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How I Met Your Mother Episode: "Three Days of Snow"

Season 4, Episode 13
Episode Synopsis: A blizzard hits the city as Lily is returning from a trip to Seattle, threatening an airport-reunion ritual between her and Marshall. Meanwhile, Ted and Barney plan to meet two women at MacLaren's, but Carl wants to close early, so the guys volunteer to watch the bar until their dates arrive.
Original Air Date: Jan 19, 2009
Guest Cast Amy Gumenick Jordan Masterson Eileen April Boylan Bob Saget
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Season 4, Episode 13
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Length: 21:35
Aired: 1/19/2009
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How I Met Your Mother Episode Recap: "Three Days of Snow" Season 4, Episode 13

Neither rain, sleet nor snow (or more like three days of it) is going to stop Barney and Ted from hooking up with college girls, but that white fluffy stuff may get in the way of a longstanding Marshall and Lily airport ritual. What's a mature couple to do?

Oh, show, you have perfect timing as always. As we here on the East Coast have our own icy storm, the gang treats us to three snow tales. But first — the backstories. Since spring break 1998, Marshall and Lily have upheld an airport reunion ritual — the traveler returns with a six-pack from where he or she was, while the other acts as chauffeur complete with hat and sign. But now, 11 years later, it's time to let it die because, as Marshall tells Ted, "We are a mature couple. As we mature, our relationship matures with us."

Ted (and Barney) are not quite as mature yet. After some strategic planning (using the "father figure" route), they score dates with two Arizona Tech college band chicks at MacLaren's for the following night — blizzard be damned. "It's snow problem," Ted says. Heh. Who had a flashback to Ted's "dad jokes"? And so now the Blizzard of '09 has commenced (raise your hand if you remember the Blizzard of '96!), and we're in for three days of snow and three amazing stories.

Ted and Barney
MacLaren's is dead except for Ted and Barney. Ted doesn't think the girls are gonna show, but Barney needs them to so he can complete his Party School Bingo. Every year, he creates a bingo card using the top 25 party schools, per Playboy, and right now, he's only missing — duh — Arizona Tech. What does he get if he completes it? Bingo. Carl (by the way, he's played by Joe Nieves, whose last name means "snow" in Spanish) tells the guys they gotta bounce because he's leaving to set up cots in a church basement because of the snow. After some needling, he agrees to leave it open for them and gives them the keys so long as they lock up when the girls come. This newfound power is a dream come true for Ted and Barney. One night, Ted uttered five little words: "We should buy a bar." Barney enthusiastically agreed, offering Puzzles as the name and a ban on last calls.

And so, they do their best Tom Cruise in Cocktail (to the tune of "Kokomo," no less) before the gals show. One makes a Star Wars reference while the other speaks of daddy issues. Guess who called dibs on whom. The girls convince them to leave the bar open for their band, which turns out to be the Arizona Tech Fighting Hens Marching Band. The place is flooded (with people). Ted and Barney have a telepathic convo about keeping the bar open, with Barney winning Ted over with his "kokomo"-pathy. When Carl phones to say he's returning, Barney declares last call — but not for long. They take the party upstairs, where Ted and Barney birth a new five-word dream: "We should start a band."

Marshall and Robin
Marshall uses the same "mature" spiel — which he got from CosmoGirl! — on Robin to defend his decision not to pick Lily up, but he gets spooked when Robin insists Lily will be there with a six-pack in hand. And so off they go in someone's car to the airport. Clearly not amused, Robin doesn't understand why they can't let one little ritual go by the wayside. Marshall explains it's not just that — it's been all their little rituals as of late. They used to spout off what they ate during the day the second Marshall got home, have lunchtime phone calls (sometimes with dirty legal talk) and kiss at midnight on New Year's Eve (um, I don't think this is specific to you guys). But now, it's all going down the drain. Marshall let Lily's call go to voicemail that day and they fell asleep this past New Year's. Robin's still not amused. Offended, Marshall says she only thinks their rituals are stupid because Robin's never been in a long enough relationship to develop quirky little habits ("Mi — mi — Microwave Oven," anyone?). He calls her a robot. She's pissed and pulls over, and they get covered in snow by the plow. Dubbing Marshall a "love snob," Robin tells him there are a lot of ways to be in a relationship besides having pet names. And she's not a robot. Marshall explains he and Lily don't know any other way of showing love without their rituals. Touched, Robin tells him to close his eyes (or "hits" on him) and opens the sunroof. "Let's get your woman."

Like Marshall, Lily hopes to do away with their airport tradition as well, but second-guesses when her seatmate tells her Marshall will be there. She needs beer from Seattle now. And who's there when you need to get somewhere quick? Ranjit! Arriving an hour early and stealing Ranjit from one Rachel Sondheimer, Lily gets her hand on a keg of Seattle microbrew and makes it back to the airport.

And here, kids, FutureTed tells us, is when planets align and timing is perfect. Marshall and Robin are at the airport. Lily and the keg are at the airport. But they're not together. Lily's flight was canceled, Robin tells Marshall. Flashback: Lily had called Marshall from the Seattle airport saying she won't be able to fly out until Thursday, two days away, because of the blizzard. Remember that lunchtime call he let to go voicemail? Yeah.

And so we have our three stories in three days. Tuesday: Marshall and Robin; Wednesday: Ted and Barney (when Marshall also tells Ted of how Robin "hit' on him); and Thursday: Lily. Back to Thursday, a devastated Lily is slouched on the bench... until an old tune starts to play. The Arizona Tech Fighting Hens Marching Band is playing "Auld Lang Syne" for Lilypad. Marshall shows up to tell her his meals for the day and to wish her a "Happy New Year." And yes, Marshall has to bring a marching band from now on. Oh, and Rachel Sondheimer is still looking for a ride.

As for Ted and Barney, well, Ted's planning his band (Puzzles) and Barney finally got bingo.

This was a good episode that was automatically upgraded to great by the end because it featured what the show does best: playing with time. The reveal at the end was superb and classic How I Met Your Mother. Marshall and Lily are crazy kids in love who have crazy monkey sex, but who are still quite possibly the sweetest couple on TV. Ted and Barney had a successful telepathic convo, which means they're totally BFFs now, right? It was also great to see Robin's perspective on love and relationships. She certainly took quite offense, huh?

What do you think? Did Marshall go over the top with the band? Do you play "bingo"? Were you psyched to see Ranjit again? Who had the better robot voice — Marshall or Robin? Why do you think Robin was so offended? Do you have a lifelong dream to buy a bar? What was Lily doing in Seattle? Do you think Marshall is heartbroken by CosmoGirl!'s folding?

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Neither rain, sleet nor snow (or more like three days of it) is going to stop Barney and Ted from hooking up with college girls, but that white fluffy stuff may get in the way of a longstanding Marshall and Lily airport ritual. What's a mature couple to do?

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