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May 29, 2007: It's Tuesday Season 3, Episode 24

It wasn't the most exciting finale I've ever seen. It was subtle yet managed to surprise with a twist: House was left with no ducklings on his payroll. But even that move raised only my eyebrow and not my heart rate — as, say, last season's finale did.First of all, House fired Chase. Just when I started to like him. I blame Wilson. He's always buzzing in House's ear about this or that. Now it's about House and his fear of change. Next thing you know Chase has no job. Nice work, James. Then there was Marina (Mercedes Renard) and her mysterious illness. Roiling seas aside, Esteban (Omar Avila)and Marina's desperate voyage from Cuba to New Jersey for treatment at the hands of Princeton-Plainsboro's foremost diagnostician resulted in a case that flatlined pretty quickly. After all the focus on losing Marina's medical records at sea, this didn't have an impact on her treatment. Then Esteban, the husband shown to be extremely concerned about the love of his life, would only raise a l... read more

May 15, 2007: The Jerk Season 3, Episode 23

Just ask him to stay already! Am I the only one who wanted to reach through the screen and scream this at House? Foreman wants to stay, House wants him to stay, but they are both too stubborn to make that happen without the other asking for that privilege. Men. The funny thing is, Foreman is leaving because he doesn't want to turn into House, yet here he is acting just like the man. Methinks it's time for a little self-reflection, Eric.How funny was this week's patient? Nate, played with finesse by Nick Lane was an obnoxious teenager suffering, it turns out, from hemachromatosis — too much iron in his blood — which had him in excruciating pain. Much to his beleaguered mother's (Colleen Flynn) dismay, Nate's personality problems were not a side effect of his illness. Nate's prickly style had Chase declaring him evil and Foreman sedating him purely to shut him up. Is it any wonder that House liked him? In the midst of figuring out Nate's problem, Foreman tried to solve a li... read more

May 8, 2007: Resignation Season 3, Episode 22

As you can imagine, given last week's resignation, this week's show spent a lot of time on the Foreman question. Will he or won't he stay, or does he just want House to ask him to stay? Then of course there's the "will House ask him to stay?" question. Enough already! I'm approaching House's level of annoyance with Foreman's existential crisis. "I want to be a really great doctor like you, but only if I can be nice, too!" I'm not knocking friendly patient care, but House is who he is and Foreman believing he has to lose his humanity in order to replicate House's level of expertise is just plain silly. Besides, it's clear that Foreman wants to stay and a simple request from House would get Foreman to rescind his own walking papers, but since when has House ever done anything the easy way? Here's a man who could have asked Wilson if he was on antidepressants but chose instead to spike Wilson's coffee with uppers and wait for a possible heart attack to answer that question. Hmm. Ma... read more

May 1, 2007: Family Season 3, Episode 21

Timing really is everything. Could Matty (Dabir Snell), on the verge of donating his life-saving bone marrow to Nick (Jascha Washington), his leukemia-stricken brother, have picked a worse time to get sick? Sure, it wasn't Matty's fault that his house was built on chicken droppings and that he played in dirt filled with gross bacteria that infected him with hystoplasmosis. But still, tick tock. Nick's got four days to live and Matty needs to be healthy to be a donor. What's worse is that it's taking his doctors nearly all of those four days to make a diagnosis.Maybe if Foreman, still reeling from the loss of last week's patient, wasn't, understandably, pussyfooting around his diagnoses, things might get done faster. You see, he's reluctant to kill again — and who wouldn't be? But this irks House, who, of course, has turned on the countdown clock to Foreman's dismissal. You only get so much time to lick your wounds in this hospital. With that in mind I'm glad that Foreman pulled... read more

April 24, 2007: House Training Season 3, Episode 20

I think it's safe to say that tonight's show was a bit of a downer. If the unnecessary death of Lupe (Monique Gabriela Curnen), a young, economically depressed woman, doesn't convince you of that, then maybe the presence of Foreman's Alzheimer-stricken mother (Beverly Todd) will. Lupe entered the hospital exhibiting all sorts of worrisome symptoms that baffled the doctors. At Foreman's insistence they treated her to a dosage of full-body radiation to kill the suspected cancer. But only after destroying her auto-immune system did they realize that the source of her distress was an infection. Their treatment effectively killed her. So this time it was Foreman sitting at a dying patient's bedside. (Remember that Cameron is now emotionally unavailable for such things.) The situation provided for some fine moments from a wrecked Foreman who was already struggling with the effects of his visiting mother's dementia. Meanwhile, House struggled to identify the true nature of Wilson and Cudd... read more

