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I Love New York Season 1 episodes

Reunion Special Season 1, Episode 12

Former contestants return to talk about their experiences vying to be New York's beau. Also: highlights from the season. read more

April 2, 2007: Mrs. New York Season 1, Episode 11

Preparing for this finale was almost too much for my emotions — I don’t know what I’m going to do without it. At least I’ll have Charm School soon enough. As excited as I was for this finale, I didn’t think it would surprise me. Oh, how wrong I was. First of all, I’m so relieved that she chose Tango. I think she made a huge mistake sending Real home, but at least she made the better choice at this point. I love that she had sex with both of them before her final elimination. Vh1, just like with Flavor of Love, set this up a little too perfectly: loading them up with champagne, giving them those giant suites, the “night cap” option.... Well, I’m certainly glad New York finally got some action, and I can understand that there are a few important things that she would need to test for herself before she could make an informed decision. I actually think, judging from New York’s disheveled appearance and spacey and euphoric mood the next ... read more

Clip Show Season 1, Episode 10

Highlights from the season. read more

March 19, 2007: Deal with the Devil Season 1, Episode 9

So I still love this show and all, but has it kind of gone off the deep end, but...not in a good way? I think back to Flavor of Love, and I never remember feeling this horribly uncomfortable all of the time. I’ll almost be relieved when it’s all over. Well no - of course I’m still obsessed. I think I just miss New York bitch-fighting with other girls. That’s when she really shined. And the guys don’t like each other, but their fights are no where near as entertaining as a good Somethin’- Bootz brawl.Anyway, I think I need to address some incredibly uncomfortable moments from this episode, such as New York “stroking” her arm. OK, this actually was more hilarious than uncomfortable, but I had to include it. I just loved how she rubbed all the way from her wrist to her shoulder.New York’s incredible horniness in general makes me laugh, cringe and want to vomit all at once – nightcap with White Boy – which brings me to another ridic... read more

March 12, 2007: I Am Enough Woman... Season 1, Episode 8

Eighty-five times, New York? What does that even mean? This show has just gotten so nuts, I don’t even know where to begin. I honestly can't imagine what VH1’s casting secret is, but where do they find these people? Well, they obviously knew to hold on to New York herself, but sometimes with this show, I can’t believe what I am watching. I watch a lot of reality TV too — I thought nothing could shock me anymore. OK, first of all, the dates this week: hot-air ballooning and golfing? For these guys? New York should have known that would never work out. And you know, I think she got called out a little bit more this episode than she would have liked. First Chance with her constant smoking — and come on, cigarette in hand during a slow dance? On the golf course? While making out? That is pretty nasty, and this show has enough of a gross-out factor as it is.Also, even though I think it’s no surprise to anyone that the hair on New York’s head isn’t ... read more

March 5, 2007: Where's My Shot? Season 1, Episode 7

This show is so genius. Bringing in the ex-girlfriends? Come on! And was anyone else startled at how good looking all of them were? Especially Real’s ex — I thought she was seriously model pretty. You could tell New York hated her.But I'll get to that in a second. So, the girls come in, and I have never seen anyone so uncomfortable; all five of the guys were completely paralyzed. I loved how they all hardcore pregamed that dinner, too, (I really can’t blame them). And I’m starting to forget Chance’s past annoying tantrums because he was just so amazing in this episode. I can’t believe he didn’t even remember the dinner! Well, yes, I can actually; he could barely sit up straight or string together a sentence at the table. New York’s quote about him was absolutely priceless and makes me kind of hope they end up together: “He’s nuts. He’s psychotic, and he talks before he thinks. And we have that in common, and I love Chance for it... read more

February 20, 2007: That's Not a Real Man, Honey Season 1, Episode 6

I hate to say it, but this wasn’t the most exciting episode. (At least it looks like the next one will make up for it.) It was definitely an episode of turnarounds for me, though. Lately, I’ve been taking issue with a lot of the guys I once really liked, and some of the ones I didn’t care for before are looking a lot better. My world’s gone upside down! Let’s look at the remaining six to help me sort things out:12-Pack: I used to be this one’s biggest fan, but now I’m kind of over him (although seeing him pinching his bangs in front of the mirror was still pretty funny). He so obviously has no interest in New York at all, I feel like he’s wasting everyone’s time. He’s just being weird lately. Why did he pinch his nipples at eliminations? And why was he wearing that Chippendale bow tie? Anyone? Does he want everyone to know he’s a stripper?Tango: While I still think Tango’s a big wimp with his unidentified shoulder injury th... read more

February 12, 2007: I Love New York's Nipples Season 1, Episode 5

I can just picture the people at VH1 zooming in on the elimination round footage from this episode, debating whether or not too much of New York’s nipples were showing for them to need to blur them out. I actually missed a certain amount of what was said because I was laughing so hard. Both of her nipples were clearly visible! Wow, I love this show.Of course, it would be nowhere without Miss New York herself. (As opposed to Flav, who did nothing for Flavor of Love, in my opinion.) And even though everyone already knows this, can we still just consider how completely insane she is? There are so many instances that prove this, but let's look back at some classic quotes from this episode.“You give me butterflies. Like, the first day of school and s---.”Very romantic, Miss New York. Although I will give you, that line was better than Whiteboy’s one: “I feel like we’ve known each other forever." And I’m probably Whiteboy’s biggest fan, but I wouldn... read more

January 29, 2007: The Top Five Least Sexy Moments Season 1, Episode 4

Poor Miss New York. Why hasn’t she had sex yet? She was certainly open on both Flavor of Loves, so what’s with all the abstaining? (VH1’s playing her sex noises over and over again made her a tad wary this time around, perhaps?) Well you know, I don’t think I would be in the mood, either, if I were on this show. There have been some truly deflating moments on I Love New York, I hate to say. No wonder she hasn’t been getting any. So, after extensive testing and research, I have compiled… “The Top Five Least Sexy Moments of I Love New York!”No. 5: Chamo running around in that stupid construction-worker costume!We all know how much I hate Chamo, but at least he’s getting a lot less airtime now. His brief appearance, of course, didn’t fail to damper my mood during the already pretty boring doghouse challenge, although New York may have been distracted enough by the power tools. P.S. Does anyone else think that Your Majesty is totally jus... read more

January 22, 2007: Lord Jesus! Please Look Out for Whiteboy Season 1, Episode 3

I have mad love for New York. I had love for her from day one of Season 1 of Flavor of Love, and I have almost as much love for Vh1 for giving her to me and to the rest of the world over and over again. So, before I get too emotional, let’s get some of my complaints out of the way.OK, so I know I’m not supposed to like New York’s mom (“Sister Patterson"…what?), but I think sometimes she almost ruins the show, and I would definitely enjoy it a lot more if she would leave. She’s not crazy in a fun, entertaining way like New York is; she’s just crazy. Even then, half of the time I think she’s faking it. I thought she was faking it back on Flavor of Love (remember when she had that “terminal illness"?). She’s just too nuts and too obviously loves being on camera for me to think she’s really like that. She acts like she’s so disgusted with the show, but she’ll never leave. And Chamo can just go right now. He’s like the... read more

The Mangeant Season 1, Episode 2

Tiffany throws a male beauty pageant, with the winner and two runners-up taking her on a date to the Santa Monica Pier. When the group returns, one of the guys accuses another of having a girlfriend, and Tiffany doesn't know whom to believe. read more

Do You Have Love for New York? Season 1, Episode 1

The guys move into New York's mansion, meet her mom and are given nicknames. read more

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Premise: Twice-jilted `Flavor of Love' contestant New York looks for love among 20 hopefuls in this dating game.



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