I'm in the Band 2009 | TV Show Watchlist

Tue Sep 8 4:00am
Birthdazed(Season 1, Episode 8) DISXD

Tripp is trapped in the middle when his bandmates throw him a wild birthday bash and his mom organizes a puppet-show party for him on the same day.

Tue Sep 8 4:30am
Annoying Arlene(Season 1, Episode 4) DISXD

Tripp takes Arlene, an annoying classmate, on a date after he learns that her dad is a record producer. Unfortunately, Tripp gives her an Iron Weasel demo with the song "Annoying Arlene" on it, so the guys try to swipe the CD before anyone listens to it.

Wed Sep 9 4:00am
Cat-astrophe(Season 1, Episode 6) DISXD

The guys celebrate the demise of hip-hop music at what they believe is a music-industry party, but they quickly realize it's a funeral for a cat named Hip Hop.

Wed Sep 9 4:30am
Road Tripp(Season 1, Episode 13) DISXD

The band goes on a mini-concert tour, and Tripp tries to keep the guys in a good mood when their arguing threatens to cancel the shows.

Thu Sep 10 4:00am
Slap Goes the Weasel(Season 1, Episode 3) DISXD

The band's reputation takes a hit after Tripp posts an embarrassing video of the guys on the Internet.

Thu Sep 10 4:30am
I Wanna Punch Stuff(Season 1, Episode 2) DISXD

Tripp gets dumped by his girlfriend and writes a song about the experience, called "I Wanna Punch Stuff." Later, Tripp surprises his bandmates with a visit from a professional mixed-martial-arts fighter who holds a grudge against the band.

Fri Sep 11 4:00am
Spiders, Snakes and Clowns(Season 1, Episode 10) DISXD

The guys are hired to appear in a horror movie that includes spiders, snakes and clowns---but Derek, Ash and Burger are afraid of those things and must conquer their fears to be in the film.

Fri Sep 11 4:30am
Weasels in the House(Season 1, Episode 1) DISXD

A teen joins his favorite classic rock band and tries to help them make a comeback. In the opener, Tripp Campbell (Logan Miller) wins a radio contest that includes dinner with his favorite band, Iron Weasel, and he lands a place in the band as their lead g (more…)

Sat Sep 12 4:00am
Flip of Doom(Season 1, Episode 7) DISXD

Iron Weasel compete against another band on a TV music contest, and girls from the rival group try to distract the guys in order to sabotage their chance at winning.

Sat Sep 12 4:30am
Got No Class(Season 1, Episode 5) DISXD

Tripp and the band shoot a music video at the school, but Ash decides to quit the group and become a janitor because he feels unappreciated.

Sun Sep 13 4:00am
Weasels vs. Robots(Season 1, Episode 19) DISXD

The guys attend a school job fair to teach students how to be rock stars and end up on a magazine cover that was supposed to feature Jared's robots. Meanwhile, Beth considers a career change.

Sun Sep 13 4:30am
Magic Tripp(Season 1, Episode 11) DISXD

Tripp tries to persuade the band's former manager to represent them once again, but their meeting ends in disaster. As a last resort, Derek and Tripp perform a magic show for the manager to get him to reconsider.

Mon Sep 14 4:00am
Geezers Rock(Season 1, Episode 9) DISXD

Iron Weasel perform at a retirement home to raise money for the place, and the guys help the residents put on their own show.

Mon Sep 14 4:30am
Happy Fun Metal Rock Time(Season 1, Episode 20) DISXD

Tripp books the band an appearance on a popular Japanese music program, but it's threatened when Tripp gets sent to detention on the same day.

Tue Sep 15 4:00am
What Happened?(Season 1, Episode 12) DISXD

Derrick helps an Iron Weasel fan deliver a baby. Meanwhile, Ash gets stuck in a pickle costume and Burger accidentally knocks himself out.

Tue Sep 15 4:30am
Money Bags(Season 1, Episode 15) DISXD

Tripp attempts to persuade his wealthy girlfriend to give up her lavish lifestyle. But to do so would mean canceling her elaborate 16th-birthday party, at which Iron Weasel was going to get paid to play.

Wed Sep 16 4:00am
Prank Week(Season 1, Episode 14) DISXD

The guys play a prank on Tripp at school and embarrass him in front of a girl he likes, and he vows to get revenge.

Wed Sep 16 4:30am
Last Weasel Standing(Season 1, Episode 21) DISXD

The band star in their own reality series, but when the ratings plunge the guys fabricate some infighting to spike viewership. Unfortunately, the fake quarrels become real and the guys are soon competing with one another for a chance to record a solo album (more…)

Thu Sep 17 4:00am
Izzy Gonna Sing?(Season 1, Episode 18) DISXD

Derek loses his voice during a screaming contest right before a paid gig, so Izzy volunteers to take his place, but Tripp doesn't think it's a good idea.

Thu Sep 17 4:30am
Bleed Guitarist(Season 1, Episode 16) DISXD

Iron Weasel's former lead guitarist returns and attempts to reclaim his position with the band by double-crossing Tripp.

Fri Sep 18 4:00am
I'm Out of the Band, Pt. 1(Season 2, Episode 1) DISXD

Part 1 of 2. Tripp joins a rival rock band and performs at the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, Derek, Ash and Burger plot to get him back, with a little help from the NFL's Jerry Rice.

Fri Sep 18 4:30am
I'm Out of the Band, Pt. 2(Season 2, Episode 2) DISXD

Conclusion. Tripp joins a rival rock band and performs at the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, Derek, Ash and Burger plot to get him back, with a little help from the NFL's Jerry Rice.