April 17. 2007: Act Your Age Season 3, Episode 19

Hi everyone,I’m so sorry to have missed recapping this week's house but as Angel posted I was flat on my back reenacting my very own NyQuil commercial complete with nighttime sniffling, sneezing, coughing and aching. But I'm back at work now with a recap in hand and though it's a couple of days late hopefully you won't find it to be a dollar short. Thanks for keeping the discussion going in my absence.-RhodaSeriously, what show am I watching? From the daycare-teacher-doing dad (Erich Anderson) to the off-again Cameron-Chase pairing to the Wilson-Cuddy-House triangle I am on relationship overload. Add Wilson's should-I-shouldn't-I-does-she-doesn't-she back and forth and there is too much relationship stuff swirling around this show. I half expected Chase to drop a 'McSurly' on House. I know there are a lot of 'shippers' out there rooting for a Hameron sandwich or a Huddy huddle, but I'm telling you now, we need to keep that stuff in Seattle. In its own over the top manner Ho... read more

April 10, 2007: Airborne Season 3, Episode 18

Tonight House and Cuddy are trapped on an 18-hour flight when a mysterious illness breaks out and passengers start up-chucking their dinner and breaking out in curiously artistic rashes. Even Cuddy succumbs and if her worst fears are correct it's bacterial meningitis and they'll all be dead by the time the plane lands. Thank goodness there's a board certified infectious disease specialist on the plane who can save the day or at least declare that there's nothing really wrong. And that was my problem with tonight's eagerly anticipated episode. Conversion sickness or mass hysteria as House explained sparked by the onset of the bends from one scuba-diving passenger (who apparently spoke no known language). To sum up: There was no airborne virus as the episode's title would have us believe. No need to turn back as Cuddy would have the pilot do and no real need for House to do anything more than toss off some snarky one-liners. Aside from those, I was wildly disappointed. Luckily the B... read more

April 3, 2007: Fetal Position Season 3, Episode 17

It is often the scenario on House that there is no middle ground for doctors between complete objectivity and total emotionalism, though in real life I think such a place exists. When celebrity photographer Emma Sloan (Anne Ramsay), self-diagnoses a stroke and ends up in Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital under House's care, you immediately notice a spark between doctor and patient and just as quickly House finds himself struggling to stay unmoved by his patient and her unborn child.Emma, 42 years old, is single, pregnant and suffering from Mirror syndrome. She would rather risk death than terminate the long-sought-after pregnancy that endangers her life. House falls back on reason, insisting that Emma abort "it" and that Cuddy support his stance on the fetus' fate, but Cuddy, seeing herself in Emma, leaps squarely into the other camp and throws herself headlong into the quest to save the baby and the mother's life. We end up with one doctor trying desperately not to care and th... read more

March 27, 2007: Top Secret Season 3, Episode 16

Does it ever happen to you that when someone asks, What's your favorite movie… song… whatever, you cannot arrive at an answer? And though you had one moments before, their questioning has left you completely blank? Happens to me all the time. But I have a feeling that were one now to ask me if I had a favorite episode of House, I just might have an answer. Tonight's smartly told episode was so embarrassingly full of the good stuff that I fear I'm on the verge of gushing. From beginning to end — Marines blown up by a roadside bomb to House discovering Cameron and Chase's indiscretions — the show was both riveting and jarring. John Kelley (Marc Blucas), nephew of a hospital benefactor and one time date of Cuddy's, complains of Gulf War Syndrome. As the skeptical team searches for his true ailment, John loses his hearing and the use of his legs and develops an infection in his mouth. His prognosis is not promising and as his symptoms accumulate, John becomes more i... read more

March 6, 2007: Half-wit Season 3, Episode 15

I'm listening to Dave Matthews as I'm writing this commentary and I’m the teensiest bit disappointed that his role on House tonight was so limited. However, since he is a professional musician and not an actor, maybe it's best that he not stray too far afield. The only other acting I've seen him do was in Because of Winn-Dixie, a movie I recently viewed at the behest of fellow TV Guide blogger Jennifer Sankowski. Honestly, the role was similar, and Matthews was quite good in both. How could you not be touched by the story of Patrick (Matthews), a musical savant whose hand suffers inexplicable muscle contractions while performing in concert? Patrick's incredible musical abilities manifested themselves after he survived a bus accident that killed his mother. Now, at 35, Patrick is a child-like adult cared for by a father (Kurtwood Smith) who sees Patrick's ability as a gift rather than the medical abnormality it is. But when you pair Patrick's condition with a depressed House who... read more

Insensitive Season 3, Episode 14

A 16-year-old car-crash victim is insensitive to pain. She's also very headstrong, and concerned about her mother, who was injured more seriously in the crash. Perhaps not surprisingly, House takes a particular interest in the girl. He also takes an interest in Cuddy's date with a man she met online and keeps finding ways to interrupt it. And Foreman's girlfriend, Nurse Wendy, has a Valentine's Day getaway planned for the two of them. read more

Needle in a Haystack Season 3, Episode 13

A 16-year-old suffers respiratory arrest while making out with his girlfriend. The doctors can't figure out what's wrong and, making matters worse, his Gypsy parents instinctively distrust the doctors. Meanwhile, Cuddy gives House's handicapped parking space to a new hospital researcher (Wendy Makkena) who uses a wheelchair because, as Cuddy puts it, “the person who is worse off should get the better space.” House won't take this lying down, but he will take it sitting down---in a wheelchair. read more

