How to Get Away with Murder

A law professor and a group of her best students are drawn into a real-life murder conspiracy.

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Asher-isms: On the Job
01:37 — Asher-isms show Asher Millstone may actually have a sharp legal mind.
Asher-isms: On Sex
01:42 — Asher makes us laugh just by speaking his mind, especially about sex.
Shondaland "Look What You Made Me Do" Teaser
00:30 — Taylor Swift meets Shondaland in new TGIT preview
A Preview of the New Season of “How to Get Away with Murder”
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Fall TV Editors' Picks: How to Get Away with Murder
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Viola Davis on the Importance of Diverse Female Roles
01:02 — "We have to keep pushing the button"
A Definitive Ranking of All Shondaland shows
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Who Killed Wes Gibbins
03:38 — Annalise walks DA Denver on how Wes' voicemail pins him as the murderer.
Who Is Dominic?
01:08 — Laurel is about to confront Charles Mahoney before she runs into Dominic.
Annalise Calms Connor Down
02:14 — Annalise gets to the bottom of Connor's behavior.
Wes' Father
02:41 — Annalise finds out who is the father of Wes Gibbins.
Laurel Is Cross-Examined
02:06 — Laurel loses her credibility on the witness stand.
The Blocked Number
02:34 — Connor discovers the blocked cellphone call came from DA Denver.
Connor's Behavior
00:35 — Michaela and Asher want to know why Connor is acting strange.
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