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2004, TV Show

House Episode: "Office Politics"

Season 7, Episode 6
Episode Synopsis: At Cuddy's insistence, House finally hires a female member of the team, a third-year medical student (Amber Tamblyn) who, it turns out, has a tie to Taub. Meanwhile, a senator's campaign manager (Jack Coleman) suddenly falls ill, and the team must look to the candidate (Pat Finn) for clues about his condition. They also must get Cuddy's approval for their course of treatment.
Original Air Date: Nov 8, 2010
Guest Cast Jack Coleman: Sen. Anderson Bobbin Bergstrom: Nurse Tracy Vilar: Nurse Regina Pat Finn: Joe Dugan
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Season 7, Episode 6
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Length: 43:59
Aired: 11/8/2010
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House Episode Recap: "Office Politics" Season 7, Episode 6

Cuddy hires brilliant med student Martha Masters (Amber Tamblyn) as  House's newest female team member, but he has an extremely difficult time trying to deal with her ethical view on practicing medicine.

This week's episode begins with the Senate re-election race around the corner and campaign manager Joe Dugan (Heroes' Jack Coleman) falls ill mysteriously. Just as the team is discussing the patient's symptoms, the team's newest member, Martha Masters, stops by. She's a brilliant, third-year med student that Cuddy hired for the opening.

House introduces her to the team, or rather calls them, "boring, bimbo and bite-size." Ha! He demonstrates Martha's genius with a few rapid-fire trivia questions, all of which she nails. The team continues brainstorming about the patient, and House makes it clear to Martha that she better chime in with an opinion if she wants to make it on his team.

Taub, Foreman and Martha head to Joe's house, but when Martha sees Foreman pick the lock, her morals kick into high gear as she refuses to enter the home. The other two carry on and find an empty bottle of unpasteurized cider, so the team runs with an E. coli theory. Martha feels compelled to tell Joe they broke into his home, but Joe doesn't care one way or another. House, however, does care that Martha felt it was necessary to rat her team out. House asks Martha why someone as brilliant as her would hide her mind behind her morals. "Rules are helpful guidelines for stupid people," he says.

House asks Cuddy if she'd be mad if he fired Martha, and obviously she says she'd be furious. He tells her that Martha is like the "love child of Einstein and Mary Poppins," but Cuddy thinks her fresh perspective would benefit the team and that she deserves a real chance.

Cuddy arrives to her office and finds Martha frantic and worried that House will fire her. She tells Cuddy she thinks her personality is an issue because she's not good at working with other people, but Cuddy calms her down and she returns to the team.

Meanwhile, Foreman and Taub discover that not only is Joe's liver messed up, but now his kidney's are bleeding. Martha says chemo and steroids are both treatment options, but House tells her chemo is the more effective one and says they shouldn't even mention the steroid option because it's less scary and the patient would more likely go that route. Martha is appalled that House would withhold information from a patient (she clearly didn't Google him before taking the job), and tells House that she knows she can convince Joe to do the chemo by telling the truth. Well, turns out she's wrong. He wants the steroids despite the fact that it's less effective.

Martha later finds out House ordered chemo for Joe anyway, and she tells House that she's going to tell him the truth. House fires her and says he'll get her thrown out of medical school if she squeals.

Back in the think-tank room, Foreman thinks it was a bad idea to fire Martha, while Taub could care less that "Pippy Long-Division" is gone. News comes in the Joe isn't responding, so House orders them to check out the tropical fish tank at the patient's home for more clues.

In the meantime, Cuddy calls a meeting between House and Martha in her office, and she refuses to let Martha leave the hospital. Maybe House is right in saying that Cuddy wants her to stay because she thinks she's a younger version of herself. He storms off telling Cuddy to find her a job somewhere else in the hospital.

House later gets a call from Foreman because he and the other two are in jail for breaking into Joe's house. Rather than bail them out, House finds Martha in the hospital and uses her as a soundboard to try to wrap his head around Joe's new symptom. But once he has a light bulb moment that Joe caught Hep C from the Senator, he re-fires her.

House confronts Joe about sharing a coke straw (the kind for your nose, not the beverage) with the Senator. The only problem is that because of his compromised liver, it won't show up in tests, and regular treatment doesn't work. House re-hires Martha for another solution, and she eventually tells House that a possible solution would be to infect him with Hep A. The only problem with that treatment is there's an 85 percent chance that it could kill him.

Throughout all this, the team finally figures out what Taub has against Martha. He is bitter that she doesn't remember him from a med school interview he conducted with her, yet she remembers everything else under the sun. I have to say I was hoping for a bit more juicier connection between the two. 

Out of other options, House and Martha try to convince Cuddy of the Hep A treatment, and Cuddy shoots them down. Martha actually calls Cuddy "cowardly," and Cuddy finally agrees that they can do the treatment if they can prove Joe has Hep C.

House is very torn as to whether or not to lie to Cuddy, and the next thing you know, he's drawing blood from the Senator and running it under "the assumed name" of Joe Dugan. Now that House has "proof" that Joe has Hep C, he gives Martha another shot to present the treatment to him without scaring him out of agreeing to go along with it. Of course, she ends up telling Joe the startling statics, but she somehow convinces Joe that it's the only option left to save his life. Martha is officially on the team, even though House isn't too keen on her style of practicing medicine. But he has a much bigger issue to deal with now: Cuddy knows he lied and faked the Hep C test. And she is not happy.

Will you watch next week's episode to see what will happen between Cuddy and House? Tell us here.


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Cuddy hires brilliant med student Martha Masters (Amber Tamblyn) as  House's newest female team member, but he has an extremely difficult time trying to deal with her ethical view on practicing medicine.

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