One Day, One Room Season 3, Episode 12

Cuddy assigns House to full-time clinic duty (“You owe me,” she tells him), and he behaves more strangely than usual. Then a rape victim (Katheryn Winnick), who is physically healthy and should be seeing a psychiatrist, demands to talk to House instead. Meanwhile, a homeless man (Geoffrey Lewis) with terminal lung cancer refuses palliative treatment and begins playing mind games with Cameron. read more

Words and Deeds Season 3, Episode 11

Before his date in court, House has something to say to Tritter (David Morse) as he treats a firefighter (Tory Kittles) who's shivering when he arrives at the hospital from a fire. But then he shrugs off his staff's request for more input on the case and checks into drug rehab. Amy: Meagan Good. read more

Merry Little Christmas Season 3, Episode 10

Wilson arranges a deal for House with Tritter (David Morse), and is criticized for it not only by House, who swears he'll never take it, but by Cuddy and Cameron as well. Meanwhile, Cuddy cuts an increasingly desperate House off Vicodin and takes him off the team's case: a 15-year-old little person who entered the hospital with a collapsed lung and anemia, and soon deteriorates. read more

Finding Judas Season 3, Episode 9

No sooner does a 6-year-old in abdominal agony arrive at the hospital than her divorced parents begin sniping at each other. Meanwhile, Cuddy has restricted House's access to Vicodin, and his increased pain level makes him more difficult to deal with than usual. And Tritter (David Morse) interviews Foreman, Chase and Cameron individually, taking strikingly different approaches with each of them. read more

Whac-a-mole Season 3, Episode 8

An 18-year-old (Patrick Fugit) who is the sole supporter of his brother and sister has a heart attack while working at a children's party restaurant, and House turns his diagnosis into a game for the staff. Meanwhile, Tritter has gotten the DEA to revoke Wilson's prescribing privileges, leaving House scrambling for a new Vicodin source as he develops a pain in his shoulder. read more

Son of Coma Guy Season 3, Episode 7

House suspects that a patient's illness is genetic and needs a family history. But the man's only living relative, his father (John Larroquette), has been in a vegetative state for 10 years. Meanwhile, Wilson confronts House about stealing his prescription pad, and Tritter (David Morse) questions Cameron, Chase and Foreman in his effort to nail House on drug charges. read more

Que Sera Sera Season 3, Episode 6

A 600-pound man (Pruitt Taylor Vince) is brought into the hospital in a coma. He wakes up soon enough, appears to have recovered and demands to be released. But the reason for the coma remains unclear. Meanwhile, House's troubles with Michael Tritter (David Morse), a patient he insulted in the clinic, get worse. read more

Fools for Love Season 3, Episode 5

A young interracial couple (Jurnee Smollett, Raviv Ullman) suffer acute abdominal pain shortly after he saves her from being raped during a holdup attempt at a diner. Then she goes into a coma. Meanwhile, House disapproves of the attention Wilson is showing a newly hired nurse. And Cuddy demands that House apologize to a clinic patient (David Morse) he treated disrespectfully. read more

Lines in the Sand Season 3, Episode 4

A 10-year-old autistic boy clutches his chest and screams in pain, but test after test proves negative. Meanwhile, House disrupts hospital routine because Cuddy won't replace the carpeting installed in his office following the shooting. He wants the old bloody carpeting back. And Ali (Leighton Meester), the 17-year-old with a crush on House, is back in the clinic. She's suffering, she says, from a "rhino thing" and wants House to listen to her heart and lungs. So she takes off her shirt. read more

Informed Consent Season 3, Episode 3

A noted 71-year-old cancer researcher (Joel Grey) collapses in his lab. The problem could be with his heart or his lungs; House and his staff don't know. But the researcher knows that he doesn't want them to find out. He just wants to die. Meanwhile, House is using his cane again, but that doesn't stop him from noticing that a clinic patient's very fetching 17-year-old daughter is taking an unusual interest in him. read more

Cane & Able Season 3, Episode 2

A 7-year-old boy plunges from his bedroom window after telling his parents (not for the first time) that aliens were after him. He also has unexplained bleeding and complains about a metal chip in his neck. Meanwhile, Cameron learns that Cuddy and Wilson are “trying to teach [House] some humility,” and the dour doc's leg pain has returned. It's not as bad as before the operation, but House fears that the ketamine isn't working. In any event, he's taking Vicodin again. read more

Meaning Season 3, Episode 1

A pain-free House is on the run. Literally. After eight weeks of rehab from the shooting, he's running to the hospital, where two patients await him. One is a mute quadriplegic (the result of brain cancer) who drove his wheelchair into a pool. The other is a paralyzed young woman who injured herself in a yoga accident. But there's no evidence of spinal damage. House wants both cases because, he says, he wants to help the patients. Arlene: Kathleen Quinlan. read more

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