House Hunters

1999, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Huge Home for Houston Bachelor

Sep 18, 2013 Season 77 Episode 13 watch on (Paid)

NASA administrator, Omar, wants to buy a huge home in the Houston suburbs where he can create the ultimate bachelor pad.

Cherry Hill Charmer

Mar 24, 2010 Season 42 Episode 10

For two adventure-lovers, their house hunt is the biggest adventure yet.
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Pool Pros and Cons

Feb 14, 2010 Season 42 Episode 8

With two toddlers, these parents worry about finding a home that's safe.
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'70s Museum in Denver

Jan 31, 2010 Season 42 Episode 7

Will this house's '70s retro "charm" frighten off Trish and Jean-Pierre?
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Metro Move in Missouri

Jan 28, 2010 Season 42 Episode 6

Kathleen has persuaded her fiance to move from the suburbs of St. Louis.
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Manly Man Cave in Atlanta

Jan 24, 2010 Season 42 Episode 5

Atlanta newlyweds must decide between a dream kitchen and a big man cave.
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Merging Family in Atlanta

Jan 17, 2010 Season 42 Episode 4

Good friends are becoming a family and looking for their own home.
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Room for the Kids In Kentucky

Jan 01, 2010 Season 42 Episode 1

Sherrica has her roots firmly planted in Louisville, Kentucky. She needs room for her three kids and wants to find a home in the eastern part of the city, close to her family and her church.
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