A rogue, `Dirty Harry'-type detective enforces his own brand of tough justice (`works for me' was his catchphrase), and doesn't let red tape stand in the way. The son of a mobster, Det. Sgt. Rick Hunter is often paired with the no-nonsense Det. Sgt. Dee Dee McCall (`the brass cupcake') and often relies heavily on information from a savvy street hustler. After a successful 2002 TV-movie reunion, original stars Fred Dryer and Stepfanie Kramer reprised their roles for several new `Hunter' episodes.

Active Cast

Fred Dryer Lt. Rick Hunter
Michael Cavanaugh Capt. Lester Cain (pilot only)

Former Cast

Lauren Lane Sgt. Chris Novak
John Amos Capt. Dolan
Bruce Davison Capt. Wyler
John Shearin Lt. Ambrose Finn
Garrett Morris Arnold `Sporty' James
Rudy Ramos Reuben Garcia