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Jan 06, 2013 Season 3 Episode 10 watch on (Paid)

In the season finale, the time has finally come for Coco to move to Las Vegas for her starring role in "Peepshow." It doesn't come without reservations though, as it dawns on her and Ice how far apart they'll be from one another. But when Coco arrives to rehearsals with the cast, she's welcomed with open arms--and things take a turn. Meanwhile, all of Coco's family and friends, sans Ice, arrive in Vegas for her opening night. Will her new show go off without a hitch--and will the big move be worth the distance between her and her man?

Baby Got Good Bye

Dec 31, 2012 Season 3 Episode 9

Coco gets ready to embark on her three-month stint in Vegas for "Peepshow", but when she realizes how long she'll be apart from Ice, she turns into an emotional wreck! And with only one week left to learn the dance moves and plan an event for Club Spartacus, Coco has to find a way to pull it all together and get things done.
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Baby Got Hurricane Heels

Dec 23, 2012 Season 3 Episode 8

Hurricane Sandy is on its way to New Jersey! Although Ice doesn't believe the reports at first, it doesn't take long for him to realize he and Coco are at the epicenter of the storm. The lovebirds cozy up to each other in their penthouse and wait out the torrential downpour and intense winds. But the days following the hurricane are just as hard as they see the devastation in the hurricane's wake.
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Baby Got Her Big Break

Dec 16, 2012 Season 3 Episode 7

Coco attempts to build the dog park of her dreams, but her life gets turned upside down when she is offered a headlining role in a famous Las Vegas musical. Will she make the decision to be away from Ice for three months?
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Baby Got Super Powers

Dec 02, 2012 Season 3 Episode 6

A comic book creator seeks out Coco to be his muse and asks if he can draw her into a superhero for his new series--which she excitedly accepts! To top it off, a costume designer makes her a superhero costume from scratch to wear to New York Comic Con, and she even gets to meet legendary comic book mogul Stan Lee. Meanwhile, Ice wants to scare his son straight so that he doesn't end up spending his life in prison.
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Baby Got Balls

Nov 25, 2012 Season 3 Episode 5

When Coco brings Spartacus and Maximus to doggy day care, she feels guilty dropping them off because they're not allowed to play with the other pups until they get neutered. So she heads to the vet to learn more about the procedure and any alternative treatments. However, when Ice catches wind of her plans, he adamantly advises against it! Meanwhile, Ice entrusts Marc Live with an important music project--but leaving his business in someone else's hands might not fair so well.
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Baby Got Laughs

Nov 18, 2012 Season 3 Episode 4

Coco decides to help out a local bulldog rescue group by shooting a fundraising photo calendar with Spartacus and Maximus. And since Ice is a bit of a funnyman, she signs him up to headline her comedy club benefit show. But will Ice's hard persona be too much for the family friendly crowd?
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Baby Got Forecast

Nov 11, 2012 Season 3 Episode 3

As a little girl, Coco always dreamed of being a meteorologist, so she's ecstatic when "Good Day New York" asks her to be their Weather Girl. But being the perfectionist that she is, Coco doesn't want to embarrass herself on TV, so she sets out to prep as much as she can before the big day. Meanwhile, a single friend reaching her 30s suggests that Coco join her in freezing her eggs. But Coco's in for a big surprise when she goes to see the doctor.
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Baby Got Bridesmaids

Nov 04, 2012 Season 3 Episode 2

Coco is the Matron of Honor for her best friend Diana's upcoming wedding. To celebrate, Coco decides to throw Diana a fun bachelorette party filled with friends and strippers, but things take a turn for the worse. Meanwhile, Coco and her mom set their sights on a new business venture. They want to have an indoor dog park for dogs and their owners to socialize at--but the two can't come to a decision on the best theme. See if these two can work out their differences, or if one of them plans on going it alone.
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Baby Got Haters

Oct 28, 2012 Season 3 Episode 1

The pressure is on with Coco's new fashion line. She has the opportunity to debut the line at New York Fashion Week. Will she be able to get the show ready in time for the models to strut their stuff on the runway? Meanwhile, Ice and Coco's new house is still under construction and Coco is anxious to move in. Ice has one more project up his sleeve and that may push back the construction three to four months. Not pleased at first, Coco decides their relationship is based on compromises. What could this extravagant project be?
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