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Sun Jul 31 3:06am
Air Filters, Billiard Cues, Ice Sculptures, Suits(Season 3, Episode 18) SCI

Suits; air filters; billiard cues; ice sculptures.

I’ll Watch2 Watching
Sun Jul 31 3:35am
Alkaline Batteries, Wheelchairs, Flutes, Cowboy Boots(Season 3, Episode 6) SCI

Alkaline batteries; wheelchairs; flutes; cowboy boots.

I’ll Watch7 Watching
Sun Jul 31 4:04am
Escalators, Kevlar Canoes, Marble Cheddar, Disc Music Boxes(Season 6, Episode 25) SCI

Kevlar canoes; marble cheddar; escalators; disk music boxes.

I’ll Watch9 Watching
Sun Jul 31 4:33am
Headphones, Diving Regulators, Reflector Light Bulbs(Season 7, Episode 22) SCI

Diving regulators; headphones; reflector lightbulbs.

I’ll Watch5 Watching
Sun Jul 31 5:02am
Sawhorses and Toolboxes, Sorbet Pops, School Buses(Season 11, Episode 19) SCI

Sawhorses and toolboxes; sorbet pops; school buses.

I’ll Watch13 Watching
Sun Jul 31 5:31am
Fiberglass Boats, Clothes Dryers, Bubble Gum, Fireworks(Season 1, Episode 21) SCI

Included: fiberglass boats; clothes dryers; gum; fireworks.

I’ll Watch11 Watching
Sun Jul 31 6:00am
Multi-tools; Jojoba Oil; Marionettes(Season 10, Episode 6) SCI

Multi-tools; marionettes; jojoba oil.

I’ll Watch20 Watching
Sun Jul 31 6:30am
Anatomical Models, Jukeboxes, Tortilla Chips, Spark Plugs(Season 6, Episode 2) SCI

Jukeboxes; tortilla chips; spark plugs; anatomical models.

I’ll Watch4 Watching
Sun Jul 31 7:00am
Aluminum Screw Caps, Chocolate, Pills, Pasta(Season 1, Episode 12) SCI

Included: aluminum screw caps; chocolate; pills; pasta.

I’ll Watch5 Watching
Sun Jul 31 7:30am
Glass Paperweights, Road Salt, Nutcrackers, Car Doors(Season 8, Episode 14) SCI

Nutcrackers; car doors; glass paperweights; road salt.

I’ll Watch15 Watching
Sun Jul 31 8:00am
Leather Wallets, French Horns, Soy Sauce, Children's Ride-On Cars(Season 8, Episode 13) SCI

French horns; soy sauce; leather wallets; children's ride-on cars.

I’ll Watch4 Watching
Sun Jul 31 8:30am
Manhole Covers, Range Hoods, Artificial Logs, Snowmobiles(Season 4, Episode 24) SCI

Manhole covers; range hoods; artificial logs; snowmobiles.

I’ll Watch9 Watching
Sun Jul 31 9:00am
Pencils, Metal Recycling, Coffee(Season 6, Episode 3) SCI

Coffee; pencils; metal recycling.

I’ll Watch6 Watching
Sun Jul 31 9:30am
Fishing Reels, Miniature Houses, Kitchen Mixers(Season 4, Episode 23) SCI

Fishing reels; miniature houses; kitchen mixers.

I’ll Watch7 Watching
Sun Jul 31 10:00am
Steel Wool, Ranges, Carved Candles, Slot Machines(Season 5, Episode 4) SCI

Examining creation of steel wool, ranges, carved candles and slot machines.

I’ll Watch8 Watching
Sun Jul 31 10:30am
Pewter Flasks; Potato Salad; Hydrogen Fuel Cells; Engineered Wood Siding(Season 10, Episode 2) SCI

Potato salad; pewter flasks; hydrogen-fuel cells; engineered-wood siding.

I’ll Watch24 Watching
Sun Jul 31 11:00am
Tapioca Pudding, Snowploughs, Paddle Boats, Fibre Cement Siding(Season 9, Episode 21) SCI

Snowploughs; paddle boats; fiber cement siding; tapioca pudding.

I’ll Watch14 Watching
Sun Jul 31 11:30am
Handcuffs, Caulking & Joint Compound, Propane Tanks, Forensic Facial Reconstruction(Season 4, Episode 25) SCI

How handcuffs are forged; caulking and joint compound are made; propane tanks are filled; and forensic facial reconstruction is done.

I’ll Watch8 Watching
Sun Jul 31 12:00pm
Fur Tanning, Photographs, Welding Electrodes, Electric Violins(Season 4, Episode 14) SCI

Photographs; fur tanning; welding electrodes; electric violins.

I’ll Watch4 Watching
Sun Jul 31 12:30pm
Windshields, English Saddles, Butter, Post Clocks(Season 3, Episode 23) SCI

English saddles; butter; windshields; post clocks.

I’ll Watch3 Watching
Sun Jul 31 1:00pm
Slate Tiles, Hot Dog Carts, Garage Door Openers, Bicycle Seats(Season 12, Episode 11) SCI

Slate tiles; hot-dog carts; garage-door openers; bicycle seats.

I’ll Watch7 Watching
Sun Jul 31 1:30pm
Industrial Casters; Wedding Cakes; THz Spectrometers; and Racing Catamarans(Season 13, Episode 24) SCI

Included: industrial casters; wedding cakes; THz spectrometers; and racing catamarans.

I’ll Watch4 Watching
Sun Jul 31 2:00pm
Wooden Barrels, Fire Hydrants, Automotive Seats, Cathode Ray Tubes(Season 5, Episode 19) SCI

Fire hydrants; wooden barrels; automotive seats; cathode-ray tubes.

I’ll Watch1 Watching
Sun Jul 31 2:30pm
Chains, Bagels, Vinyl Records(Season 3, Episode 21) SCI

Bagels; vinyl records; chains.

I’ll Watch5 Watching
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