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Feb 09, 2011 Season 2 Episode 11 watch on (Paid)

In the season finale, Chance's investigation into Ilsa's late husband's past uncovers a web of deception and lies that may tear the team part forever. JAKE WEBER (Medium) guest stars as Bill Fickner. STEVEN BRAND (The Scorpion King, Mistresses) guest stars as Marshall Pucci.

The Trouble With Harry

Feb 02, 2011 Season 2 Episode 10

Chance is reunited with Harry (recurring guest star TONY HALE) when he is hired to protect the girlfriend of a rival security agency owner. Meanwhile, Ilsa must go into the field on a mission for the first time, and two team members get closer than ever.
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Kill Bob

Jan 31, 2011 Season 2 Episode 9

Chance and the team protect a husband who thinks his wife is a Russian spy and out to kill him for classified defense secrets. Meanwhile, Ames has a secret of her own that she doesn't want Chance to find out. TODD GRINNELL (Desperate Housewives) guest stars as Bob. LAUREN GERMAN (Happy Town) guest stars as Angie.
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The Other Side of the Mall

Dec 22, 2010 Season 2 Episode 6

When a murder attempt is made on a seemingly innocuous family, the team travels during the holiday season to their version of hell: suburbia. Chance and Guerrero go undercover at a boring corporate office, Winston joins a neighborhood book club and Ames chaperones a high-school party as they try to figure out which family member is being targeted - and why. Guest star JOHN MICHAEL HIGGINS (Yes Man, A Mighty Wind, For Your Consideration, Arrested Development) appears as Richard Applebaum and guest star REBECCA McFARLAND (Two and a Half Men, Working) appears as Rachel Applebaum.
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Dec 15, 2010 Season 2 Episode 5

When Chance and the team help a client suffering from retrograde amnesia discover who he is and why someone is out to kill him, Winston is forced to ask his ex-wife, Michelle (guest star TRACIE THOMS - Cold Case, Grindhouse/Deathproof, Rent), for help. Guest star ROGER BART (Desperate Housewives) appears as J.D. Guest star NICK CHINLUND (Training Day, Con Air) appears as Lieutenant Broward.
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The Return of Baptiste

Dec 08, 2010 Season 2 Episode 4

When Ilsa's friend is held hostage, Chance must turn to the only person he knows has information to help rescue her: his archenemy Baptiste (recurring guest star LENNIE JAMES ? Jericho, Snatch, The Prisoner, Hung), who is currently banished to a Russian prison.
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Taking Ames

Dec 01, 2010 Season 2 Episode 3

When Ames is pulled back into her old criminal life, Chance goes undercover as part of a gang attempting to stage a daring diamond heist to help protect her.
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The Wife's Tale

Nov 24, 2010 Season 2 Episode 2

Chance is hired to protect the wife of a man he killed seven years ago. Meanwhile, Ames hopes Guerrero will take her under his wing, and Ilsa is shocked at what she discovers about the business. Guest star MOLLY PARKER (Deadwood, Shattered, Last Wedding) appears as Rebecca Brooks. Guest star M.C. GAINEY (The Mentalist, Justified, Happy Town) appears as Donnelly.
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Ilsa Pucci

Nov 17, 2010 Season 2 Episode 1

Season two picks up from the thrilling season-one cliffhanger finale, with Chance and Guererro staging the daring rescue of Winston from the hands of his torturous kidnappers. Frustrated with thrusting those close to him in the face of danger, Chance retires from the protection business, but when billionaire philanthropist Ilsa Pucci, who fears for her life after the mysterious death of her husband, tracks down the reclusive Chance, she convinces him that he is the only one who can protect her from the killers of her late husband. Chance reunites with Winston and Guerrero to save Ilsa's life. While on assignment, the team encounters Ames, a master thief who inadvertently becomes involved with the plot to murder her new associate. After saving Ilsa and solving her husband's murder, the grateful and impressed widow offers Chance and his associates the opportunity to work for her. TAHMOH PENIKETT (Dollhouse) guest stars.
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