House of Anubis Episodes

2011, TV Show

House of Anubis Season 1 episodes

House of Forever Season 1, Episode 60

Rufus plots his end game. read more

House of Never Season 1, Episode 59

A captured Joy is pressured to assemble the Cup of Ankh. read more

House of Sting Season 1, Episode 58

Prom night arrives. read more

House of Spies Season 1, Episode 57

The kids learn about the Chosen Hour and the Chosen One, and their significance in relation to the Cup of Ankh. read more

House of Hush Season 1, Episode 56

The kids try to assemble the Cup of Ankh; Amber gets invited to the prom. read more

House of Heavy Season 1, Episode 55

Nina devises a daring plan to lure Rufus to the house. read more

House of Revelation Season 1, Episode 54

Rufus gets ahold of Alfie's puzzle piece; Fabian thinks the puzzle pieces form the Cup of Ankh. read more

House of Betrayal Season 1, Episode 53

Nina divides up the puzzle pieces. read more

House of Pests Season 1, Episode 52

The house is evacuated due to a mice infestation, which Victor engineered. read more

House of Allegiance Season 1, Episode 51

Mick and Mara reconcile; Nina and Fabian's search takes them to an unpleasant locale. read more

House of Lights Season 1, Episode 50

Jerome saves Alfie, then asks for a favor; Nina hurries to find a puzzle piece in a chandelier. read more

House of Harsh Season 1, Episode 49

Alfie goes down the cellar on a mission to collect elixir. read more

House of the Stars Season 1, Episode 48

Nina discovers that Victor padlocked the attic door; Jerome begins spying for Rufus. read more

House of Venom Season 1, Episode 47

The gang see Victor's society having a meeting in the cellar; Patricia tries to get some info out of Joy. read more

House of Bribes Season 1, Episode 46

Nina goes to a funeral; Nina eavesdrops on Victor and Rufus. read more

House of Victory Season 1, Episode 45

Mick resorts to bribery; Nina uncovers a connection between Rufus and Sarah. read more

House of Yesterday Season 1, Episode 44

Victor has Sarah stop by the house; Jerome shifts his allegiance to Amber's campaign. read more

House of Pursuit Season 1, Episode 43

Victor visits Sarah; Alfie recalls a memory about the teachers' rituals; a clue is found in a mock phonograph cylinder. read more

House of Masks Season 1, Episode 42

The kids try to get a sample of the elixir; Alfie has a horrible flashback. read more

House of Aliens Season 1, Episode 41

A misinformed Alfie targets Mrs. Andrews; Nina finds an old photo of Victor, Sarah and Rufus. read more

House of Time Season 1, Episode 40

Mara and Amber face off in a school election; a riddle leads to a dead end. read more

House of Hoax Season 1, Episode 39

Fabian confesses to losing a puzzle piece; Nina uses numerology to decode a puzzle piece. read more

House of Arrest Season 1, Episode 38

Nina and Fabian find a photo of Victor with his father; Nina is visited by Sarah in a dream. read more

House of Rescue Season 1, Episode 37

Rufus makes a getaway; Victor permits the kids to get in touch with Joy. read more

House of Rendezvous Season 1, Episode 36

Fabian locates Nina and Amber; Mick and Mara attempt a truce; the kids follow Mrs. Andrews. read more

House of Charades Season 1, Episode 35

Nina and Amber search for Patricia. read more

House of Hazard Season 1, Episode 34

Rufus resorts to blackmail; Victor strikes down Mrs. Andrews' suggestion to rescue Patricia. read more

House of Thieves Season 1, Episode 33

Victor expresses displeasure about the play; Mara makes a confession; Patricia gets kidnapped. read more

House of Risk Season 1, Episode 32

Nina successfully completes her mission; Patricia tells Joy to run; Rufus and Patricia meet in the woods. read more

House of Codes Season 1, Episode 31

Patricia figures out a coded message from Joy; Nina tries to snatch a puzzle piece from Victor's safe. read more

House of Drama Season 1, Episode 30

Jealousy leads Mara to get Esther into trouble; the gang find answers in a book from Fabian's uncle. read more

House of Memories Season 1, Episode 29

Patricia takes Rufus to the woods; the gang decode a message using a dictionary. read more

