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Mar 10, 2013 Season 8 Episode 38 watch on (Paid)

A stockbroker is shot five times by a former client on a shooting rampage. Two young sisters endure over four hours in an icy Alaskan lake after the boat they are on sinks. And a woman is abducted at gunpoint by a man with a grudge against her family.

Scott & Sean / Timothy / Stacey

Aug 23, 2009 Season 2 Episode 17

Scott and Sean are enjoying a fishing trip at the Appalachian Trail when a drifter arrives at their campsite. After sharing a meal, the man suddenly pulls out a gun. He shoots Sean in the face and Scott in the neck. Scott takes cover in nearby bushes while Sean, who is also shot in the chest, makes it to one of their vehicles. He manages to drive away and collects Scott at the roadside. Together the terrified friends must negotiate a windy mountain road at speed in a desperate search for help.
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Susan / Brent / Denise

Aug 09, 2009 Season 2 Episode 15

Susan is horrified when three masked men with handguns smash the door to her house in late one night. Susan immediately runs to the bedroom to wake her husband Michael with the gang of men close behind. As Michael bravely tries to fend off their attackers, the fight spills into the living room and Susan quickly makes a 911 call from the bedroom. Fearing for her husband's life, she then grabs the .22 caliber pistol Mike keeps in their bedroom in a desperate bid to save both their lives. After firing a couple of shots over the men's heads, the struggle intensifies. One of the men callously shoots Mike in the side and, as he slumps to the floor, Susan flees again to the bedroom certain that her brave husband is dead. Concern for Mike means Susan is unaware of the severity of her own injuries until paramedics arrive and confirm that she has been shot twice and suffered a collapsed lung during the violent fracas.
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Dawn / Jens & Jim / Agnes

Aug 02, 2009 Season 2 Episode 14

With her six and nine year old daughters, Dawn is minding a friend's beach house when four armed men arrive threatening to shoot Dawn in front of her terrified children. When one of the men forces Dawn at gunpoint to an upstairs bedroom and demands that she take her clothes off, she refuses instead offering to take him to an ATM. The quick thinking Mom is horrified when she realizes her attackers intend to separate her from her petrified kids and, insists they all go together. The girls then follow their Mom's carefully relayed instructions and once inside the car, lock all the doors except the drivers. When the men realize they have been locked out, they open fire on Dawn puncturing her spleen and kidney, breaking both her arms and two vertebrae. The noise alerts neighbors to the family's plight and the men flee leaving Dawn sprawled over her children and unable to move. After three days on life support Dawn regains consciousness to discover she is paralyzed from the neck down.
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April / Mark / Jesse

Jul 26, 2009 Season 2 Episode 13

A young woman is brutally assaulted then set on fire by her attacker. A man is forced to amputate part of leg after it is caught in a drive shaft. An act of kindness backfires on a long distance motorist who is left fighting for his life at the roadside.
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Alfred, Jan & Jerry / Ebony

Jul 19, 2009 Season 2 Episode 12

Three survivors from the ill-fated UA Flight 232 relive the terrifying moments leading up to and after one of America's worst ever aviation disasters. A young woman violently assaulted by two men displays extraordinary courage to flee her attackers.
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Teri / Angela / Ed

Jul 12, 2009 Season 2 Episode 11

A mother is jammed into a trash can filled with snow and left to die by her ex-husband. A young woman scrambles to escape a gruesome pile up of injured bodies after an escalator malfunctions at a sports stadium. A bar owner is savagely set upon by three men in a random attack carried out as part of a gang initiation.
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Sarah / Frank & Dee / Ellen

Feb 16, 2009 Season 2 Episode 10

A heavily pregnant woman is viciously attacked by a woman obsessed with making the unborn child her own. A couple cling to the rafters of their home as Hurricane Ike unleashes its fury on them. A woman fends off a man who has hidden in her family home for days before brutally attacking her.
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Kelly / Rose / Lt. Prescott & Gwen

Feb 09, 2009 Season 2 Episode 9

A mother of three survives a prolonged attack from her estranged husband. A newly pregnant woman is horrifically injured when she is caught in a fish processing machine on a boat 160 miles from land. Ten people are held hostage in a library by a man armed with a bomb and a gun.
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Donna / Danelle / Robert & Ana

