Seriocomic espionage about two American agents working undercover, traveling the globe as a tennis pro and his trainer. Previously known only as a stand-up comedian, Bill Cosby---the first black to star in a regular series, though race was never an issue on the show---proved to be a natural as an actor and won the Emmy three years in a row. `I'd like to thank NBC for having guts,' he said following his first win. In 1994, they reunited for a TV-movie, `I Spy Returns.'


Guest Stars

Sada, Sam, Sam-Than
Anderson, Troy
Merritt, Pappas, Wade
Constantinos, Hamid
Cicely Tyson
Amara, Vickie
Aram, Isaac Mendoza
Corday, Kraus
Dr. Churlock
Giana Paluzzi
Father Bellini
Maria Terizcu
Dr. Rachel Alper
Elroy Browne
Dr. MacLean
Miss Merriweather
Double-O Cross
Dr. Bingham
Mme. Churlock
Sister Superior
Shop Clerk