I (Almost) Got Away With It

2010, TV Show

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Latest Episode: GOT to Be the "Green Baron"

Aug 12, 2013 Season 6 Episode 8 watch on (Paid)

Tony Darwin makes millions piloting marijuana into Florida. Even after getting caught, he continues works for a notorious smuggler until a deadly plane crash forces him to flee the country. The pressure mounts when his girlfriend threatens to rat him out

GOT to Be Bonnie and Clyde [HD]

Aug 05, 2013 Season 6 Episode 7

After getting arrested for robbery, Robert Askew runs from a work camp and goes back to stealing to make a living. Askew eventually gets caught again, but he escapes from jail during a hurricane and goes on a crime spree, breaking into vacation homes.
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GOT to Rob a Pawn Shop

Jul 29, 2013 Season 6 Episode 6

Stolen weapons dealer, Conan Helsley, robs a pawnshop with his girlfriend and older brother. Cops eventually hunt them down and put the trio behind bars, but Conan manages to escape! How long can he hide?
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GOT to be the Black Market Maestro [HD]

Jul 22, 2013 Season 6 Episode 5

19-year-old Kylen Padgett's escalating crimes get him arrested. After a jury acquits him for attempted murder, he reverts back to his old ways by robbing wealthy home owners. The crime-spree launches a county-wide manhunt.
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GOT to Escape with One Leg [HD]

Jul 15, 2013 Season 6 Episode 4

Walter Rhodes and 2 other suspects were involved with the murder of 2 cops. Rhodes agrees to testify against the others for a lesser sentence and is released in 18 years. Shortly after, he violates his parole - but refuses to ever go back to prison.
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GOT to Pose as a War Vet [HD]

Jul 08, 2013 Season 6 Episode 3

Posing as a veteran and preying on women to get cash, cars, and even a house, Jerrod Durr finds himself in a multistate game of cat and mouse with cops. Wanted in four states, will police hunt him down and uncover his true identity?
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GOT to Escape Through a Toilet

Jul 01, 2013 Season 6 Episode 2

Lifelong pals and criminals Timothy Fletcher and Doni Brown break out of a Florida prison in 2009. Anxious for freedom, the two need money. A robbery that ends in murder puts them on most wanted lists and leads cops on a manhunt across the Southeast.
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GOT to Kill my Step-Dad

Jun 24, 2013 Season 6 Episode 1

When teenager Randy Baggett can't take any more of his abusive stepfather, he gets help from a friend and they beat and choke him to death. Two years later, Randy gets locked up, but he escapes twice, keeping police and detectives on their toes.
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