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2011, TV Show

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Grasslands feed the world. Over thousands of years, we humans have learned to grow grains on the grasslands and domesticate the creatures that live there with great success. Although even today, life in the ‘Garden of Eden’ isn’t always rosy. We walk with the Dorobo people of Kenya as they bravely attempt to scare off a pride of hungry lions from their freshly caught kill. We gallop across the Steppe with extraordinary Mongolian horsemen who were ‘born in the saddle’. And in a perfect partnership with nature, built up over generations, Maasi children must literally talk to the birds!

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Hanging On For Dear Life
Search For Whales
The Making of Jungles
Not Your Everyday Commute
Suri Cattlemen Fight
Eagle Hunting Fox
The Making of Grasslands
The Making of Arctic
Wodaabe Flirtation Festival
Stealing Meat from Lions
Human Planet Season 1 (Original BBC Director's Cut) [HD]
Human Planet Season 1 (Original BBC Director's Cut)
The Making of Grasslands
Gelada Baboon Attack
The Making of Mountains

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