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How I Met Your Mother Episode: "Not a Father's Day"

Season 4, Episode 7
Episode Synopsis: Lily and Marshall contemplate having a baby, and Lily asks Robin and Ted for advice.
Original Air Date: Nov 10, 2008
Guest Cast Lindsey Stoddart: Charlotte Daniele Watts: Lori Dan Lauria: Nolan Michael Hagiwara: Mr. Li Bob Saget
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Season 4, Episode 7
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Length: 21:34
Aired: 11/10/2008
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How I Met Your Mother Episode Recap: "Not a Father's Day" Season 4, Episode 7

Last week, we learned of Robin's still-lingering daddy issues. This week on How I Met Your Mother, there were more daddy issues to tackle, or more like parenting issues. You know it would be addressed sooner or later (nevermind the fact that Alyson Hannigan is pregnant): Will Lily and Marshall have a baby? But more importantly, are they ready for one?

We open on the quintet at MacLaren's with Barney bemoaning the lack of suitable options for him (seriously, he's gotta focus on Robin). There's a group of ladies in a booth, but they're not as attractive as everyone thinks they are due to "The Cheerleader Effect." Yes, in the great tradition of HIMYM coinage, we have yet another. "The Cheerleader Effect" is a group of people appear hot collectively, but are fug individually. Taking a closer look at each, we see Barney's point, punctuated with a lovely ugly female Marshall. Just as he's winding up his speech, Barney takes a quick call. What was it about? "I'm gonna be a dad." Well not yet (lest we forget, this isn't his first pregnancy scare either, if you recall from Marshall and Lily's wedding). His one night stand is going to see a doctor, but Barney, though he definitely does not want to have a kid, won't hear any talk of a false positive because no part of him would perform any less than 110 percent and his "Michael Phelpses" would always get the gold. An Olympics reference? A show after my own heart. He storms out asking who in their right minds would ever want kids.

Who? Mr. and Mrs. Eriksen, who are nearly bedridden with baby fever, mostly thanks to their new neighbor, Charlotte, and her son, Jeremy. Baby Jeremy loses his baby sock, and Marshall nearly loses it altogether. He's intent on some babymaking with Lily even though all the signs point to a big fat "no" (long work hours, ton of debt), but their guest — homeless, jobless, eating-beer-with-ice-cream Robin — puts a damper on things. They realized they need to plan ahead, so have asked Robin to crash at Ted's the upcoming weekend.

Meanwhile, in, yes, Church, Barney is praying to not be a dad, but before he can get it all out, he gets the good word. Yup, no baby. Rejoice! Bouncing into Marshall's office, he announces he's going to create a new holiday for people who are single and like it that way: Not a Father's Day. After all, there are days for mothers, fathers and Bastilles. As he's concocting his plan, Marshall's boss walks in to remind him to his evening conference call with China, which means, rain check on the babymaking.

The (no-so) pregnant pause allows more time for Lily to think about things, drink wine, freak out about having kids and keep drinking wine. She calls over Ted and Robin to get their take. Robin, natch, was against; Ted, for. Their arguments:

- Marshall has a huge head! It's ok, Marshall, I had one too and had to go to a head specialist after I was born!
- Ted is for kids because he thinks he's a dad already (e.g. makes corny dad jokes, lectures friends and makes toolish small talk with waitresses)

- No one ever thinks they're ready
- Robin is against kids because she's afraid of babies (e.g. won't carry baby, made a baby sniff her out of fear of being bitten, ran away screaming because of a talking baby commercial)

Robin tells Lily it's a choice between Project Lily and Project Baby, but Lily isn't listening. She's found Jeremy's sock and has fallen under its minute spell. As Robin and Ted argue, Lily quietly takes off.

Back at work, Barney shows off his new merchandise — Not a Father's Day mugs, shirts and cards. But Marshall has bigger fish to fry. A drunk-off-her-ass and scantily clad Lily is propped on his desk, ready for him to "put a baby in me." This is when we're reminded of that parallel between wasted adults and newborn babies. Robin, en route to MacLaren's with Ted, lists off why she despises babies so — can't let them out of your sight, they have stupid bottles, they cry and and spit up — all of which is personified by lush Lily. "Thank god you're not a mom," Ted says as they arrive at the bar to see Barney swearing in men, with a box of condoms no less, into the "fraternity of non-paternity."

Robin heads to the bathroom to see if Lily's there. She's not, of course, but rather doing her inebriated best to distract Marshall during his conference (including stripping). He ends up having her driven around in a cab passed out. At the bar, Ted says he answered Robin's phone while she was gone. It was Marshall saying he had Lily. If only it were that simple. As he was putting the pone back, Ted noticed something else in Robin's bag — Jeremy's sock. Could it be? The woman who didn't want to marry and didn't want kids is feeling her ovaries swell over this sock? "Maybe, some day," Robin says. She's confused right now, being unemployed and living on a couch. Ding. Ted offers her the spare bedroom in his apartment, which we all foresaw happening weeks ago. She says she'll be there up to two weeks tops. Who believes her?

Barney plops down to inform them of his latest Not a Father's Day gear — pregnancy tests with a Blue Barney instead of a blue line showing up. After calling Not a Father's Day a holiday for losers, Robin and Ted break it to Barney that he's suffering from "The Cheerleader Effect" himself. His "fraternity of non-paternity" bros are not childless by choice. And we get another glimpse of ugly Marshall. Barney's bummed...but then...a sock!

The next day, Lily makes Marshall a batch of pancakes and bacon to apologize for being a drunken idiot the night before. It was a good thing that happened, though, because it made Marshall realize he doesn't want to be a dad yet. Balancing his job and taking care of drunken child Lily was too much. But, he does want kids some day and wants to be ready.

And the tag! Brilliant all around! Under the magic of Jeremy's sock, Barney's taken the mic at a karaoke joint, sob-singing "Cat's in the Cradle."

All in all, a sweet episode. Like the necessary Stella wrap-up ep last week, this baby issue needed to be addressed eventually, and it was done nicely without the resolution of actually agreeing to have a baby. Now, the question is if they're going to continue this for the rest of A.H.'s pregnancy. The tense Robin and Ted dynamic (and moving in) hints at potential developments between the two.

What did you think? Did Marshall and Lily make the right call? Should there be a holiday celebrating us single and childless folk? What do you foresee happening after Robin moves in with Ted? Will Robin and Barney ever have kids (not necessarily together)? Are baby's socks really that powerful? And have you seen

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Last week, we learned of Robin's still-lingering daddy issues. This week on How I Met Your Mother, there were more daddy issues to tackle, or more like parenting issues. You know it would be addressed sooner or later (nevermind the fact that Alyson Hannigan is pregnant): Will Lily and Marshall have a baby? But more importantly, are they ready for one?

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