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106 Season 1, Episode 6 Dec 18, 2017 Subscription

Tess tells an out of control Joel to get a grip and focus on why they're there: to cure Charlie. In his hungover state, however, Joel smashes the final dose of chemo and their attempt to secure more tips off the police. Season finale.

105 Season 1, Episode 5 Dec 11, 2017 Subscription

Joel and Tess secure Charlie behind bars in the cellar after thwarting his second escape attempt. Paranoia convinces Joel that Detective Talbot is following him after an unexpected visit to Kira's and that the net is closing in.

104 Season 1, Episode 4 Dec 4, 2017 Subscription

Joel continues to visit Kia - and finds himself enjoying taking on Charlie's role in this ready-made family. Meanwhile, back at the house, Charlie's increasingly intimate spiritual guru act convinces Nadia to try and clean herself up.

103 Season 1, Episode 3 Nov 27, 2017 Subscription

Joel and Tess decide to keep a closer eye on Charlie after news of his disappearance and cancer diagnosis leaks online. So as not to arouse suspicion Joel decides he should visit Charlie's wife, Kira - but is that such a good idea?