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Latest Episode: Impact Wrestling 7/3/2014

Jul 03, 2014 Season 2014 Episode 27 watch on (Paid)

Don't miss it as we celebrate Independence Day early with Kurt Angle's 1st broadcast as the Executive Director of IMPACT! The new boss has already announced some MAJOR battles: Eric Young vs. Lashley, Bully Ray vs. EC3 & more!

Impact Wrestling 9/27/2012

Sep 27, 2012 Season 7 Episode 52

Will "TNA Gut Check" prospect Evan Markopolous earn a contract and a spot on the TNA roster? The newcomer faces the judging trio of Bruce Prichard, Al Snow, and Taz. Plus, will Hogan still enter enemy territory with Aces & 8s?
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Impact Wrestling 9/20/2012

Sep 20, 2012 Season 7 Episode 51

It's the return of the monthly Open Fight Night, where any TNA member can call out anyone else and they MUST fight! Plus, TNA Gut Check returns, as one wrestler gets the opportunity to earn a contract and join the roster!
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Impact Wrestling 9/13/2012

Sep 13, 2012 Season 7 Episode 50

The road to Bound For Glory officially kicks off! What will happen when Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy go face-to-face? Plus, what will be the fallout between General Manager Hulk Hogan and The Aces & 8s after No Surrender?
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Impact Wrestling 9/6/2012

Sep 06, 2012 Season 7 Episode 49

Don't miss the final 2 matches in the Bound For Glory Series! Jeff Hardy battles Samoa Joe in one featured bout, while Rob Van Dam goes against Bully Ray in other! Who will be eliminated & lose their chance at the World Title?
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Impact Wrestling 8/30/2012

Aug 30, 2012 Season 7 Episode 48

With only two weeks left in the annual "Bound For Glory Series" for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, the stakes have never been higher! Two huge BFG Series bouts as Jeff Hardy faces Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle.
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Impact Wrestling 8/23/2012

Aug 23, 2012 Season 7 Episode 47

Monthly Open Fight Night is back! Don't miss the huge return of Hulk Hogan as he vows to help Sting & the other TNA superstars battle The Aces & 8s! Plus, TNA Gut Check returns & one wrestler gets the opportunity of a lifetime.
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Impact Wrestling 8/16/2012

Aug 16, 2012 Season 7 Episode 46

Don't miss the huge double main event when Jeff Hardy battles Bully Ray! Plus, AJ Styles goes for revenge against enemy Christopher Daniels, and former tag team partners Samoa Joe & Magnus face off in another BFG Series bout!
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Impact Wrestling 8/9/2012

Aug 09, 2012 Season 7 Episode 45

"Cowboy" James Storm faces Bully Ray, "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles takes on Kurt Angle, and Rob Van Dam will be in action against "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero! Plus, will Sting find a way to stop The Aces & 8s gang?
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Impact Wrestling 8/2/2012

Aug 02, 2012 Season 7 Episode 44

Impact will feature a huge Bound For Glory Series main event match as Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle battles "Cowboy" James Storm! In tag team action, Austin Aries teams with newcomer Kenny King against Bobby Roode & Zema Ion.
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Impact Wrestling 7/26/2012

Jul 26, 2012 Season 7 Episode 43

Don't miss the IMPACT debut of Chavo Guerrero, as the wrestling world hears from him for the first time! Plus, 2 huge Bound For Glory Series matches will take place: AJ Styles vs. James Storm and Kurt Angle vs. Bully Ray!
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Impact Wrestling 7/19/2012

Jul 19, 2012 Season 7 Episode 42

What will the fallout be after the "The Aces & Eights" shocking and brutal attack on Hulk Hogan & Sting? Plus, IMPACT will feature the monthly "Gut Check" challenge! Which newcomer will get a chance to join the wrestling roster?
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Impact Wrestling 7/12/2012

Jul 12, 2012 Season 7 Episode 41

Find out if Bobby Roode or Austin Aries is named World Heavyweight Champion after Sunday's PPV event! Plus, Miss Tessmacher defends the gold against former Knockouts champion, Gail Kim, & Joseph Park goes to war with Bully Ray!
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Impact Wrestling 7/5/2012

