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"Wilson's Heart" Season 4, Episode 16

Ok so whos mentally prepared for the powerfully moving conclusion of the House season finale All I know is tonight just as it did last week did not disappointTonights episode starts where we left off last week where Dr House finally pieced his subconscious flashes and memories together only to realize that the mystery patient that needed saving after the bus crash was actually AmberNow at her bedside Wilson pretends hes Ambers husband in order to have her moved to Princeton-Plainsborough where they can diagnose what kind of condition was trigged from the trauma of the bus accident Thats when Wilson comes up with the plan to put her through protective hypothermia to save her brain to buy House more timeWhile the team is searching for clues House dozes off only to have Amber sporting a red powersuit make an appearance in his dream to help him remember She offers him a glass of Sherry turns out the bar they went to was called Sherrys and begins leading House to be read more

House's Head Season 4, Episode 15

Welcome to part one of the shocking season finale of House I have to say tonights episode was a-mazing It doesnt follow the conventional format that were used to with House and his team focusing their energies on diagnosing a patients puzzling ailment Instead it focuses on House himself and a crazy adventure through his mindTonights episode starts out with a very disoriented and confused House at a strip joint getting a lap danceexcept he cant figure out how he got there After ruling out that a drunken stupor was the cause he stumbles upon some blood and realizes he has retrograde amnesia from a concussion He leaves the bar to see chaos around an overturned bus he was a passenger on but the real mystery begins when House has a flashback And all he can remember is he noticed a key symptom in one of those passengers before it overturned and that person will die if he cant remember who or what it was Someone is going to die unless I find them Struggling t read more

Living the Dream Season 4, Episode 14

Tonights episode didnt follow the normal House format where Patient X mysteriously falls ill and is brought into Princeton-Plainsboro under Houses care Instead the featured patient arrived by town car as opposed to an ambulance and House was the chauffeur Turns out the good doc was worried his favorite daytime soap star Evan Greer guest star Jason Lewis better known as SATCs Smith to millions of women across the world had been suffering from a brain tumor and took it upon himself to kidnap the celeb to run some tests How he was able to determine anything based on this guys acting is beyond us but this is House were talking about here is it notWhatever you do dont assume House went out of his way to save a mans life Oh no because if that were the case that would have involved some form of caring All he was concerned about was if Evan were to die then so would his favorite actor Broc and he just couldnt have that Evan agrees to one vision tes read more

No More Mr. Nice Guy Season 4, Episode 13

Hey all Thought Id introduce myself before jumping in to the goodness that is House My name is Gina and Ill be taking over for NinaErin on the remaining four episodes of the season Ok good Now that weve gotten those introductions out of the way lets talk shopSo as most of you may remember or may not considering it was almost three months ago we left off in February with the big news being that sweet innocent Wilson was secretly dating Cutthroat BitchAmber When we stopped to think about the situation she is after all House in a womans body so it explained a lot as far as Wilsons interest But her motives are still a bit unclear we hate to jump to the obvious so well wait and see if she truly has softened up a bit Now tonights episode We have to note how fitting it was in the first few minutes the location where the patient falls ill just so happens to be a picket line Well played House writers well played indeed The episode begins when this part read more

"Don't Ever Change" Season 4, Episode 12

It's me again, that pesky Erin Fox, in for Nina. Tonight's episode starts out at a Hasidic Jewish wedding, where a lovely bride (Roz) and her bearded groom (Yonatan) are being hoisted up high in chairs during the Horah dance. The bride suddenly doesn't look so hot, and falls off the chair into the stunned crowd. Cut to opening credits. This teaser was quick and dirty...hmmm, no misdirects or anything. What do they think they're up to?House and Wilson meet up at an elevator where House busts Wilson's balls about dating CTB. House insists Wilson doesn't go for her type because he likes "needy" women. Wilson surprises House by saying they've been together for four months already. After House scrapes his jaw off the ground, he joins his team who are discussing possible ailments of the collapsing bride. House's end theory is that at 38, she married out of desperation, and basically wanted to off herself. Thirteen is way more convinced that she has endometriosis in her bladder and orders ... read more

"Frozen" Season 4, Episode 11

Hey guys! Erin Fox in for Nina again this week... So, Nina is a ginormous Giants' fan, as is my husband (I am vicariously), so they are still blanketed by an insane euphoria that can only come from kicking Tom Brady's butt. I however, am on the couch, ready to blog about the special post-Super Bowl episode of House.This week's teaser was one of the more unique and interesting ones in ages... an arctic repair man is trying to fix energy windmills in the middle of a blizzard. One blade flies off and slices the guy's femoral artery open. Enter the slow-mo savior, Cate, played by Mira Sorvino. She glues up the artery (no, seriously, she uses glue) but then starts to have pains of her own. Then she hurls into the snow and asks for help... but who will help her in the middle of no where?Enter House, looking for his beloved cable only to have Cuddy tell him that now patients have to pay for their cable. Appalled, House barely listens as Cuddy tells him about a psychiatrist (Cate) who needs... read more

"It's a Wonderful Lie" Season 4, Episode 10

Hey Everyone! Erin Fox here, subbing for Nina the next few weeks. So be gentle with me... don't be like House.So, we begin tonight's episode with a mother ("Maggie," played by West Wing's Janel Moloney) holding her daughter's safety rope as she climbs an indoor rock wall. In a classic misdirect, the daughter's ("Jane") leg cramps up, and we think she's got the illness of the week. But oh no! It's her mom, Maggie, who is revealed as the POTW when her hands suddenly become paralyzed (dropping poor Jane). The most disturbing part about the opening is not that Jane plummeted to the ground and broke her arm, but that there was a lamely placed flying reindeer and Santa's sleigh in the shot to let us know that it's the Christmas episode.Back at PPTH, the surviving job candidates discuss Maggie's case as House enters, ripping down the festive decorations and the doctor's Christmas spirit to boot. Kutner denies putting up the decorations but then betrays himself by then asking to do a secret... read more