Feb 02, 2009 Season 2 Episode 8

A convenience store worker plays dead to escape her abductor. An endurance athlete faces her greatest challenge ever after falling 60 feet in a remote canyon. A couple put their lives on the line to protect their children in a home invasion.
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Darren & Chastity / Ryan / Julie

Jan 19, 2009 Season 2 Episode 7

A case of mistaken identity triggers a violent home invasion for Darren and Chastity who awake one night to find a man armed with a baseball bat in their bedroom. The gang member hits Darren over the head with the bat and then begins viciously attacking him. The arrival of their 11 year-old son Dustin seems to calm the man who locks the terrified family in their bathroom as he ransacks their house. With his skull fractured and unable to protect his wife and son, Darren slips in and out of consciousness. The couple's sense of helplessness worsens when Dustin is taken from the bathroom and injected with methamphetamine then forced to help the man load their possessions onto a truck. As the second night approaches and Darren's condition worsens Chastity ventures out and manages to raise the alarm.
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Jim & Nell / Jennifer / Tammi

Jan 12, 2009 Season 2 Episode 6

A couple hiking in a national park must fight for their lives when they're attacked by a ferocious mountain lion. A young mother and her cousin are shot by a deranged gunman. A quick stop at a gas station threatens the life of a woman when she's taken hostage by a violent criminal on the run from the police.
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Jackie / Todd / Stephanie

Jan 05, 2009 Season 2 Episode 5

After five ruthless highjackers take control of an EgyptAir flight and begin executing passengers, a woman silently says goodbye to her loved ones when the hijackers pick her to be the next one to die. A surfer loses half of the blood in his body when a great white shark clamps its jaws around his entire torso and shakes him like a rag doll. A young mother is repeatedly assaulted and strangled in front of her 3-year-old son.
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Christi / Fred / Marla

Dec 22, 2008 Season 2 Episode 4

A single mother is kidnapped, stabbed and left for dead by three hardened criminals and her heroic survival is unforgettable. A long-haul truck driver must drive his 40-ton rig through the biggest fire in Utah History. A woman is stalked and brutally abducted by an ex-boyfriend.
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Jewish Federation / Alberto / Tamara

Dec 15, 2008 Season 2 Episode 3

An ordinary Friday at the Seattle headquarters of the Jewish Federation turns nightmarish when a crazed gunman demands an end to the war in Iraq and shoots four workers. A criminal justice teacher is shot multiple times and poisoned twice by an unknown assailant. A young woman swims through shark-infested waters in a desperate bid for survival.
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Reverend Albert / Lois

Dec 08, 2008 Season 2 Episode 2

Just 1.5 miles from shore Rev. Albert struggles to save his family and eventually himself after their aluminium dinghy flips over throwing them all into the unforgiving waters of Lake Sabine. The Reverend's immediate concern is for his wife Carolyn who is unable to swim. His fears are realised as Carolyn is the first succumb to hypothermia and drown. In the following 13 hours a heart wrenching drama unfolds that sees his two son in laws also drown and tests the Rev. Albert and his two surviving daughters physical and mental stamina as the elements conspire to overwhelm them. As a prison officer Lois's job comes with a high degree of risk. But nothing could have prepared her for the day she and a young officer were held hostage in the watchtower of the Arizona State Prison by two convicted and dangerous criminals. The men waste no time establishing their hold on the pair smashing a metal paddle in the younger guard's face fracturing his eye socket before handcuffing the terrified guards together. For just over two weeks Lois is used as collateral by the increasingly irrational men as they attempt to secure their exit from the gaol. During that time Lois watches helplessly as the young guard falls in and out of consciousness as she is raped repeatedly by her abductors. While her tormentors hold the physical advantage, Lois retains an inner strength and even in her deepest moments of despair, never stops believing that she will survive and be reunited with her daughter.
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Dan & Danielle / James & David / Karli

Dec 01, 2008 Season 2 Episode 1

A romantic walk turns into a nightmare for two young friends when a man forces them into his truck at gunpoint and shoots them both. A snowmobile outing ends in a near-death experience for two brothers when they plunge through the ice of a frozen river. A woman is brutally attacked twice by the same gang of hoodlums.
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