Season 9's Great Escapes
Todd, Art, and Mike think fast and get crafty to rescue their rigs from cracked ice, snowy ditches, and more in this collection of scenes from Season (more…)
Art's Saltiest Season 9 Moments
No one drives the ice or drops an F-bomb quite like Art Burke. Take a look at some of Art's mouthiest moments in this collection of scenes from Season (more…)
Lisa and Todd Tackle Churchill
Lisa and Todd take on the enormous task of transporting cargo across the tundra of Hudson Bay in this web exclusive from "Icy Alliance."
Alex Gets in an Accident
While racing to deliver his last haul of the season, Alex gets into an accident with another truck in this scene from "Icy Alliance."
Mike Pulls Himself Out of Trouble
Mike relies on his troubleshooting skills to get his truck out of a ditch where it's stuck at a perilous angle in this web exclusive from "Hell Freeze (more…)
Todd Handles a Hill
A small hill causes a huge problem for Todd's track machine and its thousand-pound load in this scene from "Hell Freezes Over."
One Thing After Another
From melting ice to snowbanks, it's an obstacle course of issues for Darrell and Lisa in this web exclusive from "Mother Nature Scorned."
Tony's Overweight Load
02:53 — While hauling fuel, Tony runs afoul of the winter road's weight restrictions.
Rocky Mountain Log Hauler
02:46 — Meet the Montana native who is giving Carlile's drivers a run for their money.
Meet Ron "Porkchop" Mangum
01:11 — Ron is a Southerner from South Carolina hoping to make some money on the Alaskan Haul Road.
Lisa's Antique Truck Tour
02:44 — Lisa visits an antique auto museum that features some of the oldest cars and trucks to brave the subzero temperatures and snowy terrain of Alaska.
Shoppin' With the Chop
02:26 — Porkchop goes on a shopping trip to prepare some down-home Southern cuisine.
Meet Lisa
01:40 — Lisa Kelly is back on the ice road and ready for a new season.
All About Porkchop
02:35 — South Carolina trucker tells why you can't stop the chop.
Haul Road Ace
02:18 — The King of the Haul Road shares some of his Million Mile experience.
Bad Boy On Ice
02:39 — The Rutland Rebel answers the question: How crazy am I?
Tony's Family Night
02:57 — After weeks of driving the ice road, Tony heads home for a hearty home-cooked meal with his family.
Ice Pick
01:12 — The Ice Road Truckers choose their favorite type of ice to drive.
Tony Hits the Road
01:39 — Tony preps his truck for the first day of what's set to be a busy ice road season.
Austin's Truck Tour
02:04 — Austin shows off the features of his specially equipped "baby winch truck."
Lisa Stocks up
02:29 — Lisa heads to her local supermarket to stock up on some "healthy" items to keep her going on the ice roads
Meet Darrell Ward
01:45 — Darrell is full of confidence but short on experience as a rookie on the Alaskan ice roads.
Porkchop BBQ
03:22 — Porkchop cooks up a real Southern-style BBQ, complete with his secret recipe.
Dave Tours the Pipeline
02:46 — Dave leaves his big rig behind and takes a snowmobile tour of the Alaska Pipeline.
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