"Games" Season 4, Episode 9

After months of reality-show challenges and sometimes-random, sometimes-dramatic firings, Cuddy gave House an ultimatum: Pick the final two by the end of the week or the Wannnabes would start getting paid from his salary. She broke the news to him while he was watching his beloved medical soap opera (hilarious), and it was only after Cuddy mentioned that she had also taken away his hard-won parking spot that House seemed to take the threat seriously.The POTW was a drugged-out punk rocker who exhibited not one, not two, but all of the many, many signs of excessive drug use — presenting House and team with a challenge, to see if there was actually something else going on. House's solution was to make the diagnosis a game: Whoever figured out what was ailing the guy first was hired, and the second person would be picked based on a point system, which House spontaneously introduced. Oh, and only the person who had possession of House's resident eyeball statuette thingy could run te... read more

"You Don't Want to Know" Season 4, Episode 8

The mysteries of life? They're maaagic — or at least, that's what this week's POTW would like you to believe. The sleight-of-hand artist was performing his trapped-in-a-glass-box-of-water trick when he started to bleed in the middle of act. Fortunately for him, "Big Love" and Number 6/9 were in the audience and came to his rescue.Next day, House scooters in to the classroom and presents his newest game to the Wannabes: Which ever of them manages to get Cuddy's thong undies is immune from being fired, at least temporarily. And most insidious of all, the winner gets to nominate two other candidates to be on the chopping block. "Cut Throat Bitch" and Plastic Surgeon Guy try to get Cuddy soaked in order to get her undies (still not sure exactly how that would have worked), but in the end it's "Big Love" who hands over the red panties. "Cole has traveled through the forest of crustaceans and brought us a treasure," House declares to the Wannabes (oh, House, just 'cause you're jealou... read more

"Ugly" Season 4, Episode 7

How does being beautiful — or deformed — make others treat you differently? That was the central theme in tonight's episode, and it brought out some unexpected twists and revealing moments for House, as well as the POTW.Kenny is on his way to Princeton-Plainsboro for surgery to correct the major congenital facial deformity that keeps him from being "just another face in the crowd." The catch is that the entire experience is being filmed (and bank-rolled) by a documentary crew. Everything's set to go in the OR and Chase is about to perform the surgery when the kid has a heart attack, followed by a host of other symptoms that seem to jeopardize his facial surgery.Meanwhile, Dr. Terzi (Michael Michele) has shown up for "class" with the rest of the Wannabes, who immediately start trying to figure out whether she's guaranteed one of their coveted spots. House, who clearly has the hots for her, can't stand the fact that he's sort of hired her, and has a little heart to heart wit... read more

Whatever It Takes Season 4, Episode 6

House is recruited by the CIA to help diagnose a dying agent, but the agency doctor (Michael Michele) spearheading the case offers very little information about the agent's history or previous assignments. That means House must improvise. Meanwhile, House's six remaining job candidates question Foreman's judgment and argue over the diagnosis of a female race-car driver who passed out after a race. read more

Mirror, Mirror Season 4, Episode 5

A mugging victim with amnesia apes people around him. He also has a protein abnormality that's turning his blood to “sludge.” Meanwhile, Cuddy assigns her latest hire to be her “eyes and ears” on House's team, displeasing House considerably; and doctors around the hospital (candidates included) are betting on House's hiring decision. read more

Guardian Angels Season 4, Episode 4

While having a seizure, a funeral-home cosmetician (Azura Skye) hallucinates that she's being assaulted by one of the corpses she's working on. And later, in the hospital, she acts as though her dead mother is in the room with her. Meanwhile, Cameron offers advice to one of the seven candidates for House's team; and Cuddy hires Foreman back. read more

97 Seconds Season 4, Episode 3

When a man in a wheelchair who fainted while crossing a street arrives at the hospital, House tells the 10 remaining candidates to divide themselves into teams. The one that diagnoses the man properly won't be fired. They split up based on gender, but one woman (Anne Dudek) opts to join the men. Meanwhile, a patient sticks a knife into a wall socket for reasons that intrigue House; and Foreman's new diagnostic team at Mercy Hospital in Manhattan faces a tough case. read more

The Right Stuff Season 4, Episode 2

A prospective astronaut has an attack of synesthesia in a flight simulator, then asks House to diagnose her off the books. House shares the case with the candidates he has rounded up to replace Cameron, Chase and Foreman (40 of them, initially). Meanwhile, House sees his three former underlings in the hospital---or thinks he does. read more

Alone Season 4, Episode 1

House is working solo (with some diagnostic help from a hospital janitor) as Season 4 begins. While Cuddy and Wilson nag him to hire a new team, he must treat a young woman who was injured in an explosion. But her injuries aren't what's killing her. Indeed, her repeated crises, each of which House treats successfully, seem to be caused by personal behaviors that baffle her boyfriend. Meanwhile, House's new prized possession, a 1967 Gibson Flying V guitar, is missing. read more

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Premise: He has little patience for patients, but misanthropic Gregory House is a brilliant diagnostician who probes life-and-death medical mysteries while 'CSI'-style graphics follow each disease's progression. 'X-Men' director Bryan Singer is one of the executive producers.



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