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2004, TV Show

House Episode: "Selfish"

Season 7, Episode 2
Episode Synopsis: A 14-year-old (Alyson Stoner) with a terminally ill brother collapses during a skateboarding competition. Meanwhile, House and Cuddy confront the workplace ramifications of their relationship; and in the clinic, House must deal with an elderly man and his son.
Original Air Date: Sep 27, 2010
Guest Cast Sean Smith: Ernest Stephanie Courtney: Claire Dwier Brown: George Allan Rich: Sidney Murray Gershenz: Maurice Alyson Stoner: Della
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Season 7, Episode 2
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Length: 43:59
Aired: 9/27/2010
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House Episode Recap: "Selfish" Season 7, Episode 2

House and Cuddy return to work, and House finds he is having trouble defying Cuddy now that they're a couple. Meanwhile, a young girl is admitted, but she refuses to take her handicapped brother's bone marrow for treatment.

Patient X
Episode 2 falls back into its old pattern, where we meet the patient of the week at the beginning of the episode. This time around, it's a 14-year-old girl named Bella who collapsed while pushing her handicapped brother, Hugo, in a wheelchair at a skateboarding benefit.

House and Cuddy Go Public
House and Cuddy meet in the parking lot before work, and Cuddy tells him she'd like to formally report their relationship to human resources before telling anyone else. "I just don't want our relationships affecting our jobs... or other way around," she tells him. Um, is she delusional? 

House joins his team in the think tank room, and before anyone can get a word in, he announces that he and Cuddy are doing it. Oddly enough, House seems to gloss over the fact that Thirteen is gone, leaving us to wonder if he knows more about it. His teams seems to take the news differently, and House sums their reactions up best: Foreman is "in favor," Taub is "indignant" and Chase is "indifferent."

Wilson isn't buying the news, especially after Cuddy's disappearing act last time. Cuddy walks in on the two of them and House begs her to prove they are together. She gives him a quick kiss, but it's not enough to sell Wilson. So she does what anyone else in her position would do: put her hand on House's crotch — for an awkward amount of time. And well, that does it. Wilson is convinced. The two head up to HR to report the relationship, where they fill out "love contracts."

House Stops Going with His Gut
House and the team want to do a "scare test" on Bella, but Cuddy vetoes the idea. House, being the doting boyfriend he is, listens, and Taub grows concerned that everything will change for the worse now that House is actually listening to Cuddy instead of going with his instinct.

When Bella's kidneys fail, the docs suggest she get a marrow transplant from her brother, but she refuses because she doesn't want to put her brother, who already has CMD, through any of that.

Bella continues to deteriorate, and when House tells the team to move forward with a risky route of treatment, Taub mocks him by telling him there's no point in bothering because they both know Cuddy will nix the idea and House will call it off. House tries to prove his independence by telling Taub to tell her she's an idiot for taking the safe route. Well, Taub delivers the message, verbatim apparently, and Cuddy returns fuming. House backs down on the risky means of treatment, and all he can say is, "People who haven't seen Cuddy naked should not throw stones." Later, the tables turn a bit for Cuddy when House tells her of a potentially dangerous procedure he wants to do on the girl. Cuddy hesitates, but approves it — clearly against her better judgment. House is perceptive enough to pick up on this and calls yet another treatment method off. Well, this is no fun.

Cuddy later tells House she went against her judgment and House admits their relationship is screwing him up. So, Cuddy tells him she's going to call HR to see if there's someone else to supervise him.

House and Cuddy's First Fight ... As a Couple
House has his lightbulb moment about Bella when her family says she's never been sick. He asks her about it, and she admits she did have symptoms of something, but she just didn't want to say anything because they pale in comparison to her brother's issues.

They determine she has sickle cell trait, but it's so far gone that she would burn through a donor lung, but not her brother's. Only problem is if her brother donated some marrow and half a lung, it would cut the little time he has in half. House actually, for once this episode, goes against Cuddy's wishes and tells the parents about this option, but adds they only have until the morning to decide. Bella picks up on the decision her parents are struggling over and tries to kill herself by unplugging the machines. Quite the teenage martyr.

Cuddy returns to tell House that HR can't find anyone else to supervise him, considering two department chairs threatened to quit. She also tells him that he can tell Bella's parents about the treatment option involving her brother's lung if he still feels strongly about it. He admits he already did and apologizes, but Cuddy is almost relieved that he defied her. Just then, Bella's parents come up and say they made a decision to not use their son's lung — meaning Bella will die.

This set House off because he clearly thinks they're not saving their daughter who can live a full life as opposed to the one whose life is already compromised. He and Cuddy get in a heated argument (just like old times) in front of the parents, but they stop when they notice Hugo was listening. Now that he understands what's going on, Hugo goes to his sister and begs her to take his lung so she can take a piece of him with her wherever she goes. "This is the great thing I can do with my life," he says. And so begins the chain reaction of waterworks now that the decision is clear. 

Cuddy later tells House that their fight was the first honest interaction they've had since returning to work. She says that if they're brutally honest with each other, maybe they'll get lucky again. Guess we'll have to see.

What did you think of the House-Cuddy dynamic at the workplace? How about the team's reaction to the news?



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House and Cuddy return to work, and House finds he is having trouble defying Cuddy now that they're a couple. Meanwhile, a young girl is admitted, but she refuses to take her handicapped brother's bone marrow for treatment.

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