How to Get Away with Murder

A law professor and a group of her best students are drawn into a real-life murder conspiracy.

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A Preview of the New Season of “How to Get Away with Murder”
00:30 — Get a glimpse of the new Thursday night lineup.
TGIT Promo
00:30 — The TGIT lineup returns this Fall as we toast and bid farewell to "Scandal", starring Kerry Washington, in its twisty, unmissable Final Season. The th (more…)
How to Get Away with Murder: Connor Rejoins Murder Club
01:03 — But he and Oliver are on shaky ground
Sneak Peek: Who's Calling Laurel?
00:45 — Laurel gets an unexpected...and call.
Flashback - Annalise First Lays Eyes on Bonnie
00:47 — A flashback reveals the long and complicated history of Annalise & Bonnie.
Will Bonnie Fire Laurel?
01:28 — Bonnie is told to fire Laurel. Can she actually go through with it?
Take No Prisoners
02:33 — It's a whole new cut-throat world at Michaela's new internship.
The Showdown
01:12 — Annalise and Bonnie have words, and more, until Nate steps in.
Sneak Peek: Annalise's New Client
01:01 — Annalise visits an old friend in prison and makes a surprising statement.
Talk or Get Out
01:06 — Annalise has met her match with her new therapist.
You Can't Escape Annalise's Shadow
02:31 — The former Keating 4 cannot escape the shadow Annalise has cast over them.
I Hate Myself
02:45 — Connor admits that he hates himself more than Laurel can ever hate him.
Still Looking Out for Annalise
01:07 — Annalise may have fired her, but it appears Bonnie still has her back.
Family Matters
00:56 — Annalise and her father have a war of words over the care of her mother.
Annalise's Disbarment Hearing
01:36 — Annalise throws herself on the mercy of the panel at her disbarment hearing.
I'll Stay as Long as I Can
03:24 — Ophelia tries to prepare and comfort Anna Mae for her inevitable fate.
Mama Love
00:52 — Ophelia won't stand for the real reason Annalise has come to visit her.
The Last Supper
00:39 — Just what is it Annalise has planned for her dinner with the Keating 4?
Asher-isms: On the Job
01:37 — Asher-isms show Asher Millstone may actually have a sharp legal mind.
Asher-isms: On Sex
01:42 — Asher makes us laugh just by speaking his mind, especially about sex.
TGIT Promo
01:00 — TGIT returns this Fall.
How to Get Away with Murder Season 4
A new mystery will upend the groups' lives.
How to Get Away with Murder Season 4
A new mystery will upend the groups' lives.
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