Jul 05, 2012 Season 7 Episode 40

The final showdown between Austin Aries and Bobby Roode before their big World Heavyweight Championship match at "Destination X". Qualifying continues for the X Division Championship Tournament, with four new competitors!
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Impact Wrestling 6/28/2012

Jun 28, 2012 Season 7 Episode 39

AJ Styles & Kurt Angle defend the World Tag Team Championship against Daniels and Kazarian! Plus, TNA Gut Check continues as newcomer Taeler Hendrix faces the judges to see if she passes the test to become the newest Knockout!
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Impact Wrestling 6/21/2012

Jun 21, 2012 Season 7 Episode 38

The monthly Open Fight Night returns, involving the competitors in the Bound For Glory Series! All 12 Wresters in the BFG Series will be in action - 6 men make challenges, 6 will be called out! Who will take the early advantage?
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Impact Wrestling 6/14/2012

Jun 14, 2012 Season 7 Episode 37

In the aftermath of the "Slammiversary" Pay-Per-View event, Hulk Hogan demands a World Heavyweight Title match! Plus, the annual "Bound For Glory Series" kicks off with a Gauntlet Match, and the road to "Destination X" begins!
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Impact Wrestling 6/7/2012

Jun 07, 2012 Season 7 Episode 36

Just days before Slammiversary, World Heavyweight Bobby Roode, Daniels and Kazarian battle Sting, AJ Styles and Kurt Angle in a huge 6-man main event. Plus more on the controversy involving AJ Styles & TNA President Dixie Carter.
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Impact Wrestling 5/31/2012

May 31, 2012 Season 7 Episode 35

It's a historic broadcast as IMPACT goes LIVE with the return of The Icon. Sting faces World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode in a Lumberjack Match, & Brooke Hogan makes her IMPACT WRESTLING debut! How will the Knockouts react?
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Impact Wrestling 5/24/2012

May 24, 2012 Season 7 Episode 34

Open Fight Night returns - who will get called out to fight? Plus Bobby Roode attempts to become the longest reigning champion in history but he must defend the title against an opponent of Hulk Hogan's choice!
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Impact Wrestling 5/17/2012

May 17, 2012 Season 7 Episode 33

AJ Styles addresses the controversy between himself and TNA President Dixie Carter! Plus, the Knockouts Championship will be decided on Thursday in a three-way match between Gail Kim, Velvet Sky, and Brooke Tessmacher.
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Impact Wrestling 5/10/2012

May 10, 2012 Season 7 Episode 32

It's the final countdown to Sacrifice! What will happen between World Champion Bobby Roode and challenger Rob Van Dam just days before their match? Plus, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian reveal a huge secret regarding AJ Styles.
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Impact Wrestling 5/3/2012

May 03, 2012 Season 7 Episode 31

Before their World Heavyweight Championship bout at Sacrifice, Bobby Roode & Rob Van Dam pick each others opponents! Plus Ric Flair has promised to call out Hulk Hogan on what happened at the Eric Bischoff Appreciation Ceremony!
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Impact Wrestling 4/26/2012

Apr 26, 2012 Season 7 Episode 30

Anyone on the roster can challenge anyone to fight in the first ever "Open Fight Night"! Plus, Ric Flair has promised to hold an "Eric Bischoff Appreciation Night" after Bischoff was forced out of IMPACT by his son at Lockdown!
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Impact Wrestling 4/19/2012

Apr 19, 2012 Season 7 Episode 29

Who walked out of Lockdown as the World Heavyweight Champion after their war in the cage- Bobby Roode or James Storm? Plus, which Bischoff is gone from Impact Wrestling after Sunday's Lethal Lockdown - Garett or his father Eric?
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Impact Wrestling 4/12/2012

Apr 12, 2012 Season 7 Episode 28

World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode and challenger "Cowboy" James Storm are face-to-face for the last time before their main event match at Lockdown! Plus, Eric Young and ODB get married in the first-ever Steel Cage Wedding!
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Impact Wrestling 4/5/2012

Apr 05, 2012 Season 7 Episode 27

Hulk Hogan, now the General Manager, takes control of IMPACT WRESTLING! According to Hogan, he’s going to start this new era by addressing the entire roster. What does Hogan have planned? Plus, the Motorcity Machine Guns return!
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Impact Wrestling 3/29/2012

