey) gets a girlfriend.

Sat May 30 7:00am
Circus of the Black Stars(Season 5, Episode 7) FXX

James Carrey plays Ross Perot, a beauty expert and a vampire who visits Wanda (Jamie Foxx); Oswald teaches a fellow prisoner to read.

Sat May 30 7:30am
Sam Kinison: Live From Hell(Season 5, Episode 8) FXX

"Sam Kinison" performs in hell; Wanda searches for her child's father; an insensitive therapist (David Alan Grier) conducts a group session. Jamie Foxx, Nick Bakay.

Sat May 30 8:00am
All Up In the Family(Season 5, Episode 9) FXX

Wanda accosts Barry Bonds; Peter Marshall and Gary Coleman appear on "East Hollywood Squares." Also: an "All in the Family" parody; a fitness program from "Rush Limbaugh" and "Al Sharpton."

Sat May 30 8:30am
Wile E Coyote on Trial(Season 5, Episode 10) FXX

"Wile E. Coyote" appears before a committee on TV violence; friends diss Madonna. Also: "Honeymooners '93"; personal problems of a kiddie-show hostess.

Sun May 31 3:00am
Umbilical Barry(Season 5, Episode 11) FXX

"Pavarotti" gets two too-hip backup singers; a mother clings to her college-age son; Vera De Milo performs in a music video. Also: a boxer parachutes into the ring.

Sun May 31 3:30am
Mary Tyler Mo(Season 5, Episode 12) FXX

Johnny Gill encounters Ace and Main Man; Loomis Simmons promotes safe sex; "Geraldo" (James Carrey) interviews celebrities' kids. Also: Seamus O'Shanty O'Shame (Jay Leggett).

Tue Jun 2 9:00am
The Gangsta Group(Season 5, Episode 14) FXX

Rappers discuss social issues in a roundtable discussion; a flight attendant describes passengers' food choices; Grandpa takes Duke to audition as a police dog. Also: Background Guy.

Tue Jun 2 9:30am
East Hollywood Squares(Season 5, Episode 15) FXX

Tag-team wrestlers "Rush Limbaugh" and "Al Sharpton" battle "Howard Stern" and "Robin Quivers"; Peter Marshall hosts "East Hollywood Squares"; Cheap Pete (Chris Rock) takes a woman to dinner.

Wed Jun 3 9:00am
Hemorrhoid Guy(Season 5, Episode 16) FXX

Wanda and her sister (rapper Biz Markie) meet two stranded skiers; an “All in the Family” parody. Jamie Foxx, Marc Wilmore.

Wed Jun 3 9:30am
The White League(Season 5, Episode 17) FXX

Guests: NBA stars Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Patrick Ewing, Tim Hardaway, Vlade Divac and James Worthy; sports interviewer Roy Firestone. Sketches include Ace and Main Man; the B.S. Brothers. Tommy Davidson, Anne-Marie Johnson, David Alan Grier.

Thu Jun 4 2:00am
Mrs. Ikefire(Season 5, Episode 18) FXX

"Ike Turner" stars in a "Mrs. Doubtfire" parody; Peter Marshall hosts "East Hollywood Squares"; Fire Marshal Bill gives safety tips to newlyweds.

Thu Jun 4 2:30am
Dirty Dozens Tournament of Champions(Season 5, Episode 19) FXX

Ed O'Neill guests as the "dissin' yo mama game-show champ; boxer Carl "the Tooth" Williams faces a paternity suit. Also: parodies of "Philadelphia" and the Menendez brothers.

Thu Jun 4 9:00am
Thugs(Season 5, Episode 20) FXX

Cameras roll with "Thugs" in a "Cops" parody. Also: home remedies from "Dr. Kevorkian" (James Carrey); how "Def Comedy Jam" began; the "Hollywood School of Self Defense."

Thu Jun 4 9:30am
Infomercial Awards(Season 5, Episode 21) FXX

Cheap Pete tries to have a bargain wedding; Grandpa takes Duke to a movie audition; a hospital patient's problem becomes public when a nurse leaves him alone.

Sat Jun 6 8:00am
Infomercial Awards(Season 5, Episode 21) FXX

Cheap Pete tries to have a bargain wedding; Grandpa takes Duke to a movie audition; a hospital patient's problem becomes public when a nurse leaves him alone.

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  • Premise: An Emmy-winning sketch-comedy series that featured hilarious parodies and dynamic dance segments, and presented such memorable recurring skits as `Homeboy Shopping Network,' `Fire Marshal Bill' and `Men on Film' (`Two snaps up!'). Like `Saturday Night Live… (more)

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