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A series that shows how familiar objects used in everyday life are made.

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Chemical Tank Trailers
03:39 — The process of making a chemical tank trailer is serious business as they must be made completely secure to ensure public safety.
Candy Canes
04:46 — Candy canes are delicious holiday treats that comes in all shapes and sizes. See the carefully choreographed production process in this How It's Made (more…)
Aquarium Fish
01:44 — Aquariums have been around for hundreds of years. The most common aquarium fish is the goldfish.
Pencil Sharpeners
03:07 — Pencil sharpeners may be small but great care goes into making them. We cover everything from the curing and polishing of the steel cutting blades to (more…)
02:46 — Multiple augers are the key component for this wintertime essential. See how all the pieces come together to make an arduous chore a motorized breeze.
Silk Fiber Lamps
03:09 — See the incredibly detailed approach artisans take to craft strands of silk into colorful lamps
Wet Suits
04:52 — Patterns of neoprene fabric fit together like a jigsaw puzzle in order to create a heavily insulated wet suit.
Channel Signs
04:47 — Before they appear above stores and restaurants, iluminated channel signs are created using vinyl and aluminum.
Stone Flooring
03:28 — Once a time consuming, labor intensive task, the making of stone floors with elaborate designs can now be done in a factory in just hours.
Gingerbread Houses
03:08 — From the mixing of the dough, pressing of the house shapes and initial assembly, we go inside how Gingerbread Houses are made. Decorations are include (more…)
How Surgical Sutures Are Made
03:06 — Technicians take care to test the strength and safety of collagen or polyester fibers formed to make sutures for a variety of medical purposes.
How Are NFL Footballs Made?
02:37 — Take a look inside the process of making footballs for the NFL!
Ceramic Grills
04:53 — Ceramic grills are made with a simple slurry and glaze, but magic happens in the kiln. Fired at 2300 degrees, the parts are transformed into the glaze (more…)
Ball Valves
02:16 — A ball valve is a form of quarter-turn valve which uses a hollow, pivoting ball to control flow through it.
Insdustrial Fans
03:27 — Large, powerful and able to take a beating, industrial fans are seriously cool, heavy duty equipment. See how both floor and ceiling models are constr (more…)
Statue Restoration
02:57 — A seasoned artisan painstakingly cleans then rebuilds damaged pieces of antique religious statues with hand mixed plasters.
3D Printers
03:40 — The surprising thing about 3D printers is that 3D printers are used to make most of the parts. Find out about these self-replicating devices.
How Coffee Filters Are Made
02:57 — In a highly automated process, watch raw cellulose be pulped, spread out, dried, and prepared for boxing.
Pre-Cast Concrete Walls
03:09 — A mix of limestone gravel, minerals and additives are mixed into a slurry. After a test sample is hardened and tested, workers pour it into pre-made m (more…)
Ski Bindings
03:02 — The inner-workings of ski bindings are shown through the manufacturing process. The bindings are precisely constructed to hold fast during operation, (more…)
Climbing Walls
03:42 — With a growing increase in adventure sports, climbing walls have become common sights in gyms, outdoors shops and training centers. See how these moun (more…)
How Is Champagne Made?
04:25 — Incredible attention to detail is the hallmark of making champagne. From cutting the proper grapes, to fermentation and turning the bottles, nothing i (more…)
03:16 — This holiday classic is hand painted and carved using linden wood.
How Car Headlights Are Made
03:02 — Car headlights are created separately from the car, with durable plastic and reflective aluminum for maximum efficiency. Manufacturers can alter certa (more…)
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  • Premiered: November 14, 2017
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  • Premise: A series that shows how familiar objects used in everyday life are made. (more)

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