Mar 29, 2012 Season 7 Episode 26

What will be Hulk Hogan's answer to TNA President Dixie Carter? Will Hogan take over as General Manager of IMPACT WRESTLING? Plus, Mr. Anderson battles Jeff Hardy in a featured bout & the undefeated Crimson battles Matt Morgan.
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Impact Wrestling 3/22/2012

Mar 22, 2012 Season 7 Episode 25

Witness the aftermath of the brutal "Victory Road" event, where World Champion Bobby Roode faced Sting. Plus, the X Division Championship will be on the line as Austin Aries defends against Kid Kash, Zema Ion, & Anthony Nese.
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Impact Wrestling 3/15/2012

Mar 15, 2012 Season 7 Episode 24

World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode and Sting have their contract signing - what will happen just days before Victory Road? Plus, Mr. Anderson returns to fight Christopher Daniels, and Austin Aries has a special announcement.
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Impact Wrestling 3/8/2012

Mar 08, 2012 Season 7 Episode 23

The war between Sting & World Champion Bobby Roode continues as their battle at Victory Road draws closer. Will Flair & Gunner make good on their threats to annihilate Garett Bischoff, or will the young superstar come prepared?
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Impact Wrestling 3/1/2012

Mar 01, 2012 Season 7 Episode 22

Bobby Roode has released Sting's manic side & now "The Icon" wants revenge! He doesn't want the World Title - he just wants to annihilate his enemy. How will Roode react? Plus Styles faces Daniels & Kazarian in a Gauntlet Match.
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Impact Wrestling 2/23/2012

Feb 23, 2012 Season 7 Episode 21

Super Bowl champ Brandon Jacobs returns to IMPACT WRESTLING! Plus a huge tag team main event of Jeff Hardy and James Storm vs. Kurt Angle and Bully Ray. And, is Sting serious about walking away?
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Impact Wrestling 2/16/2012

Feb 16, 2012 Season 7 Episode 20

Did Bobby Roode beat the odds at "Against All Odds" or was a new titleholder crowned? Plus, a new #1 Contender will be determined in a 10-Knockout Battle Royal, and Austin Aries & Zema Ion battle Alex Shelley & Jesse Sorenson!
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Impact Wrestling 2/9/2012

Feb 09, 2012 Season 7 Episode 19

Sting teams up with James Storm to take on Bobby Roode and Bully Ray in a huge main event in London! Plus, how will Eric Bischoff react to the return of Hulk Hogan & his alliance with his son, Garett Bischoff as his trainer?
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Impact Wrestling 2/2/2012

Feb 02, 2012 Season 7 Episode 18

For the first time ever, IMPACT takes place from London & features Hulk Hogan's return to England for the first time in over a decade! Plus, Sting reveals who will get a shot at the gold against Bobby Roode at Against All Odds.
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Impact Wrestling 1/26/2012

Jan 26, 2012 Season 7 Episode 17

In this week's HUGE Main Event, James Storm & Jeff Hardy team up to take on Bobby Roode & Bully Ray in a Tables Match! Plus, Alex Shelley makes his return to action on IMPACT WRESTLING, battling Zema Ion in X Division action.
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Impact Wrestling 1/19/2012

Jan 19, 2012 Season 7 Episode 16

James Storm talks about finally getting revenge on Kurt Angle, and about his pending rematch for the World Title against Bobby Roode. How will Jeff Hardy react to getting cheated out of his chance at reclaiming the title?
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Impact Wrestling 1/12/2012

Jan 12, 2012 Season 7 Episode 15

World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Roode, opens up to discuss his controversial PPV win over Jeff Hardy! How will the GM, Sting, deal with Roode and his actions? Plus, Morgan and Crimson compete against Robbie E and Robbie T.
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Impact Wrestling 1/5/2012

Jan 05, 2012 Season 7 Episode 14

Just days before Genesis, Bobby Roode & Jeff Hardy go face-to-face one last time on IMPACT! Plus, in a huge 6-man main event, Hardy teams with James Storm & "The Monster" Abyss to take on Bobby Roode, Kurt Angle, & Bully Ray.
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Impact Wrestling 12/29/2011

