How Is Stained Glass Restored?
03:03 — To preserve beautiful works of art deteriorated by time, they often have to be disassembled to be fully restored. The old windows are recorded as a gu (more…)
Stand-By Generators
03:32 — We may not notice them, but if electricty goes out in public places or ocations like hospitals where electricity keeps people alive, stand-by generato (more…)
How It's Made Season 7
How It's Made shows viewers how many of the everyday objects we seldom stop to think about become the things they are. Viewers will be amazed to see t (more…)
Rolling Luggage
02:45 — Gone is the problem of lifting heavy suitcases when you travel. Rolling luggage make navigating travel easier.
Industrial Mixers
03:57 — Watch machinists weld the outer structure and use plasma cutters to create agitator blades before an engine is added to complete these large scale mix (more…)
How Frying Pans Are Made
03:01 — Workers start with melted aluminum alloy that is then shaped and coated multiple times to create the perfect non-stick finish.
Aquarium Windows
02:21 — Aquarium windows not only need to be see through, but also able to withstand the pressure of many gallons of water. See how the lab forms the acrylic (more…)
How Surgical Sutures Are Made
03:06 — Technicians take care to test the strength and safety of collagen or polyester fibers formed to make sutures for a variety of medical purposes.
How Are NFL Footballs Made?
02:37 — Take a look inside the process of making footballs for the NFL!
Insdustrial Fans
03:27 — Large, powerful and able to take a beating, industrial fans are seriously cool, heavy duty equipment. See how both floor and ceiling models are constr (more…)
How Coffee Filters Are Made
02:57 — In a highly automated process, watch raw cellulose be pulped, spread out, dried, and prepared for boxing.
Ski Bindings
03:02 — The inner-workings of ski bindings are shown through the manufacturing process. The bindings are precisely constructed to hold fast during operation, (more…)
World's Smallest Car
03:02 — The Peel P50 is a three-wheeled microcar originally manufactured from 1962 to 1965 by the Peel Engineering Company on the Isle of Man. It recently sol (more…)
How It's Made Season 20
HOW IT'S MADE returns for another season of exploring how many of the everyday objects or products we seldom stop to think about are made. This season (more…)
How It's Made Season 18
Visit the factory floor and learn the secrets of how everyday items such as apple cider, fishing line, kerosene lamp burners and much more are made.
How It's Made Season 19
Visit the factory floor and learn the secrets of how everyday items such as time-delay locks, irrigation sprinklers, tweezers and much more are made.
How It's Made Season 9
Find out how NASCAR Engines, Fish Food, Steering Wheels, Insulation, Locomotives, Deli Meats, Propane Cylinders, Motor Homes, Flip Flops and many more (more…)
How It's Made Season 8
Did you ever wonder how Corn Whiskey, Flight Simulators, Rock Climbing Gear, Worcestershire Sauce, Train Rails, and High-Performance Engines were made (more…)
How It's Made Season 12
Peace pipes, lassos, marionettes, scoreboards, and bamboo bicycles may seem like everyday items, but after taking a closer look into how they are manu (more…)
How It's Made 6 Season 6
Binoculars, sparklers, rubber boots, jukeboxes, javelins, and crossbows seem ordinary in the Science Channel series How It's Made, find out what it ta (more…)
How It's Made Season 15
Just how do they get sprinkles to be such delectable, confetti-like perfection? What kind of power does it take to crush rocks into a fine and delicat (more…)
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  • Premiered: January 6, 2001
  • Rating: TV-G
  • Premise: A series that shows how familiar objects used in everyday life are made. (more)

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