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Latest Episode: Wood Windows, Woven Cashmere, Plastic Recyclers, and Architectural Glass

Oct 31, 2014 Season 23 Episode 24 watch on (Paid)

On this episode of How it's Made: Wood Windows, Woven Cashmere Fabric, Plastic Recycling Machines, and Architectural Glass.

steel shipping drums, police whistles, miniature train cars ...

Feb 29, 2008 Season 5 Episode 25

Find out how steel shipping drums, police whistles, miniature train cars and glass blocks are made.
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Electrical Panels, Kites, Eyeglass Frames, Toothbrushes

Nov 17, 2006 Season 5 Episode 13

Discover the intricate beginnings of electrical panels, kites, eyeglass frames, and toothbrushes.
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Kitchen Knives, Mannequins, Socks, Hypodermic Needles

Nov 17, 2006 Season 5 Episode 12

Find out how kitchen knives, mannequins, socks, and hypodermic needles are manufactured.
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Cement, Caskets, Soft Drinks, Glider Rockers

Nov 10, 2006 Season 5 Episode 11

It takes something special to make ordinary items. Find out how cement, caskets, soft drinks, and glider rockers are made.
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Alkaline Batteries, Wheelchairs, Flutes, Cowboy Boots

Oct 27, 2006 Season 5 Episode 6

Take the mystery out of everyday items with a look at how alkaline batteries, wheelchairs, flutes, cowboy boots are made.
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Ambulances, Dining Room Tables, Diatonic Accordions, Acrylic...

Oct 20, 2006 Season 5 Episode 5

Find out how ambulances, dining room tables, diatonic accordions, acrylic awards are made.
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Wood Burning Stoves, Orthoses, Ballet Slippers, Mad Buses

Oct 13, 2006 Season 5 Episode 2

Find out how wood burning stoves, orthoses, ballet slippers, and buses are made.
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