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Latest Episode: Last Forever: Part Two [HD]

Mar 31, 2014 Season 9 Episode 23 watch on (Paid)

Ted finally finishes telling his kids the story of how he met their mother.

Doppelgangers [HD]

May 24, 2010 Season 5 Episode 24

Marshall and Lily put fate to the test when deciding whether or not they are ready to have a baby.
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The Wedding Bride

May 17, 2010 Season 5 Episode 23

When Ted takes a date to see a new hit movie, "The Wedding Bride," he is shocked to learn the story is loosely based on his life, and that it was written by Tony, the man Stella left him for at the altar. Judy Greer guest stars as Royce, Ted's date. Jason Lewis, Malin Akerman and Chris Kattan guest star as the movie versions of Tony, Stella and Ted.
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Robots vs. Wrestlers

May 10, 2010 Season 5 Episode 22

Ted, Marshall, Lily and Barney crash a highfalutin party where Ted gets to show off his pretentious side.
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Twin Beds

May 03, 2010 Season 5 Episode 21

Ted and Barney fight over their love for Robin.
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Home Wreckers [HD]

Apr 19, 2010 Season 5 Episode 20

After witnessing his mother's overly affectionate relationship with her fiancé, Ted questions how far behind in his own life he is.
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Of Course

Mar 08, 2010 Season 5 Episode 17

When Robin confesses that she is still angry with Barney for the way he handled their break-up, she enlists the help of Anita, a self-help author who plans to beat Barney at his own game.
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The Perfect Week

Feb 01, 2010 Season 5 Episode 14

Barney attempts to score "the perfect week" by hooking up with seven girls in seven days.
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Jan 18, 2010 Season 5 Episode 13

When Lily refuses to believe that Jenkins, Marshall's attractive female colleague, kissed him, Marshall insists Jenkins tell Lily what really happened. Meanwhile, Robin finds out that a drinking game has been made up about her.
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The Window

Dec 07, 2009 Season 5 Episode 10

Ted finally finds an opportunity to date the ideal girl next door.
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Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap

Nov 23, 2009 Season 5 Episode 9

Marshall bequeaths a slap bet to Ted and Robin, and Lily's estranged father makes a surprise visit.
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The Playbook

Nov 16, 2009 Season 5 Episode 8

When Robin and Barney break up, Barney pulls out all of his greatest tricks to get himself back into the dating scene.
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The Rough Patch

Nov 09, 2009 Season 5 Episode 7

After Barney and Robin hit a rough patch in their relationship, Lily devises the perfect plan to break them up, calling in help from Robin's famous friend, Alan Thicke.
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Nov 02, 2009 Season 5 Episode 6

To prove that he and Robin are the perfect couple, Barney arrogantly gives relationship advice to Marshall, which results in a huge fight between Marshall and Lily.
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Duel Citizenship

Oct 19, 2009 Season 5 Episode 5

Barney tries to convince Robin to become an American citizen, and Ted and Marshall's road trip goes off course when Lily decides to tag along.
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The Sexless Innkeeper

Oct 12, 2009 Season 5 Episode 4

Marshall and Lily try too hard to impress Barney and Robin on their first double date.
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Robin 101 [HD]

Oct 05, 2009 Season 5 Episode 3

Ted puts his knowledge about Robin to good use when he teaches Barney a class on how to date Robin.
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Double Date [HD]

Sep 28, 2009 Season 5 Episode 2

While on a blind date, Ted discovers he had been fixed up with the same girl seven years earlier.
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How I Met Your Mother: Definitions

Sep 21, 2009 Season 5 Episode 1

When the gang finds out that Barney and Robin are hesitant to define their relationship, Lily forces them to confront their biggest fear...becoming boyfriend/girlfriend. Meanwhile, Ted is anxious about teaching his first lecture at Columbia.
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