Toy Figurines
03:04 — Starting with detailed drawings and computer renderings, casts of toy figurines are either 3D printed or hand-carved from wax. The casts turn out hund (more…)
Candy Canes
04:46 — Candy canes are delicious holiday treats that comes in all shapes and sizes. See the carefully choreographed production process in this How It's Made (more…)
Fishing Line
03:28 — Find out how today's synthetic fishing line is woven, baked, tested and spooled to be extra durable.
Pencil Sharpeners
03:07 — Pencil sharpeners may be small but great care goes into making them. We cover everything from the curing and polishing of the steel cutting blades to (more…)
Stone Flooring
03:28 — Once a time consuming, labor intensive task, the making of stone floors with elaborate designs can now be done in a factory in just hours.
Center Pivot Irrigation Systems
03:15 — These massive, rolling irrigation systems are custom designed to fit the field they will be irrigating The factory makes the pipes and the team assemb (more…)
Wooden Surfboards
04:53 — Hollow wooden surfboards are making a comeback. These artisanal boards are made from carefully chosen, eco-friendly wood cut into many different parts (more…)
LED Stage Lights
03:13 — Traditional one beam stage lighting is quickly becoming obsolete with the onset of programmable and multicolored LED stage lights. There are a myriad (more…)
Mesmerizing Brownies
03:12 — As ingredients are added to a giant mixer, baked, and travel several conveyor belts, you can’t look away from the chocolatey goodness.
How Is Mini Pepperoni Made?
03:11 — From the special spices, to the drying and smoking of the links, see how tasty little pepperonis are made.
3D Printers
03:40 — The surprising thing about 3D printers is that 3D printers are used to make most of the parts. Find out about these self-replicating devices.
Storage Sheds
03:17 — Storage sheds provide a home for things that don't belong or fit in the house. Here's how they are made!
Climbing Walls
03:42 — With a growing increase in adventure sports, climbing walls have become common sights in gyms, outdoors shops and training centers. See how these moun (more…)
How Car Headlights Are Made
03:02 — Car headlights are created separately from the car, with durable plastic and reflective aluminum for maximum efficiency. Manufacturers can alter certa (more…)
Pre-Cast Concrete Walls
03:09 — A mix of limestone gravel, minerals and additives are mixed into a slurry. After a test sample is hardened and tested, workers pour it into pre-made m (more…)
Wet Suits
04:52 — Patterns of neoprene fabric fit together like a jigsaw puzzle in order to create a heavily insulated wet suit.
Channel Signs
04:47 — Before they appear above stores and restaurants, iluminated channel signs are created using vinyl and aluminum.
Hand Held Pizzas
04:22 — Usually, we are captivated by the machines mixing, cutting and baking items such as these hand held pizzas. However, ingredients are the star in this (more…)
How It's Made Season 20
HOW IT'S MADE returns for another season of exploring how many of the everyday objects or products we seldom stop to think about are made. This season (more…)
How It's Made Season 18
Visit the factory floor and learn the secrets of how everyday items such as apple cider, fishing line, kerosene lamp burners and much more are made.
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