House of Reunion Season 1, Episode 28

Patricia visits Alfie in the hospital and unexpectedly sees Rufus; Nina tries to disconnect from her friends. read more

House of Emergency Season 1, Episode 27

Alfie is taken to the hospital; Nina quits the club. read more

House of Identity Season 1, Episode 26

Mara undergoes a transformation, hoping it will please Mick; Alfie gets locked in the cellar, where he witnesses something chilling. read more

House of Fakers Season 1, Episode 25

Alfie and Jerome make a confession; Sarah tells Nina that she knew Rufus as a child. read more

House of Scares Season 1, Episode 24

Trudy comes back to the house; Mick and Mara kiss. read more

House of Numbers Season 1, Episode 23

Victor is forced to make changes; the kids find an old photo of Victor. read more

House of Cameras Season 1, Episode 22

Victor sets up security cameras; Mara and Mick compete in a sports quiz; Nina uncovers an article about the first owners of the house. read more

House of Cat-Nap Season 1, Episode 21

The kids hope to expose Victor during the school play; evidence of evil experiments is discovered in the cellar. read more

House of Kidnap Season 1, Episode 20

The kids find a black cat, but it soon vanishes; Patricia and Nina witness Victor abduct Rufus. read more

House of Passages Season 1, Episode 19

The teachers take Patricia's phone; the gang enter the cellar and find another clue. read more

House of Flames Season 1, Episode 18

Patricia recognizes Nina's necklace; the gang get a clue about a fireplace; Victor participates in a ritual in the cellar. read more

House of Alarms Season 1, Episode 17

The gang gets another puzzle piece; a voice similar to Victor's is heard on a recording. read more

House of Confrontation Season 1, Episode 16

Patricia runs into a private investigator; Jason has a meeting with Victor; Amber accidentally solves the first riddle. read more

House of Proof Season 1, Episode 15

Amber and Nina visit Sarah and ask her to confirm something; the gang holds a ceremony after coming up with a name and a secret salute. read more

House of Intruders Season 1, Episode 14

Amber finds a hidden message behind wallpaper; a murder is mentioned on the Dictaphone recordings. read more

House of Rumors Season 1, Episode 13

Patricia tells her drama teacher she saw a ghost; Nina is forced to tell Amber about Sarah's treasure. read more

House of Cheats Season 1, Episode 12

Jerome blackmails Mara after he catches her cheating on a test; Nina and Fabian try to listen to the cylinders in the attic. read more

House of Hyper Season 1, Episode 11

Fabian and Nina seek assistance from Fabian's uncle; Patricia spies on Victor discussing Joy with the police. read more

House of Discovery Season 1, Episode 10

Victor rigs the attic door so he can tell if someone enters; Amber insists on a roommate change. read more

House of Keys Season 1, Episode 9

Nina and Fabian research hieroglyphics; Mick and Amber reunite; Patricia gets an e-mail from Joy. read more

House of Agendas Season 1, Episode 8

Patricia contacts the police regarding Joy's disappearance; Nina and Fabian visit Sarah, who warns them about a black bird. read more

House of Eyes Season 1, Episode 7

Patricia recruits Mara to help her snatch Joy's file; Nina returns to the attic with Fabian. read more

House of Locks Season 1, Episode 6

Nina opens a hidden panel in the attic; Patricia eavesdrops on a conversation in the staff room about Joy. read more

House of Lies Season 1, Episode 5

Amber kisses Alfie, thinking Mick will get jealous; Nina gets locked in the attic during her initiation ceremony. read more

House of Dares Season 1, Episode 4

Amber gets jealous of Mick and Mara's bond; Patricia tries to get others to help her initiate Nina. read more

House of the Black Bird Season 1, Episode 3

Nina meets an elderly former resident of Anubis House who tells her there is treasure in the house; Patricia asks Mr. Sweet questions about Joy. read more

House of Attitude Season 1, Episode 2

Patricia investigates Joy's disappearance, which grows more troubling after a message appears on a bathroom mirror. read more

House of Secrets Season 1, Episode 1

Nina meets her housemates and tries to settle in, but Patricia is suspicious of her. read more

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Premise: Teenagers try to solve mysteries they uncover at their British boarding school.


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