How It's Made

  • 2001
  • TV Show
  • TV-G

A series that shows how familiar objects used in everyday life are made.

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Fri Dec 15 5:04am
Gut Strings; Absinthe; Belt Buckles; Lever Locks(Season 10, Episode 26) SCI

Included: gut strings; absinthe; belt buckles; lever locks.

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Fri Dec 15 5:32am
Navajo Rugs; Crude Oil; Kaleidoscopes; Titanium Dental Implants(Season 10, Episode 12) SCI

Navajo rugs; kaleidoscopes; dental implants; crude oil.

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Fri Dec 15 6:00am
Inflatable Watercraft, Couscous, Modelling Dough, Wicker Products(Season 2, Episode 9) SCI

Inflatable watercraft; couscous; modeling dough.

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Fri Dec 15 6:30am
Precast Concrete Walls; 3D Printers; Telescopic Cranes; Kerosene Lamp Burners(Season 13, Episode 5) SCI

Pre-cast concrete walls; 3D printers; telescopic cranes; kerosene lamp burners.

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Fri Dec 15 7:00am
3D Commercial Signs, Hardwood Floors, Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe, Mattresses(Season 2, Episode 20) SCI

3D commercial signs; hardwood floors. Also: corrugated polyethylene pipe; mattresses.

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Fri Dec 15 7:30am
Trucks, Adhesive Bandages, Computer Circuit Boards, Liquors(Season 1, Episode 8) SCI

Included: trucks; adhesive bandages; computer circuit boards; liquor.

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Fri Dec 15 8:00am
Bronze Bells, Wooden Airplane Propellers, Charcoal, and Gas Fireplaces(Season 5, Episode 23) SCI

Charcoal briquettes; bronze bells; wooden airplane propellers; gas-log fireplaces.

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Fri Dec 15 8:30am
Yogurt, Candles, Neon Signs, Bookbindings(Season 2, Episode 6) SCI

Yogurt; candles; neon signs; bookbindings.

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Fri Dec 15 9:00am
Fire Extinguishers, Doughnuts, Shock Absorbers, Banjos(Season 5, Episode 21) SCI

Banjos; fire extinguishers; doughnuts; shock absorbers.

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Fri Dec 15 9:30am
Custom Running Shoes, Axes, Racing Karts, Animatronics(Season 7, Episode 17) SCI

Axes; racing karts; animatronics; custom running shoes.

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Sun Dec 17 3:12am
Goalie Pads, Lapel Pins, Cardboard Boxes, Crystal Wine Glasses(Season 3, Episode 10) SCI

Goalie pads; lapel pins; cardboard boxes; crystal wine glasses.

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Sun Dec 17 3:40am
Tasers; Canned Soup; Jaw Harps & Mouth Bows; Diving Boards(Season 10, Episode 11) SCI

Canned soup; jaw harps; diving boards.

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Sun Dec 17 4:08am
Cartridge Blades, Chocolate Banana Loaves, Vending Machines, Dive Computers(Season 14, Episode 17) SCI

How cartridge blades, chocolate banana loaves, vending machines and dive computers are made.

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Sun Dec 17 4:36am
Anatomical Models, Jukeboxes, Tortilla Chips, Spark Plugs(Season 6, Episode 2) SCI

Jukeboxes; tortilla chips; spark plugs; anatomical models.

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Sun Dec 17 5:04am
Pipe Cleaners; Blue Stilton; Digital Electric Meters; Telescopes(Season 9, Episode 19) SCI

How pipe cleaners, blue stilton, digital electric meters and telescopes are made.

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Sun Dec 17 5:32am
Binoculars, Sparklers, Rubber Boots, Circular Saw Blades(Season 6, Episode 1) SCI

Sparklers; rubber boots; binoculars; circular-saw blades.

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Sun Dec 17 6:00am
Dress Forms, Boat Propellers, Duvets, Faucets(Season 5, Episode 22) SCI

Dress forms; boat propellers; duvets; faucets.

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Sun Dec 17 6:30am
Alkaline Batteries, Wheelchairs, Flutes, Cowboy Boots(Season 3, Episode 6) SCI

Alkaline batteries; wheelchairs; flutes; cowboy boots.

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Sun Dec 17 7:00am
Hot Rods, Decorative Eggs, Fire Hose Nozzles, Baseballs(Season 6, Episode 8) SCI

Fire-hose nozzles; hot rods; decorative eggs; baseballs.

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Sun Dec 17 7:30am
Pressed Glass; Pickup Truck Caps; Alpaca Yarn; Utility Knives(Season 11, Episode 20) SCI

Pressed glass; pickup-truck caps; alpaca yarn; utility knives.

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Sun Dec 17 8:30am
Powder Horns; Handcrafted Molds; Pierogies; Inner Tubes(Season 11, Episode 2) SCI

Included: powder horns; handcrafted molds; pierogies; and inner tubes.

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Sun Dec 17 9:00am
Ropes, Billiard Tables, Sailboards, Cymbals(Season 3, Episode 16) SCI

Billiard tables; sailboards; rope; cymbals.

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Sun Dec 17 9:30am
Flying Water Bikes, Throttle Position Sensors, Cinnamon Cordial, and Rasps(Season 15, Episode 1) SCI

Find out how flying water bikes, throttle position sensors, cinnamon cordial, and homemade rasps are made.

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Sun Dec 17 10:30am
Bistro Sets, Letterpress Printing, Bamboo Lights, & Asphalt Compactors(Season 15, Episode 2) SCI

Find out how steel bistro sets, letterpress printing, bamboo ceramic lights, and asphalt compactors are made.

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  • Premiered: January 6, 2001
  • Rating: TV-G
  • Premise: A series that shows how familiar objects used in everyday life are made. (more)

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