Dec 29, 2011 Season 7 Episode 13

Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle, takes on Rob Van Dam in the main event. Plus, it's the final match in the Best-Of-3 Series between Anthony Neese & Zema Ion, and the winner will earn a shot at the X Division Championship!
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Impact Wrestling 12/22/2011

Dec 22, 2011 Season 7 Episode 12

Rumor has it that Sting will hand down punishment to World Heavyweight Champ, Bobby Roode, while Jeff Hardy prepares for his shot at the gold at "Genesis"! Plus, the Best-Of-3 Series between Zema Ion & Anthony Neese continues.
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Impact Wrestling 12/15/2011

Dec 15, 2011 Season 7 Episode 11

Bobby Roode & challenger AJ Styles start the night with a bang, while Jeff Hardy faces Bully Ray in one-on-one action. Plus, a month-long WILD CARD Tag Team Tournament to determine new #1 contenders to the Championship begins!
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Impact Wrestling 12/8/2011

Dec 08, 2011 Season 7 Episode 10

In the main event, World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Roode, teams with Jeff Jarrett to battle AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy! Styles will challenge Roode for the World Title, while Hardy faces Jarrett in a Steel Cage Match!
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Impact Wrestling 12/1/2011

Dec 01, 2011 Season 7 Episode 9

Sting returns to IMPACT, and he’s on a mission to deal with Bobby Roode for attacking Dixie Carter, AJ Styles & Jeff Hardy. Plus, Karen Jarrett plans to punish the Knockouts for playing with fire and questioning her authority.
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Impact Wrestling 11/24/2011

Nov 24, 2011 Season 7 Episode 8

The special holiday edition features an 8-Man Elimination Match with Team Storm vs. Team Angle. Plus, a rematch for the World Tag Team Championship title & the 1st ever Thanksgiving Thunder Thong Match in the Knockouts Division!
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Impact Wrestling 11/17/2011

Nov 17, 2011 Season 7 Episode 7

After beating AJ Styles last week, Bobby Roode is the World Heavyweight Champion! But this week he has to deal with James Storm. Plus, a "10 Knockouts Gauntlet" match will determine a new #1 Contender to Gail Kim's championship!
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Impact Wrestling 11/10/2011

Nov 10, 2011 Season 7 Episode 6

Ronnie from MTV's "Jersey Shore" gets inside the ring for his first OFFICIAL Match with Eric Young against Robbie E & Rob Terry. Plus James Storm plans to unleash hell on Bobby Roode as they prepare for war over the World Title!
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Impact Wrestling 11/3/2011

Nov 03, 2011 Season 7 Episode 5

The World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line as James Storm defends the gold against his tag team partner Bobby Roode! Plus, Ronnie from MTV's Jersey Shore comes to even the odds between Robbie E, Big Rob & Eric Young.
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Impact Wrestlin 10/27/2011

Oct 27, 2011 Season 7 Episode 4

NEW World Heavyweight Champion James Storm will address the fans on his future! Plus, the new GM "General Menace", Sting, has promised to have a new #1 contender for Storm's World Title. Who will get the next shot at the gold?
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Impact Wrestling 10/20/2011

Oct 20, 2011 Season 7 Episode 3

See exclusive footage from Sunday's "Bound For Glory" and find out who became the reigning World Champion! Who has all the power in IMPACT now, Hulk Hogan or Sting? Plus "The Monster" Abyss battles "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner.
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Impact Wrestling 10/13/2011

Oct 13, 2011 Season 7 Episode 2

Sting and Hogan sign their contract for the Bound For Glory battle! What does Angle have planned for Roode just days before their World Title bout? Plus, AJ Styles and Rob Van Dam tag team Christopher Daniels and Jerry Lynn.
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Impact Wrestling 10/6/2011

Oct 06, 2011 Season 7 Episode 1

As the road to Bound For Glory continues, Hulk Hogan says goodbye and closes the book on his career. How will Sting react? Can Jeff Hardy prove he deserves another chance in IMPACT? Plus, Crimson returns to battle Samoa Joe!
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