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Latest Episode: Mountain Bikes, Rice, Lever Action Rifles

Jul 03, 2014 Season 23 Episode 13 watch on (Paid)

On this episode of How it's Made: Mountain bikes, rice, lever action rifles.

Fire Fighter Boots, Garden Tools, Automated Machines, Gypsum...

Apr 16, 2007 Season 2 Episode 13

Find out how firefighter boots are constructed, how garden tools are forged, how automated machines are put together and how gypsum boards are made.
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Baseboard Heaters, Pulp Containers, Chicken, Video Games

Apr 05, 2006 Season 2 Episode 12

Find out how everyday items, including electric baseboard heaters, molded pulp containers and video games are made.
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Gummies Candy, Fish, Aluminum Cans, Bronze Sculptures

Sep 21, 2005 Season 2 Episode 11

Find out exactly how gummies candy is made, how fish are farmed, how aluminum cans created and how bronze sculptures are erected.
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Fresh Cut Flowers, Adhesive Tape, Tofu, Lottery Tickets

Mar 08, 2006 Season 2 Episode 8

Find out how fresh cut flowers are prepared, how adhesive tape is manufactured, how tofu is made, and how lottery tickets come to be.
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Prepared Mustard, Violins, Nuts and Bolts, Toilet Paper

Mar 01, 2006 Season 2 Episode 7

Follow the production of prepared mustard, violins, nuts and bolts, and toilet paper.
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Horse-drawn Carriages, Artificial Eyes, Dog and Cat Food, Mi...

Feb 15, 2006 Season 2 Episode 5

Find out how horse-drawn carriages, artificial eyes, dog and cat food and mirrors are manufactured.
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Temporary Metal Fences, Asphalt Shingles, Polystyrene Produc...

Feb 08, 2006 Season 2 Episode 4

The manufacturing secrets behind temporary metal fences, asphalt shingles, expanded polystyrene products, and hard candies are revealed.
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Wheel Loaders, Vegetable Oil, Hand Tools, Cotton Swabs

Feb 01, 2006 Season 2 Episode 3

Find out how wheel loaders, vegetable oil, hand tools and cotton swabs are manufactured.
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Combination Locks, Pottery, Recreational Vehicles, Erasers

Jan 25, 2006 Season 2 Episode 2

Unlock the secrets of combination locks, throw the mystery off of pottery, climb into the world of recreational vehicles, and rub some sense into erasers.
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Pre-inked Stamps, Cranberries, Cotton Yarn, Road Signs

Jan 18, 2006 Season 2 Episode 1

Find out how pre-inked stamps, cranberries, cotton yarn, road signs are made.
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