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How I Met Your Mother Episode: "Happily Ever After"

Season 4, Episode 6
Episode Synopsis: While out with his friends, Ted bumps into a past acquaintance whom he'd rather avoid, prompting everyone to discuss how they would react in the same situation. Eric Braeden guest stars.
Original Air Date: Nov 3, 2008
Guest Cast Darcy Rose Byrnes: Lucy Eric Braeden: Robin Sr. Max Prado: Michael Sasser Jason Jones: Tony Bob Saget
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Season 4, Episode 6
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Length: 20:32
Aired: 11/3/2008
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How I Met Your Mother Episode Recap: "Happily Ever After" Season 4, Episode 6

Ah, the aftermath! Last we saw How I Met Your Mother, a long two weeks ago, Ted was left at the altar by Stella. So how has he coped since the unfortunate situation? Is he mad? Heartbroken? Have they spoken since that Dear John letter, or is he avoiding her? Let's find out.

"My first wedding didn't go so well," FutureTed muses. Yeah, no kidding. Something going well though? Ted, apparently, who thanks his buds for helping him get through it that he hardly thinks about Stella now. The only problem is the wedding was yesterday and Ted hasn't addressed anything. But nay, he's ready to start a new chapter, one with Kool and the Gang, and off he goes to the karaoke machine. Lily is concerned about Ted, but Barney suggests maybe he really is happy. That can't be so, she says, and for the next two weeks, the gang tries wholeheartedly (well, maybe except Barney) to "be there for him."

Two weeks later, there still hasn't been a breakthrough, leading Lily to berate Ted for not dealing with the Stella sitch head on. Ted refuses and suggests they go out for dinner, using his Stella reference map to choose the eatery, marking the "red areas" as areas to avoid on the off chance Stella could show up. Following in the great Buckeye tradition, Ted, like all Ohioans, pushes pain down and pushes more pain down when there's a problem because "why confront when you can avoid it?" That's what I say, but that's only because I'm lazy.

Lily suggests Tapas in the safe "white zone" and off they go. As they peruse their menu, Stella walks in. "Follow my lead," Ted orders, and ducks under the table. Angered, Lily tells Ted to deal with Stella because he's in New York now and New Yorkers don't push down feelings, and she would never hide under the table from anyone.

This, of course, leads to a discussion of all the people the gang would least like to run into...except Marshall. I'm going to assume his "person" was cut, which is just not cool. He didn't have a "Revertigo" and now no "person"? Anyhow, the other three's:

Lily: Michael "Gasser" Sasser. A dork who was on the verge of being cool, Michael was Lily's partner in freshman bio in ninth grade. Everything was dandy until one day when Lily let one rip and passed it (no pun intended) as Michael's; thus, "Gasser" is born. So traumatic the aftermath was that Gasser eventually transferred, but now, Lily would like to, well, "clear the air."

Barney: Becca DeLucci of Bedford Hills Federal Penitentiary. The Barnacle stopped by for conjugal visits and the terms of her sentence were perfect. But then one day, he hits on another inmate in front of Becca. "Barney Stinson, Attorney at Law. Let's talk about getting you off." Hey-yo! Since then, Becca's been sending him threatening letters.

Robin: Her papa, Robin Charles Scherbatsky, Sr. If you've read Eric Braeden's interview, you'd already know Robin's got some serious daddy issues, in that her daddy always wanted her to be a boy, so much so that she's Jr. and he raised poor Robin as a boy, teaching her to hunt and putting her on a boys' hockey team. It was after her team won an invitational, when she was 14, that Robin Sr. could no longer deny his daughter was actually his daughter after he catches her going to "the blue line" with teammate Kyle. Hockey terms as sex metaphors = awesomeness. Eventually, Robin squared's relationship "went north," Robin Jr. went to live with her mom and become Robin Sparkles. She hasn't talked to her dad in three years because what would she say? "I wish you hadn't raised me as a boy?" Yes. Between this and Robin Sparkles, it's a miracle (!) Robin turned out as sane as she did.

As Robin's on the verge of breaking down, Ted realizes what he has to do. His friends are still haunted by their "people," but he still has a chance to resolve things before it's too late. Up from the table they come to find that Stella's gone. They hail a cab (not driven by Ranjit) to follow her. He says he's not going to explode in her face, but they will talk like adults, much to everyone's chagrin, and doesn't budge when Marshall reveals Stella hates Star Wars. What does break him? Learning that Stella, who demanded he move to New Jersey, has moved downtown into Tony's place.

Pulling up, Ted says he now knows what to say. Out he goes and steadily gives Stella a speech about how she's picked the wrong guy, has made a "really, really, really bad choice" she's going to regret and will never have nearly the happiness she would've had if she picked Ted. "I need you to know you made the biggest mistake of your life," he says. "I know," she says. Cut back to the cab - "That's what I'm going to say."

So off Ted goes for real this time to reprimand Stella. But before he can even open his mouth, the door opens and Stella is happily greeted by Tony and Lucy. The happy family causes all of Ted's anger to disappear just like that because he could see Stella was meant to be with Tony. FutureTed shares that there's a third option to swallowing anger and throwing it at someone: Letting it go because only then can you really move forward. That was the perfect ending to the perfect ending to a perfect love story; it just wasn't his. "Mine was still out there, waiting for me."

This wasn't an all-time great episode, but it was a necessary one. The Stella loose ends needed to be tied up, which was done well. Although I found it hard to believe Stella and Ted had no contact between the Dear John letter and the almost run-in at Tapas. Do they really want us to think of her as a complete bitch?!

What did you think? Are you going to miss Sarah Chalke? Should Ted have confronted Stella? Do you love the insight into Robin's past? Are you pissed we didn't see Marshall's "person"? Who do you think it is?

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Ah, the aftermath! Last we saw How I Met Your Mother, a long two weeks ago, Ted was left at the altar by Stella. So how has he coped since the unfortunate situation? Is he mad? Heartbroken? Have they spoken since that Dear John letter, or is he avoiding her? Let's find out.
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