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2004, TV Show

House Episode: "Open and Shut"

Season 6, Episode 19
Episode Synopsis: A woman (Sarah Wayne Callies) in an open relationship becomes ill during a date with her other lover, and House and his team find her lifestyle as perplexing as her illness. Meanwhile, House tests Wilson's relationship with Sam (Cynthia Watros).
Original Air Date: Apr 26, 2010
Guest Cast Cynthia Watros: Sam Carr Sarah Wayne Callies: Julia Jennifer Crystal Foley: Rachel Taub Danna Brady: Maya Rob Evors: Tom Liz Benoit: Nurse Anne Charlie Weber: Damien
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Season 6, Episode 19
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Length: 43:58
Aired: 4/26/2010
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House Episode Recap: "The Choice" Season 6, Episode 19

A groom suddenly passes out in the middle of exchanging his vows and House is convinced he's faking. Meanwhile, Wilson enlists the doctors to spend time with House after work since he's now in a relationship, and House has been drinking too much on his own.

The Patient

Bride and groom Nicole and Ted are about to exchange vows at the altar, when Ted chokes up as he's about to say "I do" — literally chokes up and passes out. He's brought to Princeton-Plainsboro unable to speak and the doctors are baffled. House, on the other hand, thinks he has it all figured out: Ted was faking to get out of the wedding — and his voice is magically restored when House pricks him with a needle.

But just as Ted and Nicole are about to leave the hospital, he passes out again and proves he wasn't faking. Thirteen and Taub head to his old apartment to check on the environmental surroundings, and they find a huge piece to the puzzle — Ted's ex-live-in-boyfriend of three years. Say whaaaa?

House grills Ted for the truth, but he stands firm that he is as straight as they come. But when House threatens to test Nicole for HIV and tell her what's up, he comes clean — sort of. He says he had only slight encounters with men, but got therapy and is now "cured." What kind of therapy? He attended a three-week camp of intensive aversion therapy where he was injected with foreign substances and had his brain zapped while watching gay porn. Wow!

The docs are convinced someone fried his brain in the process, and Nicole, still in the dark, is told he suffered from a "head trauma" before they met. The doctors are confused as more symptoms pop up, including a heart attack, and while Ted is out, his ex-boyfriend Cotter comes to visit. Nicole becomes very suspicious of their past relationship when Cotter begins to tear up and put his hand on Ted's. She asks him to leave, and when Ted comes to, she demands he tell her the truth about him. Ted says it was a drunken, one-night affair and that he's now "cured" of this.

House Needs Friends

Taub asks House to join him for dinner because he needs space from his wife, and of course, House seizes the opportunity to mess with Taub's marriage. He knows Taub is still being unfaithful to his wife, even though she called off the open marriage idea, and invites her along to dinner (even though Taub said she was at a ceramics class). House leaves the two together, but not before telling her that Taub has enrolled in a ceramics class on Friday nights. After all the back and forth throughout the episode, Taub — realizing how awful it will be to keep up the act with his wife — tells House he's done with his affair and thanks House for saving his marriage. 

When Thirteen asks House to join him at a lesbian bar, he knows something is up. He goes to Wilson, and learns he's paying the doctors $100 each (well, Foreman held out for $200) to take House out at night because he is unable to spend as much time with him now that he's seeing his ex-wife. Plus: House has been hitting the bottle and ibuprofen more and more and woke up in the bed of the neighbor's four-year-old.

House agrees to go to the bar with Thirteen, and even goes to a karaoke bar with Chase and Foreman (where they perform a killer rendition of "Midnight Train to Georgia"). When Wilson follows up with House, happy to hear he had fun, House blames the booze. But we all know he enjoyed himself, as hard as it is for him to admit it.

Cuddy stops by House's office and asks if he wants to get some dinner, and House assumes Wilson got to her. But she says she's inviting him because she want to be friends with him, considering their relationship has been suffering. House tells her that's funny, because that's the last thing he wants from her. Cuddy, visibly hurt by his words, leaves, and House pours himself some a stiff drink.

Things Get Weird

As Ted continues to get worse, the doctors bring in both Nicole and Cotter to ask about his history. Things really get awkward when we learn Ted occasionally suffered from erectile dysfunction with Nicole and never with Cotter. The doctors want to test the blood flow down there and give him the option of gay porn, straight porn or a really painful shot in his male part. Ted opts for the shot — wonder why.

But things get super bizarre when Ted later begins to lactate — yes, breast milk coming out of his male nipples. House later has his light bulb moment, and it something so simple the fact he has a narrowing in the base of the skull and his aversion therapy caused brain swelling that pushed up against it. Ted asks how one develops the narrowing in his skull, and House replies that he was born like that, "like many other things."

Cotter comes back to visit Ted and asks why he's hurting Nicole by lying. He gets infuriated and Cotter leaves, but when Nicole arrives, he's visibly distraught. It's then she realizes Ted is still in love with Cotter. Ted tries to convince her to marry him because he's made his "choice" of how to live. She tells him she's made her choice as well, and leaves.

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A groom suddenly passes out in the middle of exchanging his vows and House is convinced he's faking. Meanwhile, Wilson enlists the doctors to spend time with House after work since he's now in a relationship, and House has been drinking too